“Wonderful Days” ep 12 ~ Dong Seok tells Dong Hui to not tell anyone that he like Hae Won.

On the way back, after the kiss on the beach, Dong Seok hears a poem on the radio. That poem makes him remember the past.

Young Choon has a dream about Dong Hui killing Dong Seok and runs in the middle of the night to the hospital to see Dong Hui. She is followed by Dong Hui’s mother and this is how So Sim finds that her son, Dong Hui is in the hospital.

On her way to go to a date with Dong Seok, Hae Won receives a phone call and turns pale.

After the kiss, Dong Seok is sending Hae Won home. On their way , they hear on the radio one of Dong Seok’s favorite poem, Goethe’s poem “ Nearness of the Beloved One”.

That poem brings back memories for Dong Seok . He remembered a day from when he was young. That day Dong Seok was reading the same poem of Goethe to Dong Hui. While Dong Seok was reading the poem to Dong Hui, Hae Won appeared in the park. When she greeted them only Dong Hui answered. Dong Seok was as cold as ever with Hae Won.

When Hae Won left, Dong Hui told Dong Seok that he knows that Dong Seok likes Hae Won. That Dong Seok likes that Goethe’s poem because it makes him thing of Hae Won. Dong Hui also said that he heard his older brother calling Hae Won’s name in his sleep.

To stop Dong Hui from telling Hae Won that he likes her, young Dong Seok promised to buy him a soccer ball.

Dong Hui:” You like Hae Won, too, don’t you?”

Dong Seok:” You can’t tell anyone that I like Hae Won.”

Ha Young Choon dreams about Dong Hui. In her dream Dong Hui killed Dong Seok. She wakes up scared and goes to the hospital to see Dong Hui.

Dong Hui’s mother, Jang So Sim followed Young Choon to the hospital and found out that Dong Hui is hurt. Young Choon convinced So Sim to pretend like she doesn’t know that Dong Hui is hurt.

Young Choon enters Dong Hui’s room. When she saw him, Young Choon remembered the day that she abandoned Dong Hui in front of So Sim’s house.

Why is it that in this drama all the children are abandoned during winter when is still snowing?

Ha Young Choon left Dong Hui in front of his father’s house because she wanted him to live a better life, she didn’t want her son to be like her.

Dong Hui is really depressed. He wishes that Oh Chi Soo would have killed him. Kang Dong Hui is so sad because of what Dong Joo and Dong Won said when he asked them how would they feel if he was their father.

When he wakes up in the hospital, Dong Hui sees Young Choon sleeping next to him. Before he get the chance to get mad, Young Choon threatens him with telling So Sim. So if Dong Hui doesn’t want his mother to know that he is hurt in the hospital, he has to accept Young Choon next to him .

Young Choon goes to make Dong Hui a soup. On her way home Young Choon suspects that So Sim knows that she is Dong Hui’s real mother.

So Sim is washing clothes. Dong Ok comes to help her. She also asks her mother if all men that ask her to dinner are bad.

Her mother said to Dong Ok that beside the men in her family she has to keep distance from all men.

While they talk, the town doctor came in. With him also came the new doctor, Min Woo Jin. The new doctor is the young man that asked Dong Ok to dinner.

When Dong Ok sees him, he slips. Min Woo Jin hurried to catch her.

Dong Tak asks Mi Suk out, but she turned him down. Mi Suk is the woman that brings Dong Tak’s family vegetables. She also is dating Dong Tak’s uncle, Ssang Shik, but nobody in the family knows that.

To get rid of Dong Tak, Mi Suk said that she will marry her uncle Ssang Ho, because Dong Tak’s grandfather wanted them to be together.

Even if he was refused, Dong Tak doesn’t give up. He goes to get a facial treatment.

To that salon, Dong Tak meets Hae Joo.

Hae Joo thinks that she is the woman that Dong Tak is trying to impress. She also expresses her feelings. When Hae Joo told him that she loves him, Dong Tak thought that she was rehearsing a role.

Min Woo Jin and the other doctor are consulting the grandfather. He needs a checkup. Because is the first time the grandfather sees Min Woo Jin, he can’t trust the young doctor. He asks Woo Jin about his birth day and time so he could consult his fortune teller.

The grandfather sends Woo Jin to tell the family to bring him something to eat.

Woo Jin hears Dong Ok talking with her doll. Dong Ok is repeating with her doll the exact conversation she had earlier with her mother.

In school Dong Joo and Dong Won have to introduce their family. Since they have a big family the teacher agreed for them to only talk about one member of their family. Both Dong Joo and Dong Won chose Dong Seok. There are proud of him because he is smart and he is a prosecutor.

The teacher, Kim Ma Ri wanted to know more about Dong Hui . But when she asked the twins about him the class ended.

In front of the school, Dong Hui was waiting in the car. He left the hospital for a little bit just to see his children.

Dong Seok went to buy coffee from the coffee shop that Hae Won is working at. He bought his coffee and also he got something for Hae Won.

In the night, Dong Seok send a message to Hae Won saying that he will pick her up from work.

Excited, Hae Won goes to buy new clothes. Leaving the shop, Hae Won received a phone call.

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