“Wonderful Days” ep 13 ~ Dong Hui:” It’s difficult enough to have two mothers. ”

In this episode Dong Seok and Hae Won are having their first date.

So Shim and Young Chun go to apologize to Hae Won’s mother, but Young Chun hits her again and So Shim kicks Young Chun out of her house.

Hae Won brought new clothes. She is excited to go on a date with Dong Seok. On her way, Hae Won gets a phone call. When she answers she is shocked.

On the phone it was an old friend of her fathers. That man knows that Oh Chi Soo killed Hae Won’s father, but he is too scared to meet her. He just called to tell Hae Won to stop looking for him.

After the phone call, Hae Won sends a message to Dong Seok saying that she is too busy to meet him. Because Dong Seok keeps calling her, Hae Won decide to go on a date with him. Just one date…

Hae Won goes and waits for Dong Seok in front of his house. They go for dinner. At dinner table Dong Seok notice that is something wrong with Hae Won, but he doesn’t say anything.

Cha Hae Won is acting strange at her dinner with Dong Seok. She keeps smiling, drinking and eating and pretending that she is the happiest person on earth.

After drinking 4 glasses of wine, Hae Won is drunk. They go to the park ,lie down and watch the stars.

Hae Won’s mother calls Dong Seok’s mother. She tells So Shim to come see her. So Shim thinks that she owns everything that she has to Hae Won’s family because they gave her a place to work when she needed.

Young Chun goes with So Shim. They brought Hae Won’s mother, Myeong Sun, bone broth in the hospital. They pass before Dong Hui’s room.

With Dong Hui in the room is Oh Seung Hun’s father, Oh Chi Soo. He tries to make Dong Hui call him father, but Dong Hui refuse.

Dong Hui:” It’s difficult enough to have two mothers. I can’t handle having two fathers, too.”

Oh Chi Soo wants to have Dong Hui loyalty. He wants Dong Hui to protect his son, Seung Hun from Dong Seok.

Young Chun and So Shim are apologizing to Hae Won’s mother. But Myeong Sun isn’t satisfied. She keeps provoking Young Chun. So Young Chun throws trash on Myeong Sun, removes her show and she hits Hae Won’s mother.

You go Young Chun. It’s obvious that Young Chun is Dong Hui’s real mother. Their characters are the same. Both get angry when their loved ones are bullied.

Back home, So Shim is kicking Young Chun out of her house. So they won’t know what is going on, Dong Tak has to take the children, Dong Joo, Dong Won and Mool out and Ssang Ho has to keep the grandfather busy.

Because she didn’t have anywhere to go, Young Chun went to the hospital to Dong Hui. She thought that Dong Hui would let her stay with him in the hospital room until she will get a place to stay.

But Dong Hui asks Gook Soo to take Young Chun to the train station, get her a ticket and bring him back a bottle of champagne to celebrate that he get rid of Young Chun.

Dong Seok took Hae Won home. But Hae Won didn’t want to go home. She asks Dong Seok to stay with her all night and wait for the sun to rise.

They went to the train station, but the last train had already left. So Dong Seok took tickets for the next morning. He wants them to go and see the sun going down since they can’t see it rise.

Why did they have to take the train to go to the seaside and see the sun rise? Doesn’t Dong Seok have a car? Couldn’t they just drive to Dong Hae beach?

Next morning, Dong Seok is happy. He is going to the train station to meet Hae Won. Seeing that Hae Won isn’t there, Dong Seok calls her. But Hae Won turned her phone off. She didn’t go to meet Dong Seok.

Because he didn’t want his mother to find out that he is in hospital, Dong Hui let Young Chun stay with him until morning.

In the morning Dong Hui is angry. He can’t sleep because of Young Chun.

Young Chun has a bad dream so she cries and talk in her sleep. Angry, Dong Hui came to wake her up. Seeing that she is crying, briefly Dong Hui feels sorry for how he treated Young Chun.

Dong Hui woke Young Chun up. She says that she will leave after breakfast.

While Young Chun was washing up, Dong Hui calls Dong Tak to see what is going on home.

From this phone call, Dong Hui found that his mother is sick. She doesn’t want to eat or take medicine until Young Chun comes home.

Because of that Dong Hui sends Young Chun home.

Young Chun:” Like mother, like son. You’re heartless! You could at least let me have breakfast.”

Dong Hui:” Go have it with my mother.”

Hearing that So Shim is sick, Young Chun rushes home.

In the hospital, Dong Hui is decided to have a long life. He wants to live long so he could protect his mother from his father’s mistress.

Then Gook Soo enters his room. Gook Soo brought Dong Hui a picture with the psycho that kicked him while he was peeing. The psycho is Dong Won and Dong Joo teacher , but he doesn’t know that yet.

Meanwhile, the teacher, Kim Ma Ri is showing the note from the flowers bouquet to her friend, the new vice director of the school. Even if she didn’t met Kang Dong Hui yet, Kim Ma Ri decided that she will marry him.

Dong Seok is looking everywhere for Hae Won. But he can’t find her. Because he couldn’t find Hae Won, Dong Seok goes home.

At the house, Young Chun tells Dong Seok how is treating Hae Won’s mother So Shim.

So Shim went to kneel before Hae Won’s mother and beg for forgiveness.

Finding out all that, Dong Seok, angry, goes to take his mother home. At the hospital Dong Seok sees Hae Won and Seung Hun together.

Dong Seok heard Hae Won telling Seung Hun that she want to get back together with him.

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