“Border” ep 1 ~ “ I don’t want to die!”

I’ve started to watch a new Japanese drama. It called Border.

I’ve started watching these drama because the main character in Oguri Shun.

This drama is about a detective who was about to die. The detective was shot and he was saved in the last minute, but he has to live with a bullet in his head. Since that day he’s able to see and communicate with the dead, which help him solve difficult cases.

Ishikawa Ango is a smart detective with a keen sense of observation. He is ambitious, that is why he only focuses on his work. Ishikawa’s personal life is non-existent.

Detective Ishikawa hate’s to go home, because the only thing that he can do home is watch TV.

One night, when Ishikawa was going home for the first time in 3 weeks, a former police officer was shot and killed. Ishikawa is called at the scene and he is shot by the killer who is lurking around the crime scene.

Shot, Ishikawa hovers between life and death. Lying on the street, with blood around him, Ishikawa is only thinking about “ where do people go after they die? “ and “I don’t want to die.” Then a miracle happens and Ishikawa survives. He survives with a bullet in his head.

Returned to work, Ishikawa takes another murder case. At the crime scene, Ishikawa sees a boy. It was the boy that was killed…


Oguri Shun as Ishikawa Ango

Aoki Munetaka as Tachibana Yuma

Haru as Higa Mika

Endo Kenichi as Ichikura Takuji

Furuta Arata as Akai

Takito Kenichi as Suzuki

Nomaguchi Toru as Hacker Garfunkel

Hamano Kenta (浜野謙太) as Hacker Simon

Episode 1

Ishikawa Ango is going home for the first time in 3 weeks. On the way home he stops to buy something to eat.

When he was leaving the store, Ishikawa got a phone call. A former police officer was killed buy a gun shot and he needs to go to the crime scene. He throws the food and runs to the crime scene.

In the beginning, Ishikawa was a patrol officer. One day he checked the perimeter and arrested by mistake a criminal. After that he was promoted detective. Since that day Ishikawa always checks the perimeter before entering the crime scene.

On the street he sees a man. He follows that man. When Ishikawa was about to reach the man, another man appeared. He couldn’t see the face of the second man because the first man was standing between them. The second man pulled a gun and shot Ishikawa. Then the two men left Ishikawa, shot, on the streets.

Ishikawa Ango:” But this time I was the dumb one. I had completely forgotten what the murder weapon was. This was probably karma for hoping that somebody would die.”

Ishikawa didn’t die. He was lucky. While the doctors try to save his life, all his thinking is “ where do people go when they die?” , “ If I die will this pain and trauma all fade away?”, “ what about all the memories that I have?” and “ I don’t want to die.”

For a while Ishikawa died, but he was resurrected. The operation for removing the bullet from his head is dangerous so Ishikawa decided to leave with it for now.

For the operation, the doctors need to stop his heart for a while. Because he doesn’t want to die, Ishikawa decided to live with a bullet in his head for the time being.

Ishikawa’s coworker came to see how he is doing. Because the bullet will not influence his daily life, Ishikawa wants to go back to work.

When his coworker was leaving, Ishikawa started having a headache. After the headache, in the hospital yard Ishikawa saw a little girl.

Returned in the hospital, Ishikawa saw a woman crying on the hallway. The woman was holding the teddy bear that the little girl that he saw in the yard had. The little girl that Ishikawa saw was that woman’s daughter. She just passed away…

After a while, Ishikawa convinced his higher ups to let him work. Now he is back to work.

A murder happened. He goes to the crime scene. Again he leaves to check the perimeter first.

Entering the house, Ishikawa’s headache appeared again. When the headache disappeared Ishikawa saw a little boy looking at him and talking with him.

Looking through the house, Ishikawa saw a family photo. The case this time was about a family of 3 that were killed. The victims are the parents and their 4 years old boy. Looking at the picture, Ishikawa realized that the boy in the picture is the boy that he saw outside the house.

His headache appeared again, for the second time that night. This time the boy’s parents appeared to Ishikawa and asked him to catch the one that killed them.

At the crime scene Ishikawa saw the new coroner.

After the coroners finished with the body’s , Ishikawa went to talk with the coroner that he saw at the crime scene. They talk about what the coroner found and also about her opinion about what happened.

When they finished, Ishikawa asks the coroner, Higa Mika, is someone who got hurt in his head can see things that other people can’t.

The family that was killed were part of a sect. The wife wanted to get out. The day that the family was murdered, their neighbors saw the, arguing with two men.

Now Ishikawa and his coworkers went to see the men that were arguing with the family that was killed.

When they were interrogating the suspects, Ishikawa saw the ghosts of the family that was killed. They came to tell Ishikawa who killed them. The death wife told Ishikawa that she scratched the man that killed them on the face.

Ishikawa went to see the man that the death family said it was the killer. He had a scratch on his face.

During the time that Ishikawa was questioning the killer, his mother came. She said to Ishikawa that the night that her neighbors died her son was home with her.

Returned to the police station, Ishikawa is talking with the death wife again. He asked her if she remembers with what was the killer dressed that night. She answered to Ishikawa that she saw his clothes because the killed turned the light on.

At the police station a man came. He was saying that he saw a killer in the park. He described the clothes that the killer from Ishikawa’s case was wearing. Ishikawa show him a picture with the man that killed the family and he recognized the person in the picture as the killer.

Ishikawa asked the killer’s mother to come to a restaurant. They sat down by the window. Ishikawa asked the mother to meet him at the exact time that some kindergarten children passed by. Those kindergarten children are the same age as the boy that was murdered. He sows the mother proves that she wasn’t in the house at the time of the murder.

Finally the mother admits that her son killed the Sawada family and she helped him clean up.

The police arrested the Sawada family killer. He refuses to talk. Then the Sawada family little boy, Ryo appears. Ryo shows something to Ishikawa.

The killer asks Ishikawa what is he looking at. Ishikawa goes to him and he whispers into in killers ear what the Sawada wife said that the killer told her before killing her.

Ishikawa Ango:” It’d be a waste if I couldn’t see everything.”

Then Ishikawa told the killer that the little boy, Ryo, was suffering from a disease. When he killed Ryo and got in contact with his blood, the killer was infected.

The murderer was arrested and that was the last time Ishikawa saw the Sawada family.

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