“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 15 ~ The destiny that is you

Yeon joined hands with Terry. Of course both of them had their hidden plans. But Yeon had to leave behind his plan. Maluipa decided to help him kill Imoogi, both parts, and save both Yeon and Ji Ah. She decided to help, until she saw that Terry was wearing her lost son’s face. She couldn’t fight him then. So Yeon finds himself in the same room with both Imoogi’s. He has to turn back to his original plan, to save Ji Ah.

Episode 15

Rang released Kwon Hae Ryung from prison and send him to kill the Imoogi inside Ji Ah. He went, but the Imoogi didn’t let him hurt Ji Ah. If Ji Ah dies the Imoogi dies with her. So Imoogi took over and killed Kwon Hae Ryung. Then Imoogi threatened Jae Hwan. He saw what Imoogi did.

Meantime Yeon was with Terry. They were talking about their plan when Terry told Yeon that his other half came out. But Terry didn’t let Yeon leave.

Yeon puts things in order before his plan with Terry starts. He gives Shin Ju an apartment for Shin Ju to marry Yu Ri when everything will be over. Then Yeon meets Rang. They eat and Yeon asks Rang to accompany him the next day at the battle.

Lastly Yeon went on a date with Ji Ah. While they were spending their last time together, Maluipa called. She decided to help Yeon and Ji Ah. She gave Yeon a sword with whom Yeon will have to stab Ji Ah the next day. When Ji Ah will be barely alive the Imoogi inside her will be forced to come out. If Yeon won’t swallow the scale,then Imoogi will be forced to enter Terry’s body. Once the two parts of Imoogi will become one, Maluipa will turn it into stone. Also she will save Ji Ah’s life.

Of course Terry didn’t stay put either. He has another plan too. Terry attacked the governor and took the mirror of the moon. Then Terry called out Ji Ah to have a conversation with the Imoogi inside her. He gave the Imoogi inside Ji Ah a job to do.

Later Terry went to Maluipa. She is shocked. Imoogi Terry has the same face of her dead son. The Imoogi was the one that Maluipa’s daughter-in-law death which caused her son to commit suicide. Imoogi did that because Bok Gil seemed way to happy. Maluipa got furious and when she showed the powers, Terry used the mirror of the moon on her.

The other Imoogi inside Ji Ah told Yeon what was going on. But the Imoogi also called his soldiers, the ones Terry manipulated for a while, the snail bride, Rang and Shin Ju to hold Yeon from leaving.

When Yeon and Imoogi Ji Ah arrived, Maluipa was already turned to stone. Yeon tried to fight Terry, but Terry is strong and every time Yeon was about to kill Terry, the other Imoogi was getting in the way. Yeon can’t kill Ji Ah even now when Imoogi took control over her body,

To save Ji Ah, Yeon swallowed the scale and allowed the Imoogi from Ji Ah’s body to enter his body. At that moment Rang came in and attacked Terry. But Rang got hurt.

Terry starts to feel weak. It was Yeon’s gift. Before coming there, Yeon ate the evening primrose which seems to be poison. Since the two Imoogi are connected, once Yeon is weak so is Terry. So with his last straight Yeon holds Terry and begs Rang to do the last part of the plan.

Rang took the sword and slayed Terry. The sword entered both Terry and Yeon’s body. Then Yeon dragged Tarry with him and jumped into Samdo River….so none of them will be born again.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 14

The plague is spreading fast. Innocent people are dying and Ji Ah will soon loose control over her own body to Imoogi. So Yeon made a plan to join hands with Terry to kill the Imoogi inside Ji Ah. In return Terry will receive something he wants. And Terry accepted.

Episode 14

Imoogi spread the plague. People are dying of an unknown illness. They are full of red spots and an egg comes out of their mouths. To stop the innocent deaths, Ji Ah provoked the Imoogi inside her. Maybe the Imoogi inside her will be able to stop Terry from continuing the killings.

Shin Ju is in charge of protecting Ji Ah’s parents. So Terry sent Yu Ri to distract Shin Ju and he went to see Ji Ah’s parents. He told them to hang themselves….Yeon arrived in time to save Ji Ah’s parents. He also has a proposal for Terry…the gatekeeper of Samdo River.

Yeon offers Terry to join hands and kill the gatekeeper of Samdo River. Terry will have that position instead. But there is a condition. Terry has to kill the other Imoogi and let go of Ji Ah.

