“Golden Rainbow” ep40 ~ Young Won:” My Korean name is Young Won! Kim Han Joo’s youngest son, Kim Young Won.”

Seo Jin Ki’s reign comes to an end. All the people he used are now united against him.

Man Won works with Do Young to help Baek Won.

Last episode ended when Seo Jin Ki, after confessing to the grandmother that he killed her son, Jang Deok Soo, pushed her. The grandmother hit her head and lost consciousness.

When the grandmother lost consciousness, Baek Won entered the room. She saw Seo Jin Ki in the room with her grandmother.

Baek Won took her grandmother to the hospital and called all the family. In the hospital, the grandmother come to her senses to say her goodbyes and died.


At the funeral, Baek Won wanting to kick Seo Jin Ki out , was about to tell him what she and Do Young are planning. Do Young took her out.

While he comforted Baek Won, Do Young hugged her. Then Chun Won came. She saw Do Young and Baek Won.

Chun Won entered were the grandmother was. When Tae Young’s mother saw her, she went crazy. Tae Young’s mother didn’t want Chun Won there.

When Chun Won left, Tae Young followed her. He wanted to know if she was alright. But Chun Won is cold towards him.

Starting to feel bad for Tae Young. He is in loved with Chun Won, but she wants his brother.

After the funeral, when everyone was leaving, the grandmother’s lawyer told Baek Won to come with him. They went to that lawyer’s car. There he gave Baek Won an envelope. In that envelope she could find all the information about the account in Switzerland.

Seo Jin Ki saw everything.

At the house everyone is trying to cheer Baek Won. When she said that she has a plan to take down Seo Jin Ki, Man Won asked about that plan. Baek Won didn’t want to tell him so Man Won got angry and left .

Man Won is worried. He doesn’t want Seo Jin Ki to hurt his sister.

The same time, at Do Young’s house, Tae Young got drunk. He is suffering from his grandmother’s lost. Tae Young want Seo Jin Ki out of his house, but he doesn’t have the power to do anything.

The next morning, Do Young told his father that he put the mudflat on his father’s name. When they were talking, a Japanese man called. Seo Jin Ki knows him.

Do Young and Seo Jin Ki are meeting the Japanese man. He is from a fishery group in Osaka. His group wants to invest in Seo Jin Ki’s plans. Seo Jin Ki refuses him. He wants to take the money from the Switzerland account from Baek Won.

After leaving the Golden Group office, the Japanese man is meeting someone. That someone is Young Won. He told the Japanese man to meet with Seo Jin Ki and offer him money.

Chun Won came to Do Young’s office. They are talking about what to do next.

Kim Chun Won doesn’t know what can she do next. She doesn’t want to be on Seo Jin Ki’s side, but if she helps Baek Won she will lose everything.

Do Young tells Chun Won to make a decision. She wants to be like his father or like Baek Won. If Chun Won decide that she wants to help Baek Won, she will have a family again.

Same time Baek Won enters Seo Jin Ki’s office. She tells him that she will call an executive meeting to remove him from his position.

Meanwhile Man Won goes to Hwa Ran. She is happy to see him, but something in how he acts is strange.

With a knife, Man Won went to Seo Jin Ki. Do Young stops Man Won before Seo Jin Ki saw him. They go to Do Young’s office.

Do Young tells Man Won to not do anything stupid. That he is trying to find evidence that his father killed Kim Han Joo.

Man Won is listening to Do Young’s plan.

That night Seo Jin Ki and Oh Kwang Hyuk went for drinks. Oh Kwang Hyuk arrived home drunk. In front of his gate Man Won was waiting with his face covered.

Man Won and 2 men took Oh Kwang Hyuk. They threaten and scared him then they let Oh Kwang Hyuk go. Now Oh Kwang Hyuk things that they were gangsters sent by Seo Jin Ki to kill him.

The major shareholders meeting begin. Baek Won voted to remove Seo Jin Ki from his position. So did Tae Young’s mother and Chun Won. Also Baek Won was supported by Oh Kwang Hyuk.

With all that support, Baek Won was able to remove Seo Jin Ki from his position.

After the meeting, Do Young convinces his father to take money from the Japanese man.

Baek Won didn’t expect Chun Won to help her. She thanks Chun Won.

For the first time Chun Won opens her heart in front of Baek Won. She tells Baek Won that she doesn’t want to become like Seo Jin Ki.

Also Chun Won said that she went to the restaurant the day Man Won called, but she was to ashamed to enter.

Now Chun Won and Baek Won reconciled. They are family. A family that Kim Han Joo created.

Seo Jin Ki is in his office. He is furious. Sudden Eok Jo entered . Eok Jo was threatened and beaten by Seo Jin Ki to force him steal from Beak Won again. Eok Jo brought Seo Jin Ki the envelope that Baek Won received the day of her grandmother’s funeral.

Seo Jin Ki goes to the bank. There Baek Won was waiting for him. She told Seo Jin Ki that he was fooled. That there are no money in an bank account in Switzerland. Now she can sue him for embezzlement.

Eok Jo worked with Baek Won this time. He also will sue Seo Jin Ki for the beating.

Returned to his office, Seo Jin Ki finds Golden Group’s employees taking the stuff from his office.

Then the Japanese man came. He wants his money back. When Seo Jin Ki was trying to convince the Japanese man to delay the date when he was supposed to return the money, Forever Mikinski come in. He tells Seo Jin Ki who he is.

Young Won:” My Korean name is Young Won! Kim Han Joo’s youngest son, Kim Young Won.”

The same time, Do Young is meeting Oh Kwang Hyuk to convince him to give Do Young the evidence that he has against Seo Jin Ki.

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