“Golden Rainbow” ep34 ~ Young Won’s return!

In kdrama’s every time something is about to change someone comes from America…

Finally Young Won appears. What will be Man Won, Baek Won, Sib Won and Yeol Won’s reaction when they will meet Young Won.?

Beak Won went to the mountain to pick the things that she and Do Young buried. There she found Do Young’s phone. She listens to his records and discovers that Seo Jin Ki, Do Young’s father, killed her biological father, Jang Dong Seok, her adoptive father, Kim Han Joo, poisoned Jo Kwang Do, ordered her kidnapping when she was a child and planed to make Chun Won the fake Jang Ha Bin.

After listening to all the records, Baek Won gives Young Hye the phone. Young Hye listens and remembers that the day that Kim Han Joo died she lost her phone. She remembers that at the time that Kim Han Joo called her and texted her she, Young Hye was fighting with Seo Jin Ki. They both , Baek Won and Young Hye realize that the one that texted Kim Han Joo to meet from Young Hye’s phone was Seo Jin Ki.

Baek Won wants to know if Do Young knows that she is the real Jang Ha Bin. She goes to the laboratory and ask the doctor  if  prosecutor Seo Do Young sow the DNA test result.

Baek Won meets her ex boss, the police chief. She asks him to look over the records and reinvestigate her father’s dead and also to find where Seo Jin Ki put her grandmother, Kang Jong Shim.

Man Won is telling Hwa Ran about Baek Won’s plans to raise fish. Hwa Ran says she is not interested in how Baek Won spends the money. But when she found out that Man Won has to go to the mudflat to speak with the fishermen, Hwa Ran changes her mind. She wants to go with Man Won to the mudflat. A little fresh air will do her good. And also it will be like a date, only her and Man Won .

Has anyone realized that Man Won is smiling only when he is with Park Hwa Ran?

Man Won, Hwa Ran and Eok Jo are trying to convince the fishermen to let Baek Won’s team use the mudflat.

When Man Won talked the fishermen didn’t believe him. Hwa Ran got mad at the fishermen and told them that if the owner tells them to leave they should leave. At that moment Man Won get upset and drag her out. He’s mad at Hwa Ran. She is of no help. Man Won sends her to Seoul, but she refuses to leave.

Meanwhile, Eok Jo is drinking with the fishermen. Being an fishermen himself , Eok Jo knows how to talk with them and he convinced the fishermen to let Baek Won work on the mudflat.

Seo Jin Ki knows that the mudflat that Baek Won wants to work on belongs to Kang Jong Shim. He tells Do Young that if Baek Won’s project fails than he can take the mudflat and fire Baek Won. Seo Jin Ki wants Do Young to make Baek Won fail.

Chun Won went to see Do Young . She told him about her meeting with his father and asked for his help in fooling Seo Tae Young and get his stoks.

Do Young helps her. He enters Tae Young’s office and tells Tae Young that he and Chun Won will have lunch together. Tae Young likes Chun Won and they, Do Young and Chun Won, will use that in their advantage.

Tae Young and Do Young went together to have lunch with Chun Won. Chun Won and Do Young pretend to flirt with each other so Tae Young will feel jealous.

When Chun Won goes to the bathroom, Tae Young follows her. He asks her if she is two timing him. Chun Won reply was that she will go to the man that wants her the most and at the moment Do Young seems to want her more.

Baek Won is meeting the police chief to see what he discovered. Also she tells his that her grandmother was taken in a silver car . The car plate started with Heo and the last digits were 66. The chief will check the security cameras around the grandmother’s house.

Seo Jin Ki went to the nursing house where he put Kang Jong Shim. The grandmother is sedated. She is not herself. Seo Jin Ki brought with him a paper that says that he will inherit Golden Rainbow Foundation. Since the grandmother is not herself , he, Seo Jin Ki takes her finger and put her stamp on the paper.

When he left his phone ringed. Seo Jin Ki was called to the hospital. The doctor told Seo Jin Ki that Young Hye took some pills and tried to take her life. But she was found on time.

Do Young is meeting one of the fishermen. He gives the fisherman money to make Baek Won fail her project.

Chun Won and Tae Young are drinking wine. She tells Tae Young about Baek Won’s project and what Seo Jin Ki will do if the project succeeds. Chun Won is trying to take Tae Young’s shares by making him sell them and buy the patent of Baek Won’s technology.

The police chief called Baek Won. He found where Kang Jong Shim is. Seo Jin Ki put her in an illegal facility. The police and Baek Won goes there. The grandmother is in bad condition, like she was drugged .

Beak Won takes her grandmother to Yoon Young Hye’s house. Then ,Baek Won went to see Seo Jin Ki.

Meanwhile, Young Hye is taking care of Kang Jong Shim.

Do Young told secretary  Oh ‘s father that he is interested in her.

Now Do Young is copies files from his father’s computer. On his way out secretary Oh comes in. she heard from her father that Do Young is interested in her. Do Young is flirting with her.

In his office, Do Young ties to see what was in his father’s files. But they have double password.

When Do Young was trying to find the password, his father came into the office. Seo Jin Ki is mad at Do Young. He doesn’t want Do Young close to secretary Oh.

What I don’t understand is why is Seo Jin Ki so against a possible relationship between Do Young and Oh Eun Ji. He and Oh Eun Ji’s father are a lifetime friends and accomplices. So why is he so against it? Is it that Oh Eun Ji is his daughter and nobody knows that??

At the airport an young man arrive. His name is Forever Micinski. His Korean name is Young Won….Kim Young Won.

Finally Young Won appears.

At Golden Fishery is another shareholders meeting. Do Young fires the executives that are on his grandmother’s side. Also Do Young show’s everyone the paper that says that his father will inherit Golden Rainbow Foundation.

In that moment, Baek Won enters with her grandmother and a doctor.

The grandmother says that she didn’t give anything to Seo Jin Ki. He forced her.

At that meeting Kang Jong Shim says that Kim Baek Won is the real Jang Ha Bin. The doctor guarantees the analysis veracity.

Baek Won says in the meeting that Seo Jin Ki paid an illegal facility to take in her grandmother and they were injecting her with illegal medicine.

When Baek Won goes to the police station , she sees Do Young leaving. Do Young talked with the director of the illegal facility and that one changed his testimony.

Knowing that , Baek Won goes to see Do Young. She is full of resentment.

Baek Won:” Thank you for making me notice how stupid I was. I will be different from now too. I will show you an uneducated women cannot be destroyed easily.”

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