“Golden Rainbow” ep32 ~ Do Young to Baek Won :” I am tired of you.”

Have anyone noticed that in Korean drama’s always someone die, get amnesia or dementia?

Oh yes and in Korean drama’s  always there is a shower scene and always someone throws a glass of water in another person’s face.  Maybe they would have tried wine, but it’s expensive.

In drama “Golden Rainbow” there are all this three. In the beginning, when little Ha Bin run away from her kidnapper she loses her memory, then she is adopted .  Later one of her younger brothers dies and the other one get lost. When everything seems that will gradually returns to normal, her father Kim Han Joo is murdered and she finds her mother and grandmother, but her grandmother can’t recognize her because she suffer from dementia.

This episode starts with Baek Won telling her grandmother that she is the real Jang Ha Bin.

The grandmother’s disease it has worsened after finding out that she was fooled by Kang Kyung Mi.  Kang Jong Shim grandmother condition, after she was sedated,  worsens. Baek Won is calling her family to take her home.

At the hospital come Tae Young, his mother and Seo Jin Ki.  When Baek Won tells them to take her home they refuse.

Now Seo Jin Ki is the new president of Golden Fishery. Seems like he got what he wanted.  But if  Kang Jong Shim reasonably sane he could lose everything. Maybe he paid the doctor to sedate the grandmother so she will not have even a minute of sane mind.

Seo Jin Ki wants to send the grandmother to the sanitarium.

Baek Won goes to Young Hye. She tells Young Hye that Seo Jin Ki got hands on Golden Fishery and also asks her mother if she could bring her grandmother there. Young Hye refuse.

When Young Hye went to see Kang Jong Shim in the hospital, the grandmother reacted bad. So she doesn’t think that is a good idea to bring the grandmother into her house.

While they talk, Young Hye receives a phone call. It’s the lawyer she hired for Chun Won.

When Young Hye got to the restaurant where she was meeting the lawyer, Seo Jin Ki appeared instead.

He tells Young Hye about the girl that insulted her during school. He killed her.

So Seo Jin Ki murdered all his live and nobody noticed?? No one found a sample, a trace?

Baek Won is meeting the people that the grandmother hired to help  her at the foundation. While they have a meeting Do Young calls.

Baek Won and Do Young meet. He called Baek Won to break up with her. Do Young quit his job as a prosecutor and went to break up with Baek Won.

After he found out that Baek Won is the real Jang Ha Bin he decided to help her get her life back. For this he has to break up with her and go work for his father.

Do Young :” I am tired of you.”

When Baek Won asks the reason of the breaking up, Do Young just sais that he got tired of taking care of her, that her academic level is a lot under his , his family wont like her so why should lose his time with her.

Leaving her, Do Young seem devastated by pain.

After the breaking up , Baek Won goes to the sashimi restaurant. There she found Man Won. She is not herself. She is acting strange. She starts crying.

Do Young enters Seo Jin Ki’s office. He tells his father that he quit his job and wants to live his life like his father. To prove his sincerity ,Do Young brings the DNA test. He must know that his father already knew that Baek Won is the real Jang Ha Bin. He still think that his father murdered Kim Han Joo.

Do Young says that if he can’t have love he want to have money. And he can have that money if he works under his father.

Seo Jin Ki can’t trust what Do Young says.

Do Young: “ Because I’m the tiger’s son. Maybe you’re afraid that I would steal your position.”

Do Young tells his father that he will use his skill to take the position of president of Golden Fishery.

Baek Won is crying in the restaurant kitchen. When she tries to call Do Young she receives a phone call. A policeman called her and Baek Won runs to the station. There Baek Won finds Kang Jong Shim.

The grandmother ran from the hospital. She went to the police station and asked the policemen to call Kim Baek Won.

Baek Won tries to send her back to the hospital but the grandmother refuses. So Baek Won takes the grandmother and they both go to Young Hye’s house.

The grandmother is happy to see Young Hye. She thinks Young Hye is her secretary at the company.

Baek Won calls Tae Young’s mother to tell her that the grandmother is at her house, not to worry.

Jang Mi Rim, Tae Young and Do Young mother, came. She is surprised to see Young Hye there.

Her mother didn’t recognize her and started to hit her so Jang Mi Rim let the grandmother stay with Young Hye and Baek Won.

Seo Jin Ki called Baek Won. They meet. He wants the foundation and the 15% of the stokes that the grandmother give to Baek Won.

Since Baek Won refuse to give them to him, Seo Jin Ki threaten her with the executives meeting.

At Golden Rainbow Foundation Baek Won is sad after breaking up with Do Young. Park Hwa Ran enters. She came to talk to Baek Won about Man Won. During conversation she asks Baek Won about the foundation.

Knowing what is it about Park Hwa Ran decide to sponsor the foundation with 75 billion won. In exchange for money Hwa Ran wants Baek Won to help her with Man Won.

Now the non profit foundation that Baek Won started has a capital of 150 billion won.

Coming to the sashimi restaurant, Baek Won finds Man Won drinking alone. She tells him about the money that Hwa Ran will invest in her foundation. Also Baek Won tries to force him to look at Hwa Ran.

Man Won get upset and tells Baek Won to not try to force him love someone that he doesn’t . Upset Man Won leaves.

Next morning the grandmother came to her senses. She is mad at Young Hye. She thinks Young Hye kidnapped her.

While the grandmother is arguing with Young Hye, Baek Won came into the house. She tells her grandmother that she brought her there.

Baek Won decide to tell Kang Jong Shim that she is the real Jang Ha Bin.

At first the grandmother thinks that is not true. That Young Hye is trying to use Baek Won to take her money , since it didn’t work with Chun Won. But when Baek Won asks her to go to the laboratory and get a DNA test done.

Being back to herself, the grandmother found all that happened when she was sick. She has a plan. She and Young Hye will not tell anybody about Baek Won being the real Ha Bin.

The grandmother still doesn’t know that Seo Jin Ki knows that Baek Won is the real Ha Bin.

Baek Won is sending the grandmother to her home.

The grandmother plans to pretend that she is out of her mind to fool her family.

Tae Young and Do Young came to the grandmother’s room. She tells them that she is fine but they have to keep it a secret from their perents.

She says that she wants to make Tae Young president. But first he must help Baek Won.

Kang Jong Shim also goes to see Chun Won in prison. She tells Chun Won that she will forgive her .  Instead she, Chun Won , also have to help Baek Won. Chun Won agrees to help the grandmother fight against Seo Jin Ki.

The shareholders meeting begin. Tae Young does what his grandmother asked him to do. He helped Baek Won by giving his vote to Baek Won. The others shareholders vote for Seo Jin Ki.

Now the decisive vote belongs to Do Young. And he votes for his father.

Do Young must have used this opportunity to gain the trust of his father…

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