“Before We Get Married” ep11~Wei Wei:”I’m in love with Chu Ke Huan.”


Hao Yi returned to Taiwan and realized Wei Wei wasn’t home, waiting for him to return. Stil he doesn’t believe she was serious about braking up. He only believes that they argued and things will return to normal, they will get married soon. He goes to pick up Wei Wei from Ke Fei’s house. Of course Wei Wei refuses to leave and explains one more time how she feels, how things are. This time too, Hao Yi didn’t listen and gave Wei Wei time until the next morning. But when he saw Ke Huan, Hao Yi decided that Wei Wei cheated on him with Ke Huan and that’s way Wei Wei changed. As a result Hao Yi decides to pressure Wei Wei into marriage. Hao Yi goes to Wei Wei’s wrok place. In front of Wei Wei’s coworkers, Hao Yi proposes. Everyone is encouraging Wei Wei to accept. Wei Wei didn’t accept. Hao Yi and Wei Wei argued. Hao Yi became violent so Wei Wei said what Hao Yi wanted so much to hear. Wei Wei said she cheated on Hao Yi with Ke Huan from the night she sold herself to Ke Huan….Everyone at the company heard and Wei Wei is humiliated. Continue reading

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“Justice” ep19 ~ ep20 ~Tae Kyung:”The video will be exposed.”


Yun Ah, Tae Kyung and Dong Hyuk started working together. They established their first target and went after him, the prosecutor general. After they threatened with exposing everything the prosecutor general did, Woo Yong and Soo Ho start to move. Woo Yong can’t control Tae Kyung as well as he used to, but Soo Ho can put pressure on Yun Ah’s father. After all Yun Ah’s father knows about his medical condition and pleasure to torture people. Another person that Soo Ho was pressuring was Young Mi. He pressured her, threatening her with her grandmother, until Young Mi said where the USB was. Woo Yong’s man went to get the USB, but Tae Kyung and Dong Hyuk stopped him. Tae Kyung and Yun Ah watched the recording on that USB and found out what was happeneing at Nam Won restaurant. Still Woo Yong and Soo Ho won’t give up. They made sure to involve in the prostitution case Yun Ah’s father. Continue reading

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“Golden Garden” ep17~ep18~Pil Seung:”I feel sentimental today. “


Dong Joo met the reverend that volunteered to take care of the multiple sclerosis patients, including Dong Joo’s father. She remembers Eun Jung Soo and his wife, Shin Nan Sook. She offered to help Dong Joo find her mother. The same time, Pil Seung paid  a visit to the orphanage Dong Joo grew up at. He found out that Dong Joo was abandoned around the time of his parents accident and Dong Joo was present at Golden Garden festival. The next day, at Sabina and Joon Ki’s wedding, Sabina and Hannag thought they were safe. But reverend Kim Soo Na was also present and she recognized Hannah. Continue reading

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“Justice” ep17 ~ ep18 ~Tae Kyung:”Is that way you killed my brother too?”


Tae Kyung and Yun Ah won’t stop investigating. They know all the murderers and disappearings are connected to Nam Won restaurnat. They keep looking around and find a street with vacant rooms. On that street Young Mi’s manager was looking for something. He even sent Yun Ah texts with what Young Mi wrote on her diaries. But when the manager looked for the diaries to give them to Tae Kyung and Yun Ah, the diaries were gone. An actress stole them and gave them to Woo Yong. So Yun Ah used the influence as prosecutor and made the guard open the vacant rooms. They the found the one that was described in Young Mi’s diary and realized what was on the USB and why all the actresses and Tae Ju had to die. Tae Kyung confronted Woo Yong, but Tae Kyung isn’t the only one Woo Yong feared will find out about what happened to Tae Ju. Woo Yong’s son, Dae Jin was clsoe to Tae Ju, they were friends and Tae Ju had saved Dae Jin’s life, risking his own life…. Continue reading

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“Golden Garden” ep15~ep16~Pil Seung:”She’s suspicious.”


Sabina and her mother find a way to make Nam Hee accept Sabina as her daughter-in-law. Nam Hee and Hannah, at that time Shin Nan Sook, met 28 years ago. Hannah’s husband was one of Pil Seung’s father’s patients. At that man’s funeral, Nam Hee met Hannah and her daughter. Of course Hannah said that daughter was Sabina, not Dong Joo. So because they share a past, Nam Hee accepted Sabina. She takes Sabina to meet someone that met Eun Jung Soo. But there Nam Hee and Sabina encounter Eun Dong Joo. Meantime Pil Seung gets suspicious on Sabina. Everytime something happen, Sabina showes up and when Sabina is around, Dong Joo gets involved somehow…. Continue reading

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“Justice” ep15 ~ ep16 ~Tae Kyung:”Why did you kill my brother?”


The man that kidnapped Young Mi is no other than Tae Ju’s killer. He was supposed to be dead, but it seems that Woo Yong lied about that. So Tae Kyung starts condicting his own investigation to find Young Mi and find out why Tae Ju had to die. He stirs up Woo Yong and makes Woo Yong call Cho Hyun Woo. Tae Kyung followed Woo Yong to the place he met Cho Hyun Woo. After their encounter, Tae Kyung followed Cho Hyun Woo hopping to go to the place where Young Mi is. Instead of that, Cho Hyun Woo atrackted Tae Kyung to somewhere else. He knew he was followed. A fight begin between them and Tae Kyung was stabbed. Continue reading

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“Before We Get Married” ep10~Wei Wei:”I shouldn’t have come.”


Wei Wei is fighting or her relationship with Hao Yi. She feels like she has not power to fight anymore so she goes to find Hao Yi. They haven’t seen each other in a long time and Wei Wei hopped Hao Yi will be happy to see her. But Hao Yi was upset. She came without telling him, without making a plan. He didn’t smile when he went to pick her up from the airport, he didn’t let her touch him or sit beside him. He is upset that Wei Wei came so he went to work. Hao Yi said he is so busy with work that he can’t spend any time with Wei Wei….Hao Yi said that and went to have fun with his co-workers. While unpacking Wei Wei discovers that Hao Yi increased the debts they have and went after Hao Yi for explanations. She found Hao Yi having fun, smiling happily and hugging Mai Zi….When she tried talking with Hao Yi, they argued. Hao Yi doesn’t understand why she came, why she is so upset and more importantly why she can’t just stay put and do as he says. To shut Wei Wei up, Hao Yi is willing to sacrifice himself and register their marriage soon when he will return to Taipei. Unfortunately for him it’s too late. Wei Wei doesn’t want to get married with him anymore. She took off her engagement ring and returned to Taipei where Wei Wei packed and moved back to Ke Fei’s apartment. Wei Wei broke up with Hao Yi and has no intention of getting back with him anymore….. Continue reading

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