“Border” ep 2 ~ Ishikawa:”Tell me where she is!”

Watching Border I’ve noticed that in Japanese drama only women are working as coroners. And also that the policemen/ detectives don’t have cars. They always run from one side on the town to another…

Detective Ishikawa Ango has another murder case.

A teenage girl was tortured and murdered. On the surveillance camera of a parking car the police saw the girl going with a man in his car.

After investigating the man that was with the girl, the police discovered that he was arrested for attempted rape in his late teen. But he was released because the victims withdrew the charges.

Funny how detective Tachibana Yuma is sleeping on detective Ishikawa’s shoulder .And then Ishikawa pushes him in front so that he will get hit by driver’s seat headrest.

The policeman from the other division is impressed by Tachibana. He is surprised that Tachibana can take a nap even if they are on their way to arrest a suspect.

The police arrive at the suspect’s house. The suspect saw them coming on the window. He throws his phone in the fish tank, he smashes his laptop and burns all evidences. Then he takes a knife and he waits for Ishikawa and Tachibana. When they enter his apartment, the suspect kills himself. Before he died, the suspect told Ishikawa that there is someone else.

The coroner, Mika Higa came. From the entrance she noticed that the whole room was clean and the predominant color was black. She went to another room and saw the same. She is certain now. The suspect was a control freak narcissist.

Suddenly the death suspect ghost came to Ishikawa. He wasn’t normal, he was crazy. He told Ishikawa to check the room corners. That was a hint because Ishikawa tried to save him.

Ishikawa checked the corners and found seven strands of hair. The suspect told Ishikawa that the last girl is alive. If Ishikawa can find her within 24 hours, the girl will live.

The hair is not enough for further investigations. Ishikawa is in the toilet. He is talking with the suspect. Even if Ishikawa suspects that he killed the girl, the dead suspect told Ishikawa that he put the girl in a place that nobody will find her. He didn’t kill the girl yet because he was supposed to have a day off from work the next day and he was planning on having fun with the teenager girl.

Ishikawa goes to Higa Mika to see what she found. But she didn’t find anything. The dead suspect, Murakami, was a narcissist.

Ishikawa:” What is the Achilles heel of a control freak narcissist?”

Mika tells Ishikawa that he should know after 6 victims. All of them were slowly tortured and then choked and killed. He did that to show his strength and pride as a man.

Ishikawa and Mika think that the victims must have done something to hurt Murakami’s pride or they didn’t give him what he wanted so he used his force to dominate them.

Then they realized that Murakami must have had another place. He couldn’t hurt the girls so much without the neighbors to hear their screams. To find another place is was easy for Murakami since he was a real estate agent.

Mika and Ishikawa start looking on the site of the real estate company that Murakami was working for. But it wasn’t as easy to find Murakami’s other place. The company he was working for has over 3500 listings.

Ishikawa asks Murakami why did he killed all those girls. Shockingly, Murakami says that he did that because they were all his type. Murakami says that he wouldn’t have killed them is they would have accepted his request. His request was to give birth to his child.

Murakami:” I realized something lately! I thought would be great if I left as many copies of myself in this world as possible.”

Asked to do on good thing in his life and tell were the 7 girl is, Murakami refused. Ishikawa wants to leave, but Murakami stops him and asks him if the interrogation is over. Ishikawa answered that he has to go. He has to meet someone hi knows. A journalist to which he will give some information about Murakami.

Hearing that, Murakami is excited. He will become famous. Ishikawa tells Murakami that he didn’t understand him. Ishikawa will give information about Murakami to the journalist, but it will not be the information that Murakami wants.

Ishikawa:” You misunderstood me. I’m actually going to leak a lie about you heaving erectile dysfunction. Everyone is going to remember you as that serial murder who couldn’t get his junk up and killed a bunch of girls in fits of rage.”

What Ishikawa intends to do is making Murakami angry, furious. Ishikawa is using against Murakami what Mika told him. Ishikawa is using Murakami’s Achilles heels.

Murakami can’t do anything to Ishikawa. All he can do is appear to Ishikawa and talk to him from time to time. The control freak narcissist, Murakami, is not dominant anymore and that is making him furious.

Now Murakami is playing with Ishikawa. He send Ishikawa to the roof of a building saying that he hid the girl there. Then he told Ishikawa the girl’s name.

Ishikawa went to see 2 hackers. He wants them to hack into Murakami’s email and phone. The hackers found what made Murakami kill all those girls. His ex-girlfriend with who Murakami has a son told him to not look for her or the child anymore.

Murakami ex-girlfriend saw that he was crazy and didn’t like the look in his eyes when he was with his son. So she took the boy and cut contact with Murakami.

Ishikawa went to see the woman. From her, Ishikawa found out in what place was he torturing the girls. It was the house that Murakami wanted to live in with his wife and son.

Detective Ishikawa went to that house. He looked everywhere, but he wasn’t able to find the girl.

When he was leaving, Ishikawa saw a delivery car. On the car he saw the same symbol that was on the paper that Murakami burned.

Ishikawa runs to the delivery men and asks them to let him see what they have inside the car. Inside, Ishikawa found a fridge. He looked inside the fridge and he found a girl there. Ishikawa found her. He found and saved the 7 girl.

After the case was over, Ishikawa went to the park. He called Mika. When she came he showed her Murakami’s son. Ishikawa is afraid that when Murakami said that there is another one, Murakami didn’t mean that there is another girl. He believes that Murakami was referring to his son. He meant to say that there is another control freak narcissist, his son.

Mika told Ishikawa that he doesn’t have to worry about it. That people are influenced by the environment they grow in. So because the boy is Murakami’s son doesn’t mean that he will become a murder.

When they were leaving, Ishikawa turned his head and saw the boy looking at him. Murakami’s son was strangely looking at him…


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