“Wonderful Days” ep 5~ Dong Won:” Kang Mool, are you dissing me, your uncle?”

Was Dong Seok always in love with Hae Won? Or he fell in love with her now and he didn’t realize it?

And what kind of relationship Hae Won and Dong Hui have?

Kang Dong Hui is looking for Hae Won. He wants his wedding ring back. Since she doesn’t answer her phone, he went to look for her.
Hae Won was with Dong Seok. She had to give Dong Seok back the money he spend on her hospital bill and the money he give her mother at the supermarket.
Dong Hui and Dong Seok fight again, like every time they meet. Dong Hui is mad with his older brother.
Cha Hae Won decided to go with Dong Hui. She give him back his ring.
Those two, Cha Hae Won and Kang Dong Hui have a strange relationship. Is it only me that has this impression? They fight, but they don’t seem enemies.

After getting his ring back, Dong Hui leaves Hae Won. He stopped on the street and thinks about what Hae Won said. Can he use force to bring his wife back home? And if he does, can that make her love him?
Hae Won knows how Dong Hui feels because she was used too.
All of a sudden , Dong Hui hears a women crying. He asks her to come out, but she doesn’t. Dong Hui got scared and go home.
Dong Hui: “ I have to go home and do something .”

Meanwhile, left alone, Dong Seok remembers the night that he and Hae Won were supposed to run away from home.
He remembers that he made his luggage and wanted to leave. When he was leaving , Dong Seok met Hae Won’s mother.
Hae Won’s mother:” What can I do to make you stay away from Hae Won?”
Dong Seok: “ Apologize to my mother! Apologize to Dong Ok and Dong Hui!”
After that, Dong Seok went to Hae Won and told her that he never loved her and that he only used her to get back on her mother for humiliated his family.

Home, Mool is packing Dong Won’s things. Dong Won has a lot on his mind so he’s tormenting Mool. Dong Joo comes in. Mool is angry. He screams at Dong Won.
Dong Won:” Then why don’t you come back as my uncle in the next life!”
Mool:” Yes! I’ll do that! I will!”
Don’t worry Mool, you don’t have to wait until you’re next life. Just wait until you’ll find out that Dong Won is not your uncle, but he is your younger cousin.
When Mool and Dong Won leave the room, Dong Ok comes in. She brought a family picture for Dong Seok. That room will be, from now on, for Dong Seok and Dong Hui.

Dong Hui has a lot on his mind. He went drinking with his boss, Oh Seung Hoon.
Seung Hoon has to go because Hae Won called. He is in love with Hae Won, but she’s just using him to get revenge on his father. Hae Won believes that Oh Seung Hoon’s father is to blame for her father’s death.
Soon after Seung Hoon leaft, Dong Hui leaves . On his way out, he heard some drunk men insulting and throwing fruits in his brother, Dong Tak. Kang Dong Tak is a singer to the club that Dong Hui was drinking with Seung Hoon.
Hearing all that those men were saying to Dong Tak, Dong Hui fights them.
Dong Tak can’t watch his brother getting beaten and jumps in the fight.
Dong Tak:” Don’t touch my little brother!”

Dong Hui and Dong Tak were send to the police station. Dong Seok came to get them.
When they leave, Dong Tak apologizes to Dong Seok in case he was embarrassed. On the other hand Dong Hui is mad with Dong Seok for not asking their older brother, Dong Tak how is he, if he was hurt.
Dong Seok offers to drive his brothers home, but in the car Dong Hui said that tomorrow he will look for those that hurt Dong Tak. That moment Dong Seok tells Dong Hui to get out of his car and walk home or take a taxi.
Dong Tak gets out too. He wants to go home with Dong Hui.
Dong Hui:” Why did you get out? It’s cold.”
Dong Tak:”I just realized that I didn’t check if you were okay.”

Going home on foot, Dong Tak and Dong Hui, sing.
Dong Tak:”Don’t sing.”
Dong Hui:” Why not?”
Dong Tak : “ You’re tone-deaf.”

Arrived home, Dong Hui enters his room. There it was Dong Seok. Hearing that they have to share the room, Dong Hui leaves. He doesn’t want to sleep in the same room with Dong Seok.
Dong Hui sleeps in his mothers room.

Next morning, when Dong Seok, got to the office, his boss call him. Dong Seok goes to the hotel that his boss called him.
Dong Seok in the hotels elevator. The door opens. In front of Dong Seok appear Hae Won and Seung Hoon.
Hae Won and Seung Hoon slept in that hotel.

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