“Wonderful Days” ep 6~ Dong Hui:” Can’t I start loving you now?”

What a malicious person, Hae Won and Hae Joo’s mother is..
What a family! They are united and they help each other.

Even if everyone say that the only thing Dong Hui know in getting into trouble, he must have a very developed sense of responsibility. After all he got married with a women that he didn’t love because she was pregnant with his children.

We are in the hotel. Kang Dong Seok meets Seung Hun and Hae Won. They slept in the hotel.
Seung Hun tries to make Dong Seok jealous and wants to get in the same elevator. Hae Won remembers that Seung Hun’s father has a breakfast meeting in that hotel and asks him to go have breakfast.
While they were having fun, they see Seung Hun’s father. He is furious. Seung Hun’s father doesn’t want his son to have a relationship with Hae Won .
Hae Won isn’t in love with Seung Hun. She is just using him to get revenge on his father.
Cha Hae Won thinks that Seung Hun’s father killed her father.
In the office, Hae Won listens to Seung Hun and his father arguing. The moment they leave the office, Hae Won is talking to a new client. She pretends to talk to the client, but she actually is sending message to Seung Hun’s father.
Seung Hun’s father doesn’t know that Hae Won’s father was talking to her on the phone the day he died. During that phone call, she heard her father calling Seung Hun’s father name and then she heard one shot.
Meanwhile, Dong Seok is secretly investigating a murder case. During the investigation he discovers that the death person met Hae Won the day he died.

Dong Hui is in a restaurant. He is elegantly dressed and waiting for someone. A woman came. He flirts with her, tells her that he is in love with her. Also he tells the women that he will leave the town because he can’t see her marrying his boss, Oh Seung Hun.
When Dong Hui leave, the women followed him and hugged him. She said the she likes him too and that she doesn’t want to get married with Seung Hun. She just lied that she is pregnant with Seung Hun.

It was all an act. Seung Hun told Dong Hui to get rid of the women.
When Dong Hui was acting in the restaurant there was playing 2AM “Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die”
After all that act in the restaurant, Dong Hui and his co-worker went for some drinks.
Dong Hui:” There’s no such thing as love, so who came up with that word?”
Looking on the window, Dong Hui sees a women getting in a taxi. He runs outside calling that women’s name, Seo Jeong Ah. Dong Hui runs after that taxi. He catch up with that taxi, opens the door and see the women. It wasn’t his wife, Seo Jeong Ah.

In the school, Dong Won got himself in trouble again. The teacher told him to bring an adult to school with him tomorrow.
Dong Won will bring the least busy adult in his family, Dong Hui.
Ultimately Dong Won will bring his father to school without knowing.
On the hallway, Dong Joo and Mool are listening to what Dong Won and the teacher are talking.
Dong Joo and Mool are worried that Dong Won will bring Dong Hui to school. After all Dong Won is a lot like Dong Hui.

Dong Hui remembers the day Jeong Ah told him that she is pregnant. She needed a guardian because she wanted to do an abortion.
Then Dong Hui insisted that they should get married and raise the children.
Jeong Ah:” But you don’t even love me.”
Dong Hui:” Can’t I start loving you now?”

Dong Ok admire the necklace that Dong Seok got her as a gift. She goes around the house and asks everyone if they see something new on her. She is disappointed that her grandfather, her mother and Dong Hui didn’t notice her new necklace.
Then Dong Tak came. He sow her and sow her necklace.
Dong Tak take Dong Ok shopping to get her new clothes.
While Dong Ok try on the clothes, Dong Tak step outside to argue with his manager. That moment Hae Won’s mother and sister enter the store.
Hae Joo and her mother see Dong Ok trying the dress that Hae Joo wanted and they star insulting her and treated her like dirt. They even accused Dong Ok of steeling Hae Joo’s clothes.
Dong Ok got so scared that she ran away without paying the dress or changing into her clothes and without her shoes.
Watching Dong Ok’ s reaction when she sow Hae Joo and her mother give me the impression that she was greatly mistreated by Hae Won and Hae Joo’s mother.
Hae Won’s mother is calling Dong Ok retarded , but she should watch herself in the mirror. She isn’t rich anymore and still acting as a high class lady.
Dong Tak goes on the streets to look for Dong Ok. Hae Joo is following him. Still don’t know why she goes with Dong Tak. Will they fall in love later on?
Looking for Dong Ok , Dong Tak realize something. He turns to Hae Joo and tells her to go take her mother and go hide. Because when Dong Hui will find out what they did to Dong Ok he will go crazy .

All the family is looking for Dong Ok. All except Dong Hui. The family is worried that he will get into trouble again so they locked him into the grandfather’s room. After locking Dong Hui in the room , they have to stop his mother for going out ot look for Dong Ok.
Late into the night, Hae Won and Dong Seok found Dong Ok. She was sleeping in a closet.

The ending song from episode 6…


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