“Golden Rainbow” ep39 ~ Man Won proposed to Hwa Ran?

Drama “Golden Rainbow” is going to end soon…
Man Won is proposing to Hwa Ran .
Seo Jin Ki threaten to kill Baek Won, his son and he end up killing Baek Won’s grandmother, Kang Jong Shim.

How can a father threaten to kill he own son just to get what he wants?
Everyone, Baek Won’s family and her aunt found out that Seo Jin Ki killed Jang Deok Soo and Kim Han Joo.
Also Jang Mi Rim , Tae Young’s mother knowing that Seo Jin Ki murdered her brother makes her react and she meets her mother’s lawyer to file her divorce from Seo Jin Ki.

Seo Jin Ki went to see Baek Won. He threatens her with killing Do Young for helping her. Baek Won isn’t intimidated.
Seo Jin Ki : “I want to strangle you to death right now.”
So Seo Jin Ki moved to the next level. Until now he used to damage the car’s break and all the people who stood in his way will die from break failure.
Beak Won:” If you want to fight, you fight with me.”
Leaving Baek Won, Seo Jin Ki went to his office. There Do Young was waiting for him so he could tell his father that he will get married with Chun Won.
In his office, Do Young receive a phone call from Baek Won. They meet. Baek Won wanted to tell Do Young that his father knows that he is helping her and threatened her with killing Do Young.
Do Young tells Baek Won to use Oh Kwang Hyuk. He knows a lot about his father.
From Do Young, Baek Won discovers that he and Chun Won will get married. She can’t see Do Young sacrificing his life so she asks him to stop helping her and move on with his life.
Baek Won:” How can I get what I want by sacrificing your life?”
Do Young:” Then, you should’ve left with me when I asked you to.”

After meeting with Do Young, Baek Won went to see Chun Won. She asks her sister to not merry Do Young. If she does merry him, they both will suffer, because Do Young doesn’t love Chun Won.
Chun Won:” If you really want Do Young back…give me the stock of Golden Group and Golden Fishery Department.”
Chun Won feels like she lost everything she had, her mother, her grandmother, the name she used for 14 years. She lost all. So now she wants to merry Do Young so she will became Seo Jin Ki daughter-in-law . If she is part on Seo Jin Ki’s family, she can at least have money.
But ultimately , Chun Won lost everything she had because she wanted to. If she would’ve trusted her family thinks wouldn’t have turned that way. Chun Won wanted all. She wasn’t satisfied with little…

Seo Jin Ki called Oh Kwang Hyuk into his office. He wants Oh Kwang Hyuk to give back the Golden Group’s stock that are on his name. In exchange of this stocks, Seo Jin Ki will make him Vice President of Golden Group.
When they were talking, Baek Won called Oh Kwang Hyuk. He went to see Baek Won.
Baek Won said that she will make Oh Kwang Hyuk CEO of Golden Group if he will sue Seo Jin Ki.
Oh Kwang Hyuk’s greed is Baek Won’s advantage. He sued Seo Jin Ki.

Home Seo Jin Ki tells his wife and Tae Young that Do Young will merry Chun Won.
Tae Young is furious. He is in love with Chun Won. Do Young and Tae Young fight and Tae Young goes to see Chun Won. He is angry.
When Tae Young was forcing Chun Won to go with him , Man Won came. He hit Tae Young.
For the second time, Man Won helped Chun Won get away from Tae Young.
Man Won came to Chun Won to see why didn’t she came the day he asked her to come , on their birthday.
Chun Won told Man Won that she will get married with Do Young soon.

After meeting Chun Won , Man Won goes to Baek Won to comfort her.
Man Won went to Young Hye. He told her about Chun Won and Do Young. Also he asks him mother to be there for Baek Won. He, as an older brother can’t help Baek Won much.
The same time Do Young and Chun Won went to buy her wedding dress.
Young Hye calls Chun Won. They argue. Young Hye said to Chun Won that she will not agree with that marriage.
Chun Won wants to leave. Young Hye can’t oppose her marriage.
While Chun Won leaves, Young Hye tells her that Seo Jin Ki killed her father, Kim Han Joo.

Meanwhile, Do Young was called to the office. Seo Jin Ki knows that he helped Baek Won. Seo Jin Ki hits Do Young.
Seo Jin Ki:” Prove me it’s not a show… by killing Baek Won.”
Do Young got on his knees and apologized to his father. He will do anything, but Baek Won he will not kill Baek Won.
In his office, Do Young things about some words his father just said. He realize that those are the words he told his grandmother the other day.
So Do Young rushes home. He enters the grandmother’s room. He sign her to not say anything and search everywhere.
In his grandmother’s room, Do Young found a wiretap. Like that he realize how did his father knew everything they were doing.
Do Young goes to a public phone and calls Baek Won. Tells her about the bug in the grandmothers room and asks her to check her office.

Hwa Ran comes to the sashimi restaurant. There is only Man Won. He prepared food for her.
While she eats Man Won said that if she like the food he made so much , he can make is every morning for her.
Did Man Won just proposed to Hwa Ran???????
Man Won and Hwa Ran where so happy. But Do Young entered the restaurant and told Man Won to not let Baek Won alone.
Baek Won could be in danger .

That night Chun Won went to see Baek Won.
Chun Won:” Is it true that Seo Jin Ki killed Kim Han Joo?”
The two of them were talking outside so all of the family heard them. Now all of Baek Won siblings and also Eok Jo’s family know that Kim Han Joo was killed by Seo Jin Ki and that Do Young is helping her put Seo Jin Ki in prison.

Seo Jin Ki is rushed to find the money that Kang Jong Shim has in Switzerland. He tells her the detail of how Jang Deok Soo died so she will stop faking to not know who he is.
Kang Jong Shim react and they fight.
Seo Jin Ki pushed the grandmother and she hit her head.
Baek Won enters the room and the grandmother loses her consciousness.

Did Seo Jin Ki killed Baek Won’s grandmother???

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