Hotel King Ep 4 ~Sun Woo Hyun:” I love her! I love her like crazy.”

In this episode Jae Wan starts to change. He told Mo Ne that he plans to make an announcement. Jae Wan wants Mo Ne to hear what he intends to say.

Cha Jae Wan believes that Mo Ne is his sister and he wants to have her close as family.

Now Mo Ne trusts Baek Mi Nyeo. She asked Mi Nyeo what she should do. Mi Nyeo advised her to leave and let everything behind.

Sun Woo Hyun, after he saw the video with the man that looked like Jae Wan drowning Mo Ne, went to Jae Wan .

When Sun Woo Hyun was grabbing Jae Wan by his collar, Mo Ne came. She said that nobody tried to drown her , that she just tripped and fell into the pool.

After that Mo Ne followed Jae Wan and told him that she will leave now. All that she wants in exchange is that Jae Wan will not fire Sun Woo Hyun. Mo Ne said that it was her that told Sun Woo Hyun that someone tried to drown her.

Mo Ne went to prepare her luggage. Sun Woo Hyun doesn’t understand why she said that nobody tried to drown her.

Because Mo Ne asked him to don’t say anything, Sun Woo Hyun went to apologize to Jae Wan. Sun Woo Hyun told Jae Wan that he made that mistake because he is in loved with Mo Ne.

Sun Woo Hyun:” I love her! I love her like crazy.”

After hearing that, Jae Wan decided to not fire Sun Woo Hyun.

All that Sun Woo Hyun said to Jae Wan, his co workers heard. Now Jang Ho Il and No Ah are making fun of Sun Woo Hyun.

When Mo Ne was leaving, Sun Woo Hyun came to help her. He gave Mo Ne a farewell present. It was a harmonica that the Chairman gave him once.

Ciel Hotel is getting ready for a celebrating party. At that party Jae Wan will announce everyone that he is Chairman Ah’s son.

Before the party, Lee Joong Goo gave his man from the hotel, the one that tried to drown Mo Ne, all the information about Jae Wan. Those information’s were from when Jae Wan was a child in America, and his name was Jayden.

At the party Jae Wan get up on stage, he introduce himself and he is trying to tell everyone that he is chairman Ah’s son. The same time Lee Joong Goo is making a sign to his man to use the information’s about Jae Wan to stop him.

Without any notice, Mo Ne came at the party. She stopped Jae Wan from talking and he nominated herself the chairwoman of Ciel Hotel.

Also, Mo Ne told everyone at the party about the pills that she found hidden in her father’s office.

Actually unwittingly, Mo Ne helped Jae Wan. By going on stage before Jae Wan had the chance to talk, Mo Ne stopped Lee Joong Goo from destroying Jae Wan.

Angry, Jae Wan goes to Mo Ne’s room. They argue. Jae Wan is the one that gave the pills to Chairman Ah.

Also, Mo Ne shows Jae Wan the video with the man that tried to drown her.

In his office, Jae Wan remember that those pills were from chairman Ah’s doctor and friend. He begins to suspect that something is wrong.

Jae Wan calls the doctor that gave him the pills for chairman Ah. But the doctor isn’t in Korea.

Cha Jae Wan put the butler Cha Soo Ahn to watch Mo Ne.

Meantime, the other members of Hotel Ciel International Division, Yoo Joon Sung, Hong Joon and Park Do Jin went for drinks. They saw there Hotel Ciel Domestic Division, Go San and Jang Ho Il. They start testing the two members from the Domestic Division on their English and Chinese skills. Go San and Jang Ho Il start stuttering. They are not so good at English and Chinese.

Then Sun Woo Hyun came. He started answering to Yoon Joon Sung , Hong Joon and Park Do Jin’s questions in English and also in Chinese.

Sun Woo Hyun also knows sigh language. So he , without being respectful, told the three members from the International Division to leave.

Sun Woo Hyun:” Seeing your face too often is burdensome. Can you hurry up and leave?”

He said that in sign language and the three members from the International Division didn’t understand.

Sun Woo Hyun:” Oh, you don’t know sign language? You’ll be in trouble when a disabled quest comes.”

Suspicious Jae Wan went to see Lee Joong Goo. On the way he sees the doctor that gave him the pills for chairman Ah. He follows the doctor.

Jae Wan enters the doctor’s room. He asks the doctor if chairman Ah was really sick or did he , the doctor, and Lee Joong Goo planed all.

Knowing that he was used to kill chairman Ah , Jae Wan went to see Lee Joong Goo. He got into Lee Joong Goo’s house. There he saw Lee Joong Goo happy with his family. Leaving, Jae Wan remembered how Lee Joong Goo tortured him as he was growing up.

Arrived at the hotel, Jae Wan is walking through the garden.

In the garden Mo Ne was watering the flowers and talking with her father.

Jae Wan goes near Mo Ne and he hugs her.


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