Hotel King Ep 1~ First impresion

Hotel King is a new melodrama, revenge television series with the two main actors from My Girl, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae.

In this drama will also appear Im Seulong (2AM member) , Wang Ji Hye, Lee Deok Hwa and Kim Hae Sook.

Hotel King is a story about the heiress of the one and only seven star hotel in Korea and a hotel manager who fight his father in order to protect her.

Lee Dong Wook is the cool headed, impeccable general manager, Cha Jae Wan. He hides a painful past.

Lee Da Hae is the heiress of the hotel, Ah Mo Ne. Because the hotel faces a crisis, she struggles to protect it.

Im Seulong is the optimistic, loud and hard working VIP staff member, Sunwoo Hyun. He cares for Ah Mo Ne.

Wang Ji Hye is the hotel’s restaurant manager, Song Chae Kyung. She broke up with Jae Wan and married another man for money. Now she wants Jae Wan back.

Lee Deok Hwa is the Vice Chairman of the hotel, Lee Joong Goo.

Kim Hae Sook is the training manager of the hotel, Baek Mi Nyeo.

Episode 1

The story begins in USA in 1991. Two Korean boys are forced to beg for money on the streets. If they didn’t bring enough money, the gang that has them starts beating them.

The older boy tries to protect his younger brother. But he can’t. One of the gang member beats the younger boy until he’s dies.

The older boy shoots the man that killed his brother. Then a man appears and takes Jayden with him.

The man takes Jayden to his hotel room and tells the boy that his father is the Ciel Hotel’s chairman and he is an evil man.

The man gives Jayden a choice. Jayden has to choose if he wants to go back to the pile trash of he wants to live as a king.

That day Jayden died and Cha Jae Wan was born.

Years later, Cha Jae Wan works at Hotel Ciel as the general manager.

Jae Won and the hotel’s chairman are talking. He tells the chairman who he mother was . Jae Won wants the chairman to accept him as his son. If the chairman will not accept him, Jae Wan will tell everybody that he is the chairman’s son and the chairman will become a murderer.

After leaving the office, Jae Wan went to supervise the party. In the hotel there was a party for young people. DJ DOC was singing…

All of a sudden, Ciel Hotel’s chairman, fell through the roof.

Jae Wan:” Was acknowledging me as your son worse than death?”

The hotel is facing a crisis. After the chairman died, the clients left the hotel. They also asked for a refund.

Being in car with a co worker, Jae Wan, listens to the radio that a lot of Chinese tourists are at the airport. They can’t leave because of heavy snow.

Jae Wan decide that all those Chinese tourists will be staying to Ciel Hotel.

On the other hand, Sunwoo Hyun is blaming himself for the death of the chairman. The chairman was his role model in life. Sunwoo Hyun thinks that he should’ve followed the chairman the day that one died.

When Jae Wan comes with the tourists he tells the hotels staff to not let anyone know that someone died in the hotel. For that Jae Wan force Sunwoo Hyun to remove his ribbon. The black ribbon that Sunwoo Hyun is wearing means that he is grieving after someone that died.

Meantime, Ah Mo Ne is coming to Korea. She is chairman Ah of Hotel Ciel only daughter. Ah Mo Ne enters in Korea with her face covered so that people wouldn’t know that she is back.

Mo Ne came through Incheon Port. There are some gangster’s were waiting for her. They saw Mo Ne and followed her. But Mo Ne escaped them.

Ah Mo Ne came at the hotel. She wants the red carpet so she doesn’t get out from the car. When she enters the hotel, Mo Ne tells everyone there that she is Hotel Ciel heiress. She doesn’t seem affected by her father’s death.

Jae Wan is surprised at how cheerful she is after her father’s death.

Taking Mo Ne to her room, Sunwoo Hyun sees her with her hand at her eye. He thinks that she is crying and tries to comfort her. But Mo Ne was just taking her eyelashes because they had fallen.

Mo Ne takes her lipstick out and starts marking everything that she doesn’t like. She sends Sunwoo Hyun to change everything that she marked.

That night Mo Ne is dreaming about people chasing her. She wakes up. Mo Ne remembers that the night that her father died, he called her and told her to not trust anybody.

Mo Ne search on the internet articles about her father’s death. She doesn’t believe that her father’s death was a simple suicide.

Next morning strange staff start happening in the hotel. In the hotels everyone hears Ah Chairman’s voice. In chairman room everything were put the way he used to put them, the coffee, the pipe, the glasses, everything.

Jae Wan suspects Mo Ne for all the strange things that are happening.

My thoughts

The night Chairman Ah died, someone came into his room. Could it be the man that raised Jae Won, Lee Joong Goo?

Also Jae Wan and Mo Ne are supposed to fall in love with each other, but how can they fall in love if they are both chairman Ah’ children?

Could it be that Lee Joong Goo lied to Jae Wan to use him in his revenge against Chairman Ah? Or is that Mo Ne isn’t Chairman Ah’s real daughter?

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