“Wonderful Days” ep 14 ~Dong Seok :”You’re the one who’s living in her dream, without realizing her place”

In this episode Dong Won and Dong Joo got suspicious about who they are.

Everyone in the Kang family hears that Dong Ok has a crush on Dong Seok and get worried.

Hae Won’s mother got sick after Dong Seok told her that “she’s the one who’s living in her dream, without realizing her place”.

Hearing how Hae Won’s mother is treating his mother, Dong Seok goes to the hospital to bring home So Shim.

In front of the elevator, Dong Seok hears Hae Won and Seung Hun talking. Hae Won was telling Seung Hun that she wasn’t dating Dong Seok for real. She tells Seung Hun that all was just an act to make him jealous. Now, after he heard that Hae Won wants to get back together with Seong Hun, Dong Seok is the one that is jealous.

When they went up, Seung Hun thought that Dong Seok come to visit Dong Hui. But Dong Seok passes the room in which Dong Hui is. He enters Myeong Sun’s room. There Dong Seok finds Myeong Sun sleeping and his mother on her knees, about to faint.

Angry, Dong Seok, screams at his mother to get up and Myeong Sun wakes up.

Dong Seok tells his mother that if she will come like that every time Myeong Sun calls, he will remove his name from the family register. After that Dong Seok turn to Myeong Sun and says that now she is poorer that them and she has to stop dreaming and know her place. Also Dong Seok tells Myeong Sun that he will go upper and upper so that she will not be able to lift her head and look at him.

Feeling humiliated, Myeong Sun is getting sicker.

Three weeks later, Dong Hui is going home from the hospital. So Shim and Young Chun are preparing a lot a food for him. While they cook, the grandfather calls Dong Ok.

He gave her all the money he received from Dong Ok’s brothers and uncles. Also the grandfather asks Dong Ok if she has someone that she likes. Without understanding her grandfather’s question, Dong Ok answers that she likes Dong Seok.

Because her grandfather said she is stupid, Dong Ok is crying in her room So Shim comes to her and explains her why did the grandfather got mad and that she doesn’t have to like Dong Seok as a man, she can like him the same way that she likes Dong Tak and Dong Hui, as family.

In school, Dong Joo is looking for Dong Won.

Kang Dong Won is fighting with a friend from school. The other boy told Dong Won that he and Dong Joo where picked from the streets. Dong Won is about to hit the other boy when Dong Joo comes and stops him.

Dong Won washes his face and tells Dong Joo what the boy he was fighting with said. Dong Joo told Dong Won to not say anything to the family, that she will investigate a little and then she will tell him more about that story.

After the fight, Dong Won goes home. He wants to make Mool take his bad, but Mool refuses.

Meantime, Dong Joo went to see her teacher. She wants to know if a woman can have children after menopause.

The discussion with her teacher, Kim Ma Ri, makes Dong Joo even more confused.

At the house, Dong Hui arrived. He hugs his mother. When Dong Hui asks about Dong Ok and his grandfather, his mother tells him that they sleep and that he should see them later. This makes Dong Hui a little upset. The mascot of the house is home and nobody is there to receive him.

So Shim goes to the kitchen to prepare the food for Dong Hui and tell him to hug Young Chun until she finishes. Because Dong Hui refuses, Young Chun starts screaming that he wasn’t in Seoul on a business trip. Since he doesn’t want his mother to know that he was in a hospital, badly hurt, Dong Hui hugs Young Chun. This is the first hug ever that Young Chun received from Dong Hui, who is her real son. The emotions make Young Chun cry.

Dong Seok went to see Hae Won. He asks for someone’s address. That someone is the person that he is looking for in his investigation. Outside, in Dong Seok’s car, he’s coworker is telling everything to Oh Chi Soo.

When Dong Seok comes out with the address, Hae Won follows him saying that she gave him the wrong unit number. She seems suspicious on Dong Seok’s coworker. Maybe Hae Won knows that Dong Seok’s coworker is working for Oh Chi Soo.

While Hae Won is talking with Dong Seok in the parking lot, a woman arrives. She comes to Dong Seok and hugs him. That woman is Dong Seok’s finance from Seoul.

Dong Seok and his coworker go to the address that Hae Won gave them. There they didn’t find the man that they were looking for. He got a call from Hae Won and left 10 minutes before Dong Seok arrival. And good thing that he left, because Dong Seok was followed by Oh Chi Soo’s man.

That night, Dong Seok goes back to Hae Won. He tells her who the woman that came was and when Hae Won leaves because she has a date with Seung Hun, Dong Seok stops her.

Hae Won says that she wants to stop the dating act because she got Seung Hun back. From now one Dong Seok wants to stop the dating act too. He wants to date Hae Won for real.

Dong Seok:” Who says it’s over? It’s not done yet.”

Hae Won:” It’s done on my side. I got Seung Hun oppa back. There’s no need to act anymore.”

Dong Seok:” Ok , then let’s stop acting. Let’s stop acting…and let’s date for real.”

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