“Golden Rainbow” ep41 ~ Final episode

Golden Rainbow final episode ! Seo Jin Ki’ s end.

In one way or another you are punished for all the bad things that you do in life…

Seo Jin Ki did so many bad things that now they all come against him.

Seo Jin Ki met Young Hye. He thinks that she loved him and that they will be together. But she will not be with him.

Young Hye:” You’re a murderer and a monster in human form.”

Young Hye tells Seo Jin Ki that she will not love him ever. He killed her husband, Jang Deok Soo, he killed Kim Han Joo and he ordered the kidnapping of her daughter, Jang Ha Bin.

Do Young and Baek Won are talking. They realize that the alibi that Seo Jin Ki had for the day that Kim Han Joo died was fake. Do Young arrest and interrogate the private investigator that provided the fake alibi for his father.

Baek Won met with Chun Won. She asked Chun Won to be the CEO of Golden Group.

Seo Jin Ki is in his old office at Golden Group. Do Young enters. Seo Jin Ki asked Do Young if it was him behind all those people the joined forces to destroy him.

Do Young says that it’s true. It was him behind all of them. He can understand that his father abandoned him and his mother for money, but he can’t accept that his father is a murderer.

Do Young:” I want my father to be human at the end.”

For Do Young , Baek Won isn’t just a girl. She is the only person who made Do Young dream about happiness. Do Young asks his father to be for once his father and turn himself to the police and get punished for all the crimes that he did.

At the Kim siblings house everyone is sad. Young Won has to go back to his family in America. But he will came back to visit his older brothers and sisters.

Do Young and Seo Jin Ki are spending their last day at the house.

Tae Young is really happy that Do Young and Chun Won aren’t getting married.

Seo Jin Ki tells Do Young that he will turn himself to the police. They decide that tomorrow father and son will go to the police station and turn themselves in.

For the last time, Do Young is trusting his father.

After Do Young left the room, Seo Jin Ki changed his face mimic. What will he do now?

Man Won enters in Hwa Ran’s office. Tells her that all this time he was acting strange was just a joke.

When Man Won wants to leave, Hwa Ran starts screaming. She says that something got into her eye. Man Won gets close to see if she has dust into her eye and Hwa Ran kisses him.

Hwa Ran:” Whenever I see you…You’re just so cute it makes me want to play with you.”

Park Hwa Ran apologize to Man Won for kissing him. Man Won grab her and kisses her back.

Tae Young is waiting for Chun Won. He has something to tell her and something to give her.

He got on his knees and opened a small box with a ring and asked Chun Won to marry him.

Tae Young tried to have an event with roses and candles, but the event company had some problems on their way there.

Also, Tae Young had balloons in his car trunk, but they didn’t fly. He didn’t know that he had to fill them with helium.

Do Young tells Baek Won that he will turn himself to the police with his father. Before that Do Young has one wish. He wants to spend a day with Baek Won.

They leave Seoul for a day. They go shopping for fresh food.

Do Young:” You be careful tonight. You might want to lock your door when you sleep.”

Do Young cooked, but the food isn’t edible.

Next morning, when Baek Won wakes up, Do Young isn’t there. On the bed, Baek Won sees a box. She opens it.

Inside the box, Baek Won found a wedding dress. She puts the dress on and wants to go to the town church where Do Young waits for her.

From Baek Won’s back , Seo Jin Ki appears. He sedates Baek Won.

In the church Do Young is waiting for Baek Won. Suddenly Oh Eun Ji calls him and he runs to the house. He can’t find Baek Won there.

When Baek Won comes to her senses she is tied up. Next to her is Oh Kwang Hyuk’s death body.

Seo Jin Ki approaches Baek Won.

Do Young calls his father. Seo Jin Ki tells Do Young that he will kill Baek Won. That if Do Young wants to save Baek Won, he has to sale the stocks of Golden Group that Baek Won has or to borrow money from World Wide Loan , change them into dollars and give them to him.

Baek Won:” My dad…Where you able to sleep comfortably after you killed him?”

Do Young came to the place where his father is holding Baek Won hostage. He has a gun.

Do Young removes all the bullets, except one. Now Do Young is playing Russian roulette.

Seo Jin Ki gets scarred. He can’t watch his son dying. Do Young takes out his phone.

Do Young:”Then tell me…tell me the names of the people that you’ve killed.”

Even after Seo Jin Ki said all the names of the people he killed and how he did that, Do Young doesn’t stop.

Seo Jin Ki lets Baek Won go.

Do Young pulled the trigger. He got shot in the head and was send to the hospital in critical condition. Seo Jin Ki went to prison and later to a mental hospital.

Three years later, everything goes well for Golden Group and Baek Won.

Chun Won is having dinner at Tae Young’s house. They will get married.

Sib Won is an actress now.

Young Won came to visit them.

Yeol Won is the CEO of the sashimi restaurant.

Man Won is in charge of World Wide Loan. Hwa Ran comes to him. She gives him clues that she is pregnant , but Man Won doesn’t catch what Hwa Ran is saying.

Hwa Ran:” Baby, your mammy is starving, but your dad still hasn’t recognized you , yet.”

Man Won is so excited that he will be a father soon. He is having his family now. A family that he and Hwa Ran created.

Man Won, Chun Won, Baek Won, Sib Won, Yeol Won, Young Won, Young Hye and Do Young went for a picnic. They have fun just being with each other.

Suddenly it starts raining. But it didn’t last long.

After the rain stopped, a rainbow appeared.

They all remembered the old days. The days when they used to say that Man Won, Chun Won, Baek Won, Sib Won, Yeol Won, Il Won and Young Won are the rainbow and Kim Han Joo is the sky.

The end…

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3 Responses to “Golden Rainbow” ep41 ~ Final episode

  1. khajeemarh says:

    i xo much love dis film,esp d ending

  2. Eunice says:

    It’s muahhh

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