“Golden Rainbow” ep33 ~ Man Won: “ You don’t even deserve it.”

Is Do Young really helping his father? Or he just take advantage of the situation to gain his father’s trust?

At the shareholders meeting everyone, except for Tae Young, voted for Seo Jin Ki. Because more people voted for Seo Jin Ki, he now takes the foundation back to Golden Fishery. Also Baek Won’s 15% shares will return to the company. She is fired.

Do Young could have helped Baek Won, but he helped his father.

When Baek Won asks him why did he do that, doesn’t he remember that he promised the grandmother that he will help, Do Young with a cold response says that he can’t let an uneducated person take care of the Golden Rainbow Foundation.

Do Young and Seo Jin Ki enter Tae Young’s office . They threaten Tae Young that if he will not give his shares to Seo Jin Ki he , Tae Young, will go to prison for illegal gambling. Tae Young kneels and apologizes, but he can’t give up his shares.

Working for his father, Do Young now fires all the people from Golden Fishery that are on his grandmother’s side.

The same time, Baek Won calls the grandmother to tell her what happened. She is shocked that Do Young went against Baek Won.

After talking with her grandmother, Baek Won is telling the foundation  employees that the foundation will be no more.

Finding out that Do Young fires her grandmother’s people, Baek Won goes to see him. He screams at her, insult her and kick her out of his office since he doesn’t want to see her.

Baek Won can’t give up. She goes with a plan to Seo Jin Ki. She was able to convince him to give her a chance. If she can  fulfill the plan that she brought to him, he will give her 1% of the shares and will let her handle the foundation.

Man Won invites Hwa Ran to dinner. He wants to thank her for sponsoring Baek Won’s foundation.  She just give the money to Baek Won because she is Man Won’s sister.

Hwa Ran thinks that Man Won lied when he said that he loves someone else. She tells him that if he introduce to her the women that he loves and if that women is more beautiful and cooler then her, she will give up on her feelings for Man Won.

Let see what you’re going to do now , Man Won!

When Man Won got home, he found Baek Won washing dishes . She obsessively wash one dish. Her favorite dish. Man Won tries to help but the dish falls and breaks. Baek Won gets mad at Man Won. She takes one piece of the dish and start to cry.

You’re favorite plate??? Well…all you’re plates look exactly the same!

Chun Won is being released from prison. Young Hye waits for her in front of the prison gate. They go home. While they eat, Baek Won calles.

Baek Won is with the grandmother at the hospital. They talk about all that happened  with the foundation, but also they talk about Do Young who broke up with Baek Won and sided with his father.

When the grandmother was cheering Baek Won, Chun Won arrives. She will help Baek Won defeat Seo Jin Ki.

Do Young invites his father’s secretary to lunch. He flirts with her while he asks her about the relationship between their fathers. Like this Do Young found that his father and the secretary’s father are old friends from college. Both Seo Jin Ki and secretary Oh’s father where studying engineering, and that the secretary’s mother works for a pharmaceutical company.

When they return to the company, Man Won was waiting for Do Young. He wants to know what happened between Do Young and Baek Won.

Do Young is acting cold. He offends Baek Won and Man Won hit him.

Do Young keeps talking, saying to Man Won to keep hitting him and Baek Won will have to visit him again in prison. He keeps provoking Man Won.

Man Won: “ You don’t even deserve it.”

Man Won told him to never came close to Baek Won or he will kill him, kill Do Young.

Seo Jin Ki and Chun Won meet. Chun Won wants to make him believe that she is on his side so she could help Baek Won from inside. Seo Jin Ki want to use Chun Won to get Tae Young’s shares. Tae Young has a crush on Chun Won.

In exchange for Tae Young’s shares, Seo Jin Ki promise Chun Won the position of Vice President. Seo Jin Ki even says that if she can bring him Tae Young’s shares she, Chun Won, can became his daughter-in-law.

What will Chun Won decide? She is greedy. Will she go against Baek Won ? Will she trust Seo Jin Ki again? Or will she make him believe that she is on his side and help Baek Won?

Baek Won and her team went to see the mud flat that the grandmother has. She plans to raise her fish there. While being there, the fishermen appear. They kick them out saying that nobody owns an mudflat .

Baek Won goes home. She finds there her siblings and Eok Jo’s family watching the response on citizen to their sashimi restaurant commercial.

 Baek Won is looking for Man Won. She finds him at the restaurant. She is asking for his help. Baek Won wants Man Won to convince the fishermen to let Baek Won work on the mudflat.

Baek Won: “ Oppa, you can’t force them or hurt them, okay?”

When Baek Won heard that Man Won meet and hit Do Young she get mad. She screams at Man Won.

They argue. Man Won can’t accept that someone is insulting his sister. And he get angrier when Baek Won get mad at him to defend Do Young.

While they argue Young Hye enters the restaurant.

Young Hye takes Baek Won out. Baek Won cries and tells her mother everything that is on her heart. Young Hye tries to make her feel better.

At breakfast , everyone is talking about the restaurant commercial. Baek Won things it is a good idea to  make a commercial for the Golden Rainbow Foundation.

Eok Jo goes to Man Won. He wants to go with Man Won to talk with the fishermen.

Eok Jo wants to be involved in the foundation because he thinks he can get some money from there.

Baek Won and the grandmother are talking. The grandmother tells Baek Won that she will tell everyone that Baek Won is the real Ha Bin and also she ,the grandmother, will redistribute her shares again. The grandmother is planning to give Baek Won the shares that Tae Young has now. If Baek Won will have that shares she can fight Seo Jin Ki and also Seo Jin Ki will not be able to take them like he is planning to do now that Tae Young has them.

Chun Won is calling Tae Young. They meet. He now knows that the girl that pretended to be his younger cousin is the girl he tried to rape 14 years ago.

Chun Won is asking Tae Young to work together since the both of them have a common enemy.

Leaving, Chun Won make sure to remember Tae Young that he have a crush on her since the first time they met, 14 years ago.

Baek Won comes to her grandmother’s house. There Seo Jin Ki brought a friend of his. The friend is a doctor. The grandmother keeps acting like she doesn’t know who Seo Jin Ki is.

Seo Jin Ki asked the doctor to hospitalize Kang Jong Shim. He asked the doctor to give Kang Jong Shim a treatment that will make her disease worse.

The grandmother tells everyone that Baek Won is the real Jang Ha Bin but nobody believes  her. She is taken by force to hospital.

Baek Won goes home. She tells Chun Won what happened.

Baek Won goes to the mountain where she and Do Young buried the things that disturb their relationship. She find there Do Young’s phone. She listens to his records. From there Baek Won find out that Seo Jin Ki, Do Young’s father, killed Kim Han Joo, Jang Doek Soo and Jo Kwang Do.

What will Baek Won do now?

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