“Wonderful Days” ep 2~ Dong Hee :” Why do you need me to say hi?”

During high school Hae Won was in loved with Dong Suk. She did all she could to convince Dong Suk accept her.

Finally Dong Suk accepted Hae Won. She is so happy that she tells all her friends. Unfortunately her mother finds out too.

One day Hae Won’s mother accused Dong Suk’s twin sister, Dong Ok of theft. Dong Ok, because of an accident when she was little she has the mentality of a 7 years old. Because their mother didn’t want people to hurt her, she told Dong Ok that every time someone smiles at her or is doing something to her she should tell her or her younger brother, Dong Hee.

Now, after Hae Won’s mother accused Dong Ok of stealing her diamante ring, Dong Hee cracked her cars windscreen. So Hae Won’s mother wants to send them to prison.

At the station, because Hae Won’s mother is insulting him, his mother and his older sister, Dong Hee bites her hand. That moment Dong Suk enter the police station.

When they live the police station, Hae Won’s mother tells Dong Suk that he shouldn’t have provoked her. Dong Suk’s answer that she is the one that who made a mistake.

Dong Suk: “You’ve made the mistake of provoking me.”

That night Dong Suk should have met Hae Won. But Hae Won couldn’t made to the meeting. Her mother locked her in the room.

Next morning, when he was going to school, Dong Suk sees on the street Hae Won. She jumped out of the window without shoes and dressed with the clothes the she was wearing in house.

Dong Suk gives her his jacket and his shoes.

Dong Suk asks Hae Won if she want to break up or to run away from home together.

Back in the adult years , Dong Suk and his uncle go home. On the street they see Dong Hee and Hae Won fight.

Dong Suk stops Dong Hee from hitting Hae Won . Dong Hee was fighting Hae Won because she took his wedding ring.

Everyone is welcoming Dong Suk. He left home 15 years ago and didn’t want to hear about his family. Dong Suk was embarrassed with his family . Returned home, all his family is happy to see him, all but Dong Hee.

Hae Won’s life isn’t as easy as it was when she was young. Her family went bankrupt. Because they are poor now, Hae Won’s mother and sister make her life even harder.

Hae Won’s sister, Hae Ju borrowed Hae Won bosses car and now she doesn’t answer her phone to return it and Hae Won’s mother borrowed a lot of money by using as collateral Hae Won’s apartment.

At the house, the children , Kang Mool and the twins Kang Dong Joo and Kang Dong Won are arguing. Thinking that they are Mool’s aunt and uncle, Dong Joo and Dong Won make fun and ask to be respected by Mool.

How will Mool react when he will find out that Dong Joo and Dong Won are his younger cousins? The roles will change. He will be the boss then.

Arrived home, Dong Suk meets the children , sees his other uncle, his grandfather, his mother and also meets his second mother. With his family is now living his father’s mistress.

Strange family they have…

Hae Won’s mother and sister are having lunch with Hae Joo’s fiancés family. Hae Joo’s fiancé is a rich doctor. But the doctor doesn’t know that Hae Joo’s family is poor.

Hae Won enters and tells everyone in the room that Hae Joo is not rich. Humiliated Hae Joo leaves. Hae Won stay and finish the steak that Hae Joo left.

Upset Dong Hee goes where he and his wife had their first kiss. His boss came to him. The boss wants to have a drink. In the car, Dong Hee decide that he has to go home, his mother must be waiting for him. He listens to his mother even if he knows that she is not his real mother. Kang Dong Suk’s father cheated on his mother and from this relationship appeared Dong Hee.

When Dong Suk leaves Dong Hee comes home. They meet in front of the entrance. Dong Suk asks his younger brother to go for drinks, but Dong He refuses. He doesn’t like his brother or believes in his words. Dong Suk asks Dong Hee if he wants him to look for the twins mother, Dong Hee wife.

Because she ruined their plans, Hae Joo and her mother doesn’t let Hae Won in the house. They don’t open the door and they threaten Hae Won with the police.

Hae Won left. She is walking alone on street. Dong Suk sees her. He stops the car. Get out and asks Hae Won to get in, that he will drop her.

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