Hotel King Ep 2~Don’t forget! I am…your owner.”

Mo Ne is climbing the hotel’s walls. She runs to her room, hide the backpack with the strings, but when she was about to change her clothes, Sunwoo Hyun enters. He came with the food Mo Ne asked.

When Mo Ne saw Sun Woo Hyun she started to pretend that she was playing a game.

That morning, in the hotel, strange things are happening. Checking those things, Jae Wan realize that Mo Ne likes climbing and starts to suspect that she is the one doing all those things.

Jae Wan goes to check the surveillance cameras, but the recording from that hour were missing.

Since she saw that the surveillance cameras were erased, Mo Ne is looking for training manager, Baek Mi Nyeo. The training manager saw Mo Ne climbing that morning. Mo Ne thinks that the training manager deleted the recordings. And she is right.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” That’s right! The thing that’s really scary is not the CCTV, but a person’s eyes. You can’t erase nor manipulate a person’s eyes.”

Mo Ne is walking outside. She meets Jae Wan. He sends her messages saying that he knows that she was the one pretending to be chairman Ah ghost. When she leaves Jae Wan, Mo Ne gets scared by some pigeons.

After they split, Jae Won banned the hotel employees to talk about chairman Ah and Mo Ne went shopping. In the store Mo Ne meets Song Chae Kyung. There meeting didn’t go well.

Chae Kyung is Jae Wan es-girlfriend. She left him and got married with a rich man. Now she realized that she loves Jae Wan and wants him back.

Jae Wan is changing the paintings from the hotel hallway. The painting that he changed is a painting that meant something to chairman Ah and Mo Ne. Jae Wan intends to get rid of all the things that remember of chairman Ah.

Sun Woo Hyun sees that Jae Wan is getting rid of chairman’s painting and come. He is asking Jae Wan to let the painting there and Sun Woo Hyun talked about chairman Ah. Jae Wan suspended Sun Woo Hyun for a week.

Mo Ne heard the whole discussion.

In her room, Mo Ne is training herself. Her room is messy and she pretends to be lazy. When she saw the new promo on television she got an idea.

Next morning, Jae Wan is in the front yard of the hotel with some businessmen. All of a sudden a video with chairman Ah appears.

Jae Won is angry. He goes to the control room.There he finds Mo Ne.

Chairman Ah message that Mo Ne put on the video was that he didn’t commit suicide.

Chairman Ah:” I …did…not…commit…suicide.”

Jae Wan tells Mo Ne that her father did commit suicide. And it was the day of the hotel’s opening. An opening that he, Jae Wan , worked hard to prepare for a year. He also tells her to leave while he is asking her nicely.

Mo Ne:” For you, it was a year, but…my dad dreamt for a lifetime to build Asia’s finest hotel. But… his suicide doesn’t make any sense… Are you telling me to believe that?”

There is an executives meeting at the hotel. Mo Ne came is and disturb the meeting. The executives that were on her father’s side are happy. And they send Mo Ne to receive a reward in her father’s name.

Jae Wan is furious. So he is doing what he promised to do. He is getting rid of chairman Ah office.

Mo Ne runs to the office and tries to stop Jae Wan’s men. For now she succeeded.

When Mo Ne tries to leave her father’s office, she stumbles on a flower pot. In that flowerpot, Mo Ne finds some pills.

Mo Ne takes those pills to the pharmacy. The pharmacist tells Mo Ne that those pills are for schizophrenia.

Leaving the pharmacy, Mo Ne meets on the street Sun Woo Hyun.

Sun Woo Hyun and Mo Ne go’s to the place where chairman Ah is. Or where his name is on a piece of wood , in a temple.

Meanwhile, Jae Wan is with Lee Joong Goo. The vice chairman is angry with Jae Wan for all that Mo Ne is doing. He wants Jae Wan to get rid of her before the appointing of the new chairman.

Lee Joong Goo:” Don’t forget! I am…your owner.”

Back to the hotel, Jae Wan meet Song Chae Kyung. They leave together.

Mo Ne and Sun Woo Hyun arrive at the beach. Here Mo Ne sees Jae Wan and Song Chae Kyung.

After Mo Ne asked them what kind of a relationship they have, Jae Wan send Sun Woo Hyun home . Song Chae Kyung also left.

Jae Wan is sending Mo Ne home. He left her at the hotel and went home. Leaving his car, Jae Wan saw that Mo Ne forget her phone in the car.

He goes back to Mo Ne. When he was about to ring the bell, Jae Wan heard Mo Ne screaming.

When she came out from the shower, Mo Ne saw a dead pigeon on her bad.

The dead pigeon was send by Lee Joong Goo.

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