“Wonderful Days” ep 3~ Dong Suk: “ I’ve never loved you, Hae Won.”

Cha Hae Won is still mad at Dong Suk. He wants to take her home, but she refuses and leaves.

Hae Won loved Dong Suk when she was a teenager , but he let her down.

Dong Suk asked Hae Won to run away together but he was only trying to take revenge on her mother.

The same time Dong Hee is called out for drinks by his uncles. The uncles are upset. They think Dong Suk doesn’t respect them.

Dong Hee drinks silently. When his uncles start talking about his past, Dong Hee get up and leaves upset.

Locked on the outside by her mother and sister, Hae Won goes to her office to sleep. There she opens an old book, “The little match girl”. While reading that book, Hae Won remembers the night from 15 years ago when she and Dong Suk had to run away.

That night, Hae Won got at the train station, bought the tickets and waited for Dong Suk.

Dong Suk arrives. He takes his luggage and leaves the train station. Hae Won follows him.

Hae Won: “ Oppa, that’s not where the platform is. We have to go that way.”

Dong Suk: “ I’ve never loved you, Hae Won.”

Dong Hee arrives home. Gives his mother a hug, talks to her and when he brush his teeth  , Dong Hee remembers what Dong Suk said.

Before leaving , Dong Suk asked Dong Hee to send him Seo Jeong Ah’s ID so he could find her. Seo Jeong Ah is Dong Hee’s wife. She abandoned him and now Dong Hee is looking for her.

After washing Dong Hee enter his room. There he find Dong Won. Dong Won and his twin sister , Dong Joo are Dong Hee’s children ,but they don’t know that. Dong Joo and Dong Won think that they are Dong Hee’s younger siblings.

In the room, Dong Won is sending texts to a girl . Dong Hee takes his phone and tells the boy to stop chasing after girls and study more or he will end up like him, like Dong Hee.

Then , Dong Hee goes to Dong Joo and Dong Ok’s room. Dong Joo fell asleep with her head on the table while learning.

Dong Hee: “How weird. Why does she like studying so much? Jeong Ah and I hated studying.”

On his first day as a prosecutor in Gwangju, Dong Suk helps a foreigner woman.  He meets his coworkers in the office.

At lunch they go together, Dong Suk and his two coworkers.

While they are having lunch, Dong Tak enters the restaurant. Dong Tak came to look for his younger brother, Dong Suk. He came to tell Dong Suk that he should came by the house because his grandfather refuses to eat or take his medications . The grandfather  wants  Dong Suk to stay with the family at their house, but Dong Suk didn’t want. Dong Suk wanted to stay by himself.

When Dong Tak was paying Dong Suk’s lunch, Hae Won enters the restaurant. He asks Hae Won if she wants to meet a friend of his as a blind date. Hea Won refuses Dong Tak’s offer saying that she already has someone that she loves and that person also loves her.

Hearing that Hae Won has someone that she love, Dong Suk seems jealous.

So he was in love with Hae Won since he was young or did he fell in love with her now that he sow Hae Won again…

Outside the restaurant, Dong Suk sow Hae Won’s scooter.  There he sow flyers of the loan agency that she work for.

Dong Suk:  “ Was this the only job Cha Hae Won could get?”

The children are in school. Dong Joo is the class president. Dong Won…well he just break the chalk  every time the teacher asks him to solve problems on the blackboard. The teacher asks Dong Joo to tell her mother and bring her mother signature on the teachers note.

The children that get the correct answers to the teachers questions will get a 3PM badge.

Ha ha  Jun. K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung,Junho, Chansung in this drama are the boy band named 3PM.

Dong Joo is embarrassed. She doesn’t know how to tell her mother. Mool sees her and came to ask what happened.

Dong Hee arrived home. He is mad at his grandfather. Why does his grandfather refuses to eat just because Dong Suk isn’t staying with them?  Dong Hee says to his grandfather that he has other 3 grandchildren, Dong Tak, Dong Hee and Dong Ok . Also Dong Hee tells his grandfather to stop acting so immature and make his mother’s live difficult.

Dong Hee :” It’s Dong Seok and grandpa’s fault that Dong Ok is like that!”

Mad, Dong Hee leaves. On his way out ,Dong Hee sees that Dong Suk came by the house.

After talking with his grandfather, Dong Suk decided to move in with his family.

When Dong Seok leaves to bring his luggage, he meets Dong Tak . Dong Tak’s phone called. It was Dong Hee. Dong Hee told Dong Tak that Dong Ok had an accident.

Dong Ok was with Hae Won and Hae Won’s scooter and they both had an accident.

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  1. oli says:

    thank you for posting this k-drama 🙂

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