“Golden Rainbow” ep37 ~ Man Won and Hwa Ran’s first kiss.

Do Young and Baek Won can’t hold their feelings and they  kiss.

Young Won came to save the day!

The biggest bidder for Golden Fishery Department was Forever Micinski. Kim Young Won’s new name is Forever Micinski.

How did Young Won new about the bid? Did he found out on his own? Did Do Young tell him so he could help Baek Won?

With this new bidder, Forever Micinski, Seo Jin Ki’s plans didn’t go like he wanted. Seo Jin Ki lost Golden Fishery and the mudflat.

Young Won :” Foreigners aren’t prohibited from participating according to conditions…If there’s any problem, contact my lawyer. If you take it back after this open tender, I’ll be contacting the lawyers of Golden Group.”

Baek Won is surprised that Young Won is the son of one of the richest men in the world. Young Won invested in Golden Fishery and he is giving the department to Baek Won.

Young Won new about the money that Baek Won and Chun Won will bid from Do Young.

Seo Do Young helped Young Won to but the biggest price so neither Seo Jin Ki or Chun Won can have Golden Fishery Department. He helped Baek Won . And Young Won appeared at the right time.

In Kdrama’s every time  someone from America come and save the day….

Chun Won is talking with Seo Jin Ki. He couldn’t get the mudflat, but thanks to her , Seo Jin Ki has now Tae Young’s stocks…that is if she, Chun Won is on his side.

She wants something instead of her being on his side, to be the CEO of Golden Distribution Department and to be Do Young’s Wife. If Seo Jin Ki refuses then she , Chun Won, will help Baek Won…like Young Won did.

Chun Won: “Did you forget? I’m Baek Won’s sister, just like Young Won. We’re family. If I side with them, I can’t guarantee the safety of your palace. Baek Won’s legitimacy, Young Won’s money and my brain.”

After celebrating with her family, Baek Won went to see her grandmother. The fight is just beginning, the grandmother say.  She is giving Baek Won one last present to destroy Seo Jin Ki.

Meanwhile, Hwa Ran is drinking. Man Won came to keep her company. Hwa Ran is drinking because she realized that the women that Man Won loves is Baek Won.

She want to give up on Man Won because she thinks Baek Won is a great women, but she can’t . Hwa Ran likes Man Won too much so she can’t give him up.

Hwa Ran is drunk. Man Won tries to put her in a taxi. Before getting into the taxi Hwa Ran kisses Man Won.

Finally!! Go Hwa Ran!! But Man Won didn’t seem upset at all about the kiss. Is Man Won in love with Hwa Ran without realizing?

 Finding out that Chun Won betrayed Baek Won, Young Hye and Chun Won are fighting. After the fight Chun Won made her bags and left home.

Young Hye is telling Baek Won about this and Baek Won is thinking about how Chun Won must have felt when she had to give up the name Ha Bin.

The conversation continues and Young Hye tells Baek Won the she suspect that Man Won likes Baek Won.

Young Hye seems to be on Man Won’s side. She tells Baek Won to think before making a decision. That she now regrets that she didn’t pick Kim Han Joo and picked Jang Deok Soo.

Seo Jin Ki asked Eok Jo to steal something for him. Eok Jo did it . It was the technology that Baek Won and her team made.

When Eok Joo took the technology from the Kim sibling’s home, Sib Won sow him.

The next day, on the news Seo Jin Ki said that this technology was made by him.

Beak Won goes to Golden Group. She met Seo Jin Ki.

Beak Won told Seo Jin Ki that she will sell the mudflat, but on an action. So if he really want the mudflat he has to bid the higher price.

Do Young follows Baek Won out. He tells her to not sell the mudflat because that is what his father wants.

They go on the roof. There they can’t hold their feeling. Do Young and Baek Won are in so much pain….they kiss.

Man Won is furious. He goes to Eok Jo’s house. He wants to kill him.

He asks Eok Jo how could he do that to them after his father, Kim Han Joo forgave him when he got caught stealing from them.

Every time Yeol Won gambled he lost his money to Tae Young. Now he takes Young Won with him.

Young Won got  all the money.

Tae Young: “ Did I lose again?”

Young Won :” Of course!”

Baek Won meets Oh Kwang Hyuk. She wants him to betray Seo Jin Ki and buy the mudflat.

Oh Kwang Hyuk is Seo Jin Ki’s Achilles heel.

Seo Jin Ki discovered that Kang Jong Shim put money in a bank in Switzerland for the last 30 years. He tried trick the grandmother to give him the back account number.

When the grandmother was about to give it to him , Baek Won entered the room .

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