“Golden Rainbow” ep36 ~ Do Young:”I think I’m going to become a demon.”

What happens when you realize that you made the wrong decision? Can you go back?

Will the people you’ve hurt forgive you? Can thinks go back the way they were?

Without realizing, trying to protect someone by hurting them, you’re the one who’s most hurt…

Do Young realized that he can’t continue like this. He want to go back to the warm place…to Baek Won.  He’s drunken steps carried him to Baek Won’s home.

Seo Do Young doesn’t want to became a monster so  he tells Baek Won to stop him. He asks Baek Won to leave everything behind and leave the country.

While Do Young tries to convince Baek Won, Man Won arrives home. He stops them from talking and forbids Baek Won to meet him.

Park Hwa Ran is arrested. Man Won sees that the detective how arrested her is detective Lee, Do Young’s ex subordinate .  He goes to Baek Won and tells her that Do Young was the one how tried to prevent her from buying  Golden Fishery deparment.

Baek Won, upset, went to see Do Young. She asks Do Young if it’s true that he ordered Park Hwa Ran arrested. Do Young says that it’s true.

Baek Won:” Then, what was last night about?”

She is upset. She can’t understand what is Do Young doing.

Do Young takes Baek Won out. He tells her everything. He tells Baek Won that he was doing all that things that hurt Baek Won just to get his father’s trust because the only way to defeat Seo Jin Ki  and give Baek Won back what its rightful hers it’s to fight Seo Jin Kin from the inside.

Home, Young Hye is cooking for Sib Won, Yeol Won and Young Won.

Young Won is curious with what is Baek Won so busy that she can’t even come for breakfast.

From Sib Won and Yeol Won , Young Won discovered that Baek Won is working for Golden Fishery and also that she used to date Seo Do Young.

Man Won is telling Young Hye what happened to Hwa Ran and also that Do Young came to see Baek Won the other night.

Young Hye seems to suspect that Man Won has feelings for Baek Won.

After telling Baek Won the truth, Do Young asked her to run away together.  Baek Won wanted to run away with him so that they could be together, but she realized that she can’t  abandon her family.

Destroyed by pain Do Young and Baek Won split…

A family is a family, the people you have meals with. Baek Won decided to tell her family that she  is Golden Group’s granddaughter, Jang Ha Bin.

Do Young enters Chun Won’s office. He wants her to bid with her socks and Tae Young’s stocks at the auction where the fate of Golden Fishery will be decided.  If she does that, Baek Won won’t have enough money to win.

The same time, Baek Won asks Tae Young to help her at the auction. Tae Young refuses and throw Baek Won out of his office.

Leaving Tae Young’s office, Baek Won calls Chun Won. Her sister, Chun Won said to came where she is. Baek Won came and found Chun Won and Do Young having dinner.

When Baek Won asked for Chun Won’s help for the auction, Chun Won refused.

From Chun Won, Baek Won find that she, Chun Won, and Do Young will get married.

Man Won is in front of the police station. He waits for Hwa Ran. When she sees him, Hwa Ran runs and hugs Man Won.

Man Won:” People are stating.”

So Man Won doesn’t hate when Hwa Ran hugs him, he is just embarrassed that people sees them.

Park Hwa Ra will not be able to help Baek Won with money now.

Chun Won fooled Tae Young and got he shares .She called Do Young and told him their plan worked.

After the phone call into Do Young’s office Young Won enters. They are happy to see each other. Young Won and Do Young went for drinks. They remember old times. The times in Busan when Young Won was Do Young’s only friend and Do Young taught Young Won the multiplication tables and the Korean alphabet.

Sudden Young Won asks Do Young why did he do that to Baek Won. Why did he broke up with Baek Won and went to his father’s side.

Young Won :” Baek Won noona isn’t just an older sister to me. She raised me like a mother. If someone bothers her, even if it’s you…I won’t forgive them.”

Do Young :” If you don’t forgive them…what are you going to do?”

Next morning Yeol Won and Sib Won are acting strange.  Usually , Baek Won was the one setting the t able and bringing the food. This morning, after her family found out that she is the  granddaughter of a rich family , Sib Won and Yeol Won are doing everything.

Man Won: “ Go pack your bags and live with mom.”

Man Won wants Baek Won to live her life as Jang Ha Bin . She has to work at the Golden Fishery and also take care of her mother and grandmother.

If Baek Won became Jang Ha Bin, Man Won feels like he will have a chance with her. But Baek Won says no. Baek Won wants to live her life as Kim Han Joo’s daughter, Kim Baek Won.

Chun Won has more money than Baek Won. She wants to take over Golden Fishery. Baek Won found out and went to see Chun Won.  Baek Won is disappointed of Chun Won.

Chun Won asked Sib Won to meet her. She bought Sib Won all that she wanted. In exchange of all that presents, Chun Won wants Sib Won to act as a spy for her . Sib Won has to spy Baek Won and tell Chun Won how much will Baek Won bid.

Sib Won is not fooled. She went directly to Baek Won and told her everything.

Baek Won realized that Chun Won could bid that much money only with Tae Young’s help.

Baek Won tells her grandmother about Chun Won’s and Tae Young’s  betrayal. The grandmother ask Baek Won to use the mudflat so that she could have more money to bid.

The day of the auction, Chun Won still bid more than  Baek Won. Chun Won and Tae Young thought that they won. But there was one more bidder, Rainbow Fishery.

Rainbow Fishery was the winner. The CEO of Rainbow Fishery was Forever Micinski. That means that Young Won used his new name and his money to help Baek Won without telling nobody.

Or did Do Young told him to bid more money so he could help Baek Won?

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