“Wonderful Days” ep 8~Dong Hui:” I’m going to school because my kid screwed up.”

Dong Hui goes to the bathhouse to get ready for going to school and meeting with Dong Won and Dong Joo’s teacher.

Will he meet the twins teacher? Will she recognize him?

At the coffee shop, Hae Won is asking Dong Seok to get back together , to be again in a relationship.
Dong Seok refuses and leaves. Hae Won tries to stop him. She tells him that Seung Hun dumped her and she wants to use him to make Seung Hun jealous and get back with her.
Hae Won says to Dong Seok that she just want to use him the same way he used her when they were young. Dong Seok doesn’t want to help her.
Hae Won:”But I let you use me!”
Seems to me that Dong Seok is a little jealous. Is Dong Seok feeling bad for hurting Hae Won in the past? Is he in love with her? We’ll see soon…

Dong Tak and Dong Hui are a bath house. Dong Tak tries to talk to Dong Hui. But he can’t. Dong Hui is upset because he’s brother, the night before, seemed more worried about Cha Hae Joo then about him. He is still upset that the night before Dong Tak didn’t call to ask him to come back into the house. And also Dong Tak threatened Dong Hui with removing him from the family register.
To make up, Dong Tak follows Dong Hui . He scrub Dong Hui’s back.
Now, Dong Hui , for the first time has the chance to be Dong Won’s and Dong Joo’s father.
Dong Tak got for Dong Hui, a new suit, flowers. He also give Dong Hui his car.
All dressed up, Dong Hui enters the school. He’s approaching Dong Joo and Dong Won’s classroom.
When Dong Hui was about to enter the classroom, he got a phone call. Dong Hui dropped the flowers and runs away.

Dong Seok is in the office. He is solving a murder case. Then Dong Seok went to see Hae Won at Happy Cash. There, Dong Seok sees Hae Won’s mother.
Hae Won’s mother went to see Seung Hun and his father. She borrowed money from Happy Cash and now Seung Hun wants that money back.
Seung Hun doesn’t want to talk to Hae Won’s mother and leaves. He has a blind date.
Hae Won’s mother fell. She pretends that her back hurts. After Seung Hun left her down on the road the one that helped her get up was Kang Dong Seok.
Once Hae Won’s mother sees Dong Seok, she goes crazy. She starts insulting him. When Hae Won’s mother left, Dong Seok turns around. Then Dong Seok sees Hae Won.
Hae Won heard her mother insulting again Dong Seok.

When Hae Joo ran away from the hairdresser, she left her bag.
Dong Tak in bringing Hae Joo’s bag to her. Hae Joo is so excited to see her bag that she keeps calling the bag “ her child”.
Seeing her like that, Dong Tak tells Hae Joo that she has to get married soon and have children before she starts to believe that she give birth to her shoes or her building.
Dong Tak even says that he would like to sacrifice himself and merry her. After all Hae Joo is close to his ideal woman.
Hae Joo is excited. She has a crush on Dong Tak.
But Mool called and interrupted their discussion.

Dong Ok is walking on the street. She thinks about what Dong Seok told her in the morning. All of a sudden she sees a phone, a wallet and other stuff that a man lost. She calls him, but he can’t hear her. Dong Ok collect those objects and runs after the man. She reaches him and returns him what he lost.

The person that called Dong Hui when he was about to meet the twins teacher, was saying that he sow Dong Hui’s wife in Seoul. Dong Hui goes to Seoul and sees Jeong Ah.
At the house, the children are trying to figure out why he didn’t show up at school.
Mool , Dong Won and Dong Joo thing that Dong Hui didn’t came to school because he went out with some girl.

That night Dong Seok saw Hae Won. He went to her and said that if the offer from the other day is still valid he accepts. Dong Seok wants to get back together with Hae Won.
But who is using who? Is Hae Won using Dong Seok to get Seung Hun back? Or is Dong Seok using Hae Won because she is involved in the case he is investigating?

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