“Wonderful Days” ep 1~ First impresion. Opinion.

“Wonderful Days” is a family drama about the value of family, love, neighbors and daily life.

The main character is Kang Dong Suk, played by actor Lee Seo Jin. He is a smart but poor boy that came from a big family.

Kang Dong Suk’s family composed by an older brother, Kang Dong Tak, and younger brother, Kang Dong Hee, played by 2PM member, Taecyeon, a twin sister, his mother, his father’s second wife, a grandfather and two uncles.

Being embarrassed and angry towards his family all Dong Suk wants is to ger as far aways from them as possible.

Dong Suk leaves home and becomes a successful prosecutor.

Now, 15 years after he left home and didn’t keep in touch with his family, Dong Suk has to come back.

The same day Dong Suk returns home, his younger brother , Dong Hee is released from jail.

Before going home, Dong Hee goes to the town barber shop. He is angry and want to smash everything there. Dong Hee found out that the barber shop owner’s son is the man that seduced and left town with his wife.

While Dong Hee was fighting with the old man, into the barber shop enters Cha Hae Won. They fight. In the fight

Dong Suk came and stops Dong Hee. Dong Hee was about to hit Hae Won after she took his wedding ring.

Cha Hae Won is Kang Dong Suk’s first love. Now she is poor, but when they were young Hae Won’s family was rich. Dong Suk’s mother was working for Hae Won’s family.

Before leaving his hometown, Dong Suk , as a revenge for his mother and twin sister seduced the younger daughter of the house his mother worked.

Entering his hometown, Dong Suk find the whole town full of banners that welcome him home. Those banners were made by his older brother, Kang Dong Tak. As reward for the welcome given, Dong Suk is being mean with his older brother.

At the pharmacy he meets one of his uncles. Like this Dong Suk learn that his younger brother, Dong Hee , who was just released from jail is fighting his first love, Cha Hae Won.

Cha Hae Won’s father was a wealthy man who owned a lot of real estates and orchards. When Dong Suk asked her to run away with him she was most happy. But she found out that he was only toying with her to get revenge on her mother. Hae Won’s mother was really mean with Dong Suk’s mother and especially with his sister, who after an accident ended up with an intelligence of a 7 years old.

Now Cha Hae Won is trying to get revenge of the man who was involved in her fathers bankruptcy and dead. Out of revenge she tries to seduce that man’s son, Seung Hoon.

During high school , Dong Hee  beat up some high school colleagues because they were teasing Seo Jeong Ah. After this Dong Hee and Seo Jeong Ah were expelled. They went and drank until they blacked out. Three months later Dong Hee found that Seo Jeong Ah is pregnant with twins.

Now, 15 years later, Dong Hee is a bodyguard for Hae  Won’s boss. The twins were registered as his siblings because his mother was worried about his marriage options. But now Dong Hee is confused whether they are his children or his siblings.

Kang Dong Tak wanted to be an actor. He went to Seoul . There Dong Tak met a women .they both wanted to be famous actors. They get married and had a son. Dong Tak’s wife leaves him and their son Kang Mool.

Kang Mool never cries. He gets along with everyone. He only hates aunt “ddong” and uncle “ddong” (ddong means poop). He feels ridiculous and insulted when this youngsters try to act like an adult and treat him like a child. Later when he finds out that they actually are his younger cousins, he tries to get payback.

Kang Dong Joo and Kang Dong Won are Dong Hee’s twins. The girl, Dong Joo, is smart and never says anything wrong. The boy, Dong Won, is like his father ,Dong Hee, and like his grandfather. He is not that smart . If he is taught one thing, he will confuse ten other things.

I don’t really like the main actor,  seems like he is a little old, but I’ll give him a chance . Maybe he is a good actor.

The main actress I sow her a long time in a drama, ” Smile Again”.

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One Response to “Wonderful Days” ep 1~ First impresion. Opinion.

  1. Does this episode really say Dong Suk seduced Hae Won for revenge? Sun sequential events disprove that. I am going to re blog your posts because they clarify the episodes for me and i love the show. Thank you.

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