“Golden Rainbow” ep35 ~ Young Won! You’re Young Won, right?

In this episode Young Won comes home. He meets his older brothers and sisters.

Young Won realize that his siblings didn’t abandoned him.

Also, Young Won had an assistant when he came to Korea. Was he adopted by a rich family? And if he was then will Young Won help Baek Won get Golden Group back?

Baek Won and her grandmother are coming home. Young Hye and Chun Won are waiting for them.

The grandmother tells Chun Won to help Baek Won protect the Foundation and if it is possible to get back Golden Group from Seo Jin Ki.

Young Hye and the grandmother are going in the room. The grandmother says to Young Hye the reason why she hated her so much after marrying her son. Young Hye is telling the grandmother that she thinks that Seo Jin Ki killed her son, Jang Deok Soo.

Meanwhile, Baek Won and Chun Won are talking in the bedroom. Chun Won tells Baek Won about her plans to get Seo Tae Young’s stocks before Seo Jin Ki does it.

Leaving Do Young’s office, Baek Won enters Tae Young’s office. She wants to thank him for investing in her project.  The two of them bond and Baek Won learns from Tae Young what Seo Jin Ki plans to do to erase Kang Jong Shim’s trace from Golden Group.

From now on Baek Won will call Tae Young, Tae Young oppa.

People say that blood is thicker than water. So maybe this is the reason why Tae Young accepted Baek Won that easily. Maybe he felt that the fake Ha Bin wasn’t his cousin and that is way he didn’t accepted her, but now , unconscious he feels that Baek Won is the real Jang Ha Bin. His real younger cousin .

Chun Won is with Do Young. He asks if she took Tae Young’s stocks. She did. Chun Won has 5% of Tae Young’s stocks.

Do Young what to know when will she give them to his father. Chun Won say that she will give the stocks to Seo Jin Ki when she will receive something in return. Something like what Seo Jin Ki has promised her. Seo Jin Ki promised Chun Won that if she will help him , she will became his daughter-in-law.

Hearing that , Do Young proposes to Chun Won to date for real and work together to get Golden Group for themselves.

Baek Won  and Man Won are drinking soju at the sashimi restaurant. She tells her brother that he was right. That from now on she will fight with her feeling from Do Young and she will forget them.

While they drink and talk , someone is watching them from outside.  It’s a young man. It’s Young Won. He still has with him Il Won’s jar.

After seeing them , Young Won went to karaoke. He sings and drinks. Young Won thinks that his older brothers and sisters abandoned him.

In his office, Do Young found the password to his father’s files. There he found that Jang Deok Soo was killed by Oh Kwang Hyuk. Seo Jin Ki  blackmails secretary Oh’s father with Jang Deok Soo’s death.

Baek Won receives an email. She is perplexed. Someone called. Baek Won is surprised by what the man on the phone tells her. That man was paid by Do Young to tell her something. Also Do Young was the one that send Baek Won the email.

Next morning, Baek Won tells her grandmother, Young Hye and Chun Won about the email. She tells them that Seo Jin Ki plans to sell Golden Group Fishery department.

Because she doesn’t want Seo Jin Ki to know that they will fight him for Golden Group, Kang Jong Shim decides to go to the hospital.

Seo Jin Ki found from Eok Jo that Park Hwa Ran is sponsoring Golden Rainbow Foundation. This is no good for him. For Seo Jin Ki to get the mudflat, Baek Won’s project has to fail. Bat if Baek Won is sponsored she will succeed.

Seo Jin Ki tells Do Young to investigate World Wide Loan so they will not be able to support Baek Won with money.

The same time Baek Won found that the calms that she released in the mudflat have died.

The same information get to Seo Jin Ki and he calls for a meeting.

The meeting starts. Baek Won enters the meeting room. Seo Jin Ki asks her how she will take responsibility for the loss.

Baek Won reply :” How…do you want me to take the responsibility? What you want from me is the mudflat that I have, isn’t it? But dream on.”

Baek Won asks Man Won to enter. Man Won enters the meeting room with a fisherman. The fisherman tells everyone that he was paid by Do Young to kill the clams and fishes that Baek Won will grow.

Baek Won: “ President Seo… Director Seo Do Young…you know you can receive a criminal penalty for that, right?

Seo Jin Ki brings Baek Won to his office. Baek Won tells him to choose. Will he give her some of his stocks to compensate for the losses or she, Baek Won, will provide the information to the media. If  the media gets those information Golden Group will face big losses.

Baek Won went to see her grandmother in the hospital. She tells her grandmother about the anonymous tip she got and also about how she cornered Seo Jin Ki. Beak Won got some stocks from Seo Jin Ki.

Is the grandmother suspecting that the person who helps Baek Won from the inside is Do Young?

Baek Won is cleaning the tables in the sashimi restaurant. A young man enters. He wants to eat some sashimi.

After few bites the boy stops eating. Baek Won comes to see what is wrong. The boy leaves the money for the sashimi, get up and goes. He forgot something. Baek Won picks it up. She sees a name…Kim Il Won.

Baek Won runs after the boy that just left. It was Young Won.

Baek Won:” Young Won….I raised you! How can I not know you?”

Young Won and Baek Won go back to the sashimi restaurant. Man Won is asking Young Won why did he leave without saying anything.

Young Won:”Because you abandoned me.”

They explain Young Won that they look for him all over.

Sib Won and Yeol Won came as fast as they hear that Young Won is back.

Sib Won:”You should’ve come when dad was alive. Where have you been?”

Chun Won is with Do Young. They talk about stocks and how to get Golden Group fro themselves. Chun Won gets a phone call. Its Baek Won.  Baek Won called to tells Chun Won that Young Won is back.

Everyone came to the restaurant, even Eok Jo and his family. Young Won tells them about his life since his got lost . Young Won was adopted in America by a Polish descendent. Because of that his name now is Forever Micinski.

Next morning all Kim siblings, Man Won, Chun Won, Baek Won, Sib Won, Yeol Won, Young Won and even Il Won’s jar go to see Kim Han Joo.

Man Won got a call from Park Hwa Ran. An prosecutor came to World Wide Loan and searched and seized all the documents. The prosecutor locked Park Hwa Ran’s account so Baek Won can’t have the money that Hwa Ran wanted to give her.

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