“Wonderful Days” ep 10 ~ Dong Seok:” Hae Won is my woman now, not yours.”

Hae Won leaves for work. In front of the building, she meets Dong Seok. He came to take her out for a date.

Dong Seok get out of the car, get close to Hae Won and sees that she put lipstick on, but wiped out. He tried to kiss Hae Won, but she moved her head. Dong Seok told Hae Won to stay put that Seung Hoon is watching them.

When they were about to kiss, Seung Hoon came to them. Hae Won goes into the car and Dong Seok and Seung Hoon fight.

Seung Hoon:” How can a prosecutor steal my woman?”

Dong Seok:” Hae Won is my woman now, not yours.”

Leaving Seung Hoon, Dong Seok and Hae Won go to eat. In the car, Hae Won starts smiling. She tells Dong Seok that she almost fell for what Dong Seok told Seung Hoon. She said that all that Dong Seok said seemed real.

Somehow, I think that Dong Seok was sincere. He, for now is pretending to be Hae Won’s boyfriend so that she can have Seung Hoon back, but I think he isn’t acting at all.

They go to a restaurant and they eat the same sort of soup as they had when they were young. Hae Won remembers that day. She leaves.

Dong Hui is with Dong Joo and Dong Won. He asks them about how they feel with their current lives. He wants to know how the twins will react if he will tell them the truth.

Dong Joo thinks that Dong Hui is still sick and she and Dong Won are leaving the room. Before they leave the room, the twins tell Dong Hui that they would not be pleased with Dong Hui as their father.

When he was in Seoul, Dong Hui got a necklace for Seo Jeong Ah.

The same time, Dong Won and Dong Joo’s teacher is reading the note from the flowers bouquet that Dong Hui lost the day that he was supposed to meet her.

Will Dong Hui and the twin’s teacher, Kim Ma Ri, end up together?

The note from the flowers was written by Dong Tak. He used different parts of various songs. Dong Tak is with his manager, Jo Won.

Hae Joo came to the same restaurant. She sits with Dong Tak and Jo Won.

Dong Tak found a pink hairpin on the streets. He gives the hairpin to Hae Joo.

Happy, Hae Joo believes that Dong Tak bought the hairpin for her because he likes her.

Kang Mool and Dong Won are eating snacks. They fight over who is more pitiful. The most pitiful between Mool and Dong Won will get the last snack.

Mool thinks that he is more pitiful because his father is a pitiful extra in TV commercials and his mother is an actress that everyone hates.

Dong Won believes that he is more pitiful because he got a grandmother as a mother and he never met his father.

While the two boy fight over who is more pitiful, Dong Joo came. She sends them to study and eats the last snack.

Dong Hui thinks about what Jeong Ah said when they meet in Seoul. He also remembers the day she left him. Jeong Ah left and abandoned the twins. She left the twins outside, in the cold. Outside it was snowing.

Dong Hui seems to want to let Jeong Ah go. He throws the wedding ring.

Hae Won’s mother found that Hae Won is dating Dong Seok. She called Dong Seok’s mother and told her that she is sick and that Dong Seok’s mother should came and give her food and also do the laundry. Dong Seok’s mother, Jang So Sim goes. She is followed by Dong Seok’s father’s mistress, Ha Young Choon.

Seeing how Hae Won’s mother is treating So Sim, Young Choon is beating Hae Won’s mother.

On the road home, So Sim and Young Choon are arguing. Dong Seok hears them.

Dong Joo and Dong Ok are leaving the public bath. Outside they meet the young man that saved Dong Won. Since he knows them, the young man asks Dong Ok some money to buy soy milk. Dong Ok gave him the money.

The young man asks Dong Ok her phone number or her account number to return her money. Dong Ok doesn’t want to. Dong Joo on the other hand… is giving the young man her number.

Young man:” Is this your sister’s number?”

Dong Joo:” No, it’s my number.”

Dong Hui is getting ready to go to work. Dong Seok enters the room. He tries to talk with Dong Hui, but Dong Hui in cold. Dong Hui doesn’t want to be close with his older brother, Dong Seok.

After leaving, Dong Hui went to work. In the office, Seung Hoon offers Dong Hui half of his fortune if Dong Hui will destroy Dong Seok.

Meanwhile, Dong Seok was called to the prosecutor office. For his investigation, Dong Seok needs Hae Won. He goes to sees her.

Dong Seok and Hae Won went to see the person Dong Seok is looking for. That person is involved in the case that Dong Seok in investigating.

On the road Dong Seok sees a car following them and changes the direction.

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