“Wonderful Days” ep 7~ Dong Joo:” He’s just like you, Dong Hui oppa!”

Finally Episode 7 of “ Wonderful Days” drama.

Dong Hui peeing on 3PM poster, especially on Jun.K and Junho.
Arrived home with sleeping Dong Ok in his arms, Dong Seok sees his mother watching his sister.

Is Dong Seok cold and ashamed of his family or he can’t really express his feeling?
Dong Hui feels betrayed by his family, including his mother, so he decide to rebel . He ran away from home. Now he sleeps in a tent .
Left without drinks, Dong Hui goes to buy some. He is drunk and ends up peeing on the posters that Kim Ma Ri was sticking on the walls.
Kim Ma Ri is Dong Won and Dong Joo teacher. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she goes sticking posters with 3PM all over the town.
3PM is a band formed by 2PM’s members, Jun.K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung.
When Kim Ma Ri sow Dong Hui peeing on 3PM’s posters and on the CD that she lost , she went crazy.
How will they react next day when Dong Hui will go to school with Dong Won and they will see each other?
Back into his tent, Dong Hui is disappointed. He thought that if he would run away from home, all his family will came to take him back home. But nobody came.
When Dong Tak called, Dong Hui was happy. He believed that his brother called to ask him to go back. But Dong Tak called to tell him to not go look for Cha Hae Joo and her mother.
Dong Hui feels insecure. He knows that he isn’t his mother’s son .
When Dong Hui was about to fall asleep, his mother came to bring a blanket.

Next morning, when Dong Seok was leaving for work, he met Dong Ok. She can’t look at him. Dong Ok is only looking down.
Dong Seok asks her if eves she is scared of him.
Dong Seok:”Have you done something so awful to me that you can’t even look me in the eyes?”
Shy, Dong Ok tries to look at Dong Seok , into Dong Seok’s eyes.

In front of the house, Dong Seok met Dong Joo.
Dong Joo wanted Dong Seok to came to school instead of Dong Hui. But Dong Seok is to busy with work to came. Seems like Dong Joo is the only one in that house who likes Dong Seok!
But, one thing I don’t understand. Everyone is sleeping in that house, but the children are already up, dressed and ready to go to school??
Dong Joo, Dong Won and Mool go to wake up Dong Hui. They need him to came to school because Dong Won got himself in trouble.
Dong Hui is to drunk to wake up so Dong Joo lies saying that his wife is back. Awake , Dong Hui asks why does he have to go to school. What did Dong Won do this time. Mool tells Dong Hui what happened.
Mool:” I’m too embarrassed to be seen with him.”
Dong Hui:” What will I do with you?”
Dong Joo:” He’s just like you, Dong Hui oppa!”

Hae Won was fired. After what happened at the hotel , Seung Hun’s father told his son to fire her. And Seung Hun fired Hae Won. He did fire her, but not for the same reason as his father.
The same time, Hae Won sister, Hae Joo is at the hairdresser. There Dong Tak came to shave his head. Dong Tak will go to an audition were they need a monk.
Hae Joo is protesting. She doesn’t want Dong Tak to shave his head and she uses childish excuses.
Dong Tak:”Are you… I mean you….”
Hae Joo:” Am I what? Because of what? You think I’m in love with your permed hair and that I’m all interested in you? You think that I think you’re mine?”
Dong Tak:” You want to audition for that role, too!”

The children are doing their homework. Mool teaches Dong Won multiplication tables. But they end up fighting because Dong Won got some wrong and Mool called him stupid.
Dong Ok stops them and the two boy move on with the multiplication tables. Then Dong Tak enters and said the multiplication table with 7. But he said it wrong. Dong Ok corrects Dong Tak.
Dong Tak is telling Dong Joo, Dong Won and Mool about how smart Dong Ok was when she was little. If she didn’t have an accident , Dong Ok would’ve been more smart that Dong Seok, her twin brother.

In the office, Dong Seok found out that his colleague was involved in an accident. It was a man on a motorcycle. That man took from her the files with what Dong Seok and his colleagues were investigating.
Then Hae Won came to Dong Seok. She had something to say.
Hae Won:”Can we…like in the old days…get back together?”

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