“Wonderful Days” ep 4~ Dong Hui: “ I said I’m sorry, so you can beat me up!”

Is it love? Is Dong Seok in love with Hae Won and he doesn’t realize it?

Dong Seok seems more worried about Hae Won then his own twin sister….

When Dong Seok was about to leave the house to go get his stuff and move with his family, Dong Tak receives a phone call. It was Dong Hui. He called Dong Tak to tell him that Dong Ok was involved in an accident. Dong Ok was with Hae Won on Hae Won’s scooter. They both were involved in an accident.

Because Dong Tak has to go to his work place, he sends Dong Seok to the hospital to see what happened with Dong Ok.

In the hospital Dong Seok and Dong Ok see each other for the first time in 15 years.

When Dong Seok and Dong Ok where talking, the doctor called Dong Seok. The doctor needed Dong Seok’s help to stop Dong Hui.

Dong Hui was mad because Hae Won got his sister on the scooter.

Dong Seok came into the bathroom to stop Dong Hui. The two of them end up fighting.

While they fight Dong Ok came. She starts crying thinking that her brothers fight.

Dong Hui takes Dong Ok home, while Dong Seok sends Hae Won to a bigger hospital.

Hae Won give Dong Ok her helmet so Hae Won had more injuries.

Home, Dong Joo and Dong Won are doing their homework. Dong Joo, while reading realized that her mother was 56 years old when she and Dong Won were born.  When her mother enter the room , Dong Joo asks her  how could she still have children at that age.

Dong Joo: “ You weren’t going through menopause?”

Smart little one…

Seems like soon Dong Joo and Dong Won will discover that their mother is actually their grandmother and that Dong Hui isn’t their older brother, but his their father.

When Dong Joo and Dong Won were born, Dong Hui’s mother didn’t want to ruin her sons future. So she locked him in his room and went to register the children as her own.

Dong Hui got home. He takes Dong Ok to bed. Dong Joo was awake. She covered them with their mother. Dong Hui and his brothers didn’t want their mother to know that Dong Ok was involved in an accident.

Dong Hui gets annoyed every time Dong Joo and Dong Won say that they don’t want to resemble him, but they want to be like Dong Seok.

Dong Hui:” You’re so smart! Who do you take after?”

Dong Joo:” Dong Seok oppa!”

Dong Seok and Hae Won leave the hospital. Dong Seok is sending her home. Hae Won is really hurt.

On their way, Hae Won fell asleep in the car. Dong Seok didn’t want to wake her up so he waited for her to wake up. During the waiting, Dong Seok fell asleep.

They both fell asleep in Dong Seok’s car. They wake up the next morning. Dong Seok sends Hae Won to her work place.

In front of her office, Dong Seok and Hae Won meet Hae Won’s boss and boyfriend, Oh Seung Hoon.

Seung Hoon is mad that he couldn’t get in touch with Hae Won all night.

Dong Hui is sleeping. He dreams about fighting with Hae Won.  He’s second mother, his father’s mistress , is watching him.  She came in to tell Dong Hui that his mother isn’t eating until he apologize to his grandfather.

Dong Hui’s mother hasn’t eaten since last night. She is about to faint.

Because he doesn’t want his mother to be sick, Dong Hui goes to apologize to his grandfather.

Dong Hui: “ I said I’m sorry, so you can beat me up!”

Grandfather :” Why would I beat my precious grandson up?” and gives Dong Hui candies.

At school, Mool and Dong Joo go to the nurse’s room. They go there to meet their friend , one of Dong Won’s ex girlfriend.

Mool is mad because the girl didn’t pick him, but pick Dong Won.

Mool: “ The girls at this school have no taste in men!”

After Mool left the room , the teacher tell Yi Seul to find a new boyfriend, get married and have lots of children.

Dong Joo :” Ms. Kim, what you just said isn’t appropriate to say to a 9 year old girl.”

Dong Seok and his coworkers go to the office. On the street, Dong Seok sees the foreign women that he sow on his first day as a prosecutor in Gwang Joo. He takes the women to a restaurant and feeds her, then he takes that women to a supermarket to buy her formula for the baby and other stuff that she needs.

At the cash register, Dong Seok sees Hae Won’s mother. She wants to buy sashimi and other expensive food, but she doesn’t have money.  Dong Seok pays her bill. Then he in smiles satisfied while tells Hae Won’s mother who he is. Now he, Kang Dong Seok, has money and she doesn’t .  She is humiliated .

Hae Won came to the prosecutor office to pay back what she owns Dong Seok, the money from the grocery store and the money from her hospital bill.

While she leaves, Dong Hui came.

Dong Hui: “You two make a cute couple! If you’re so worried about Hae Won, then you should start dating again. Like in the old days.”

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6 Responses to “Wonderful Days” ep 4~ Dong Hui: “ I said I’m sorry, so you can beat me up!”

  1. English subbed ep 5 & 6 available on drama cool now.

  2. There is talk about the kyungsang (?) accent. Can you guys point out some simple differences between standard Seoul and Kyungsang? How many tones are there? In Chinese Mandarin has 4 and Cantonese has 8 (I think). I speak a smattering of both.

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