Jae Joong in a new drama!

JYJ member, Jae Joong was confirmed for a new drama.

Kim Jae Joong will be in new drama from MBC, “Triangle”.

C-JeS Entertainment confirmed that Jae Joong will appear in MBC mini-series “ Triangle”. This drama will be aired every Monday and Tuesday instead of “Empress Ki” which will end on 2014-05-01.

“Triangle” is a soap opera about three brothers separated in childhood.

Kim Jae Joong plays the role of the second brother, Jang Dong Chul. He grow up on the street and survived using his fists. Now he became a gangster who tries to hide his identity from his older brother.

The older brother, Jang Dong Soo, is played by Lee Bum Soo. Jang Dong Soo now is a policeman, like his father was . He hopes to reunite with his brothers.

The youngest brother, Jang Dong Jun, is played by ZE:A member Im Si Wan. He became a cold man who believes the world revolves around money.

“Though it might be risky to cast boy band members for the lead roles in a drama, we are quite certain that Jae-joong and Si-wan have proven that they are as good as any fledgling actors in the scene”, added MBC.

Can’t wait to see this drama even though I’m sorry  it has to end “Empress Ki”.

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