“Golden Rainbow” ep38 ~ Chun Won:” I don’t think I can trust you anymore. You turned me into this.”

Episode 37 of Golden Rainbow ended when Seo Jin Ki found out about the secret money that Kang Jong Shim has in a bank from Switzerland.

He went to the hospital and tried to fool the grandmother by saying he is Jang Deok Soo. When the grandmother was about to tell Seo Jin Ki the account number, Baek Won entered and stopped her.
Realizing that she was lied, the grandmother has a crisis and Baek Won asks Seo Jin Ki to leave. He left.
Seo Jin Ki went from the hospital to the office. There he called Kang Jong Shim’s lawyer and tried to find from him the account number. The lawyer is loyal to Kang Jong Shim and didn’t say anything.
Because he couldn’t obtain the bank account number, Seo Jin Ki brought Kang Jong Shim to the house. There will be easier for him to fool her without being interrupted.

Do Young told Baek Won that the first step in defeating his father is to his allies turn against him. So Baek Won meets Oh Kwang Hyuk and Chun Won. She asks them to join forces with her in order to destroy Seo Jin Ki.
Chun Won tells Do Young what Baek Won asked her. And Do Young goes to his father to tell him everything. He tells Seo Jin Ki to sell all his stocks, including the ones Seo Jin Ki got from Tae Young and bid on the mudflat the highest price.
Do Young wants his father to sell everything so Baek Won will have more power.

Man Won is working at the construction site. Hwa Ran comes to see him. She is hurt and can’t regain consciousness.
Man Won put her on his back and wants to take her to the hospital. When he wants to let her down and put her in the car, Hwa Ran clings harder on him. She was just faking to be unconscious so Man Won will carry her.
They go to Hwa Ran ‘s office. Park Hwa Ran, here, pretends to have a fever and a headache so that Man Won will stay with her.
Their little moment finish when Baek Won enters Hwa Ran’s office.
Bad timing, Baek Won! You should’ve wait a little longer.

Destroyed by pain, Do Young enters his grandmother’s room. She is fine, but she can’t trust him so she pretends to not know who he is.
Do Young cries and tells his grandmother that he had to betray her in order to get his father’s trust. That way he can give Baek Won all that his father took .
Wanting to comfort him, the grandmother calls Do Young with the name of her son, Jang Deok Soo and hugs him.

The bid for Baek Won’s mudflat ended. The new owner is Seo Jin Ki. He got money by selling his stocks from Golden Group. That stocks were purchased by Baek Won.
Baek Won thanks Do Young for the help. Chun Won heard them talk.
At Golden Group, Do Young heard Seo Jin Ki and Oh Kwang Hyuk talk. They were threatening each other. From that Do Young discovered that Oh Kwang Hyuk has the proof that Seo Jin Ki killed Jo Kwang Do.
When Do Young got to his office, Chun Won came in. She tells Do Young that he was the only person she trusted and he also betrayed her.
Chun Won:” I don’t think I can trust you anymore. You turned me into this.”

Disappointed, Chun Won is walking all alone. She wants to call someone, but she doesn’t have who to call. She betrayed everyone in her life.
All of a sudden her phone rings. It was Man Won. He wants Chun Won to came to the sashimi restaurant . This day is the day in which all the Kim siblings celebrate their birthday. Since Kim Han Joo didn’t know their birth date, he chose a day as their birthday.
Chun Won went. But when she sow Man Won, Baek Won, Sib Won, Yeol Won and Young Won , she couldn’t go in.
Chun Won is drinking all alone. Tae Young comes to her. She opens her heart to him.
Chun Won:” I need a family too.”

Chun Won isn’t willing to lose everything. She goes to Seo Jin Ki and tells him that the one that is helping Baek Won is Do Young.
Seo Jin Ki meet Do Young and Baek Won. To Do Young, Seo Jin Ki tells that he needs a proof that his son didn’t betray him. This proof is his marriage with Chun Won. If Do Young doesn’t marry Chun Won it means that he helped Baek Won. So Seo Jin Ki threatens Do Young that he will kill Baek Won.
Then Seo Jin Ki goes to Baek Won. Tells her that he knows that Do Young is behind her. And if she doesn’t stop seeing Do Young, he will have to kill his son.

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