Later, in front of Ji Ah so the other Imoogi will hear, Yeon said he will join hands with Terry. The actual plan Yeon has is to make Imoogi inside Ji Ah enter his body and together with Terry to jump into Samdo River. When that will happen, Imoogi won’t be able to be reborn again and neither do Yeon….

Terry knows it’s a trap, but accepted Yeon’s deal. Terry has a plan on his own.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 13~ The other Imoogi

The main Imoogi, which is inside Ji Ah, is begining to take over her body. So Yeon makes a plan to save Ji Ah and kill Imoogi. Rang, Shin Ju, the snail bride and Ji Ah’s friends join to help him. The snail bride found Yeon a wooden dagger that can kill the soul of a sinner. Yeon and Ji Ah are locked in a room, surrounded by talismans and guarded by the snail bride, Shin Ju and Rang. But something didn’t went according to plan. The Imoogi is out and slayed Yeon. Meantime Terry, the other Imoogi, spreads a virus around the city.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 12~Catching tails

While Ji Ah enjoys her happy times with her parents, Imoogi starts his play. Imoogi approached everyone dear to Lee Yeon and Ji Ah. First was Shin Ju, then the snail bride and Rang and lastly Ji Ah’s friends. Of course Imoogi couldn’t get closer enough to hurt Rang so he used Yu Ri. He controlled Yu Ri’s mind and told her to kill Rang. She did..Rang is lying unconscious next to her…The Imoogi went after Jae Hwan and Sae Rom. He used them to force Ji Ah to meet him. During their date Lee Yeon showed up. He gathered all the necessary ingredients to put down Imoogi…But he went after the wrong Imoogi and all that woke up the main Imoogi…

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 11~Ground Cherries

To prove his power, after Yeon provoked him, Imoogi killed 132 people in an instant. If Yeon wants to save Ji Ah, Rang and Ji Ah’s parents, Yeon has to give his hear to Imoogi. In the same time Kwon Hae Ryung offered the same thing to Rang and Ji Ah. They need to give Yeon to Imoogi to save themselves. So Rang called Yeon over, to continue with Kwon Hae Ryung’s plan. Meantime Ji Ah kept Imoogi busy.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 10~Deja vu

Imoogi made his move. He came out in the world as Ji Ah’s new intern Terry. He follows her around and watches her moves. He even made sure Ji Ah would see a mummy he created, the las woman Imoogi killed to become adult. But Ji Ah recognized the victims fake nails. She found one of those nails at Kwon Hae Ryung’s house. Meantime Kwon Hae Ryung approached Rang. He made a deal with Rang long time ago and it’s time for Rang to fulfill that deal. Kwon Hae Ryung wants Rang to bring him Yeon’s body.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 9~Spirit of darkness

Imoogi sent the spirit of darkness after Rang and Ji Ah. Both of them are trapped in their worst fears. Rang fears being abandoned. He is chased by spirits in the forest where his mother abandoned him. Ji Ah created a world where is just her and her parents. Her biggest fear and losing her parents. Yeon can save only one. He chose Rang. He went after his brother and helped Rang return to reality. Still in that fear world Rang was bitten by a spirit and the poison is in his real body too. Then Yeon helped Ji Ah remember her reality and return safely. But Yeon isn’t back. He is in his own fear.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 8~Reincarnation

Imoogi is getting ready for his final battle. He send one of his allies to check which is Lee Yeon’s biggest weakness. The ally met Rang and Ji Ah, found out their biggest fears and send them to live those fears. If they will die there, they will die in real life too. Then she met Yeon and told him what’s going on. Lee Yeon can safe only one. He has to chose between his brother and the woman he loves.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 7~ The trap of Samsara

Imoogi is fully grown into an adult. He attracts Ji Ah to his room the day Ji Ah and her co-workers have dinner at Kwon Hae Ryung’s house. But Imoogi isn’t the only one that wants to get between Ji Ah and Lee Yeon. So is Rang who send Ji Ah the glasses. Ji Ah put them on and found out who killed her in her previous life.

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“Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode” ep 6~Four pillars of destiny

With Yeon’s help, Ji Ah found out a bit more about her parents accident. A human caused that accident. A human with a branding on his forehead, a punishment for his crimes. The target of that accident was Ji Ah, not her parents. So Yeon made a talisman to use Rang find that human with a branding. But something happened in the process. Ji Ah lost her fox bead and met the Imoogi.

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