“Wonderful Days” ep 9~ Dong Hui meets Jeong Ah!

Dong Seok went to see Hae Won. He needs her for his investigation.

When they meet, Dong Seok asks Hae Won if her proposal to be a couple just to make Seung Hoon jealous is still valid.

Dong Seok and Hae Won decide to start dating from the next day.

Leaving Hae Won, Dong Seok goes to the hotel. There he sees Seung Hoon forcing a woman to go with him into the room.

Because he hit Seung Hoon, Dong Seok is taken to the police station. Seung Hoon wants to report Dong Seok.

Soon Seung Hoon’s father came and apologized to Dong Seok and the police. Seung Hoon’s father saw the surveillance camera and also the woman that Seung Hoon was forcing wanted to come to the police to make a statement. Dong Seok is free to go.

After leaving the police station, Dong Seok calls Hae Won and asks her if it has to be Seung Hoon.

Dong Seok:” The person you want back… does it have to be Oh Seung Hoon? It can’t be somebody else?”

Even if Hae Won is surprised by Dong Seok’s question she still says that it has to be Seung Hoon and not any other man. Dong Seok seems upset by Hae Won’s response. He must want to be him the man in Hae Won’s life.

Dong Hui arrived in Seoul. He sees Jeong Ah. He follows her to the place she is meeting her boyfriends.

Kang Dong Hui seats at Jeong Ah’s table. He is furious.

Dong Hui:” Aren’t you curious about the twins? The twins you abandoned in the cold. Aren’t you curious if they made it or not?”

Jeong Ah says that she isn’t curious about the twins. She says she doesn’t have anything do to with Dong Joo and Dong Won. Seo Jeong Ah thinks that the twins are better off being raised by Dong Hui’s family.

Dong Hui is angry. He is furious. He wants to take Jeong Ah home to the children. But she doesn’t want to go. She is happy now and that is all that matters for her.

When they were talking, Jeong Ah’s boyfriend enters. Dong Hui apologize and pretend that he was following the wrong person. That he doesn’t know the woman before him.

Outside the place he talked with Jeong Ah, Dong Hui received a phone call from Dong Joo. He has a hard time answering Dong Joo.

Dong Hui hears Dong Joo and Dong Won talking. They are disappointed that he didn’t go to school to meet their teacher.

Next morning, Dong Hui is sleeping in his mother’s room. When she wakes up, his mother sees Dong Hui pale. He is sick and needs his mother’s love.

Dong Hui has a fever so high that is making him delusional. He doesn’t realize that with him isn’t his mother, but his second mother. The second mother is Dong Hui’s father mistress. She is also Dong Hui’s biological mother.

Dong Joo, Dong Won and Mool are eating rice cakes and chicken. Dong Joo and Mool are saying to Dong Won that he can’t eat rice cakes lying down.

Dong Won is feeling provoked and he is lying down eating rice cakes. He chokes with a piece of rice cake. Everyone is scared.

In the restaurant there was a young man. When he saw that Dong Won choked with a piece of rice cake he starts doing Heimlich maneuver.

Then Dong Ok enters the restaurant. She thinks that the man is hurting Dong Won and tries to stop him.

After Dong Won spit the rice cake piece, Dong Joo tells Dong Ok that the young man didn’t hurt Dong Won. He just save Dong Won’s life.

The man that saved Dong Won is the man that lost his wallet. He and Dong Ok meet again thanks to Dong Won .

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