Hotel King Ep 5 ~ “I love you, Jayden!”

Devastated after meeting chairman Ah ex doctor, from which he found that the pills that were given to the chairman was an order from Lee Joong Goo, Jae Won goes to the garden. There he sees Mo Ne and hugs her.

Leaving Mo Ne, Jae Wan goes to Lee Joong Goo’s house. He takes Lee Joong Goo’s dog and calls him to a building’s roof.

Lee Joong Goo threatens Jae Wan. He said that if he will go to prison, Jae Wan will follow soon after.

Lee Joong Goo: “If you still want to go back to the trash- like world, I’ll be happy to accompany you. I love you, Jayden!”

Cha Jae Wan:” You, forgot something. If I go back to being Jayden, I’ll have nothing to lose or be afraid of. Would it…be the same for you, too?”

Jae Wan knows that Lee Joong Goo is most afraid of his daughter finding out that he is a murderer. So Jae Wan calls Lee Joong Goo daughter, Lee Da Bae. Because he doesn’t want Da Bae to know the truth, Lee Joong Goo wants to commit suicide, so he jumps over the roof. Jae Wan saves him and threatens Lee Joong Goo that if he will hurt Mo Ne, Da Be will find who her father is.

But where did the dog go? When Lee Joong Goo got on the roof, the dog was there, but then he was missing. Lee Joong Goo came alone , so who took the dog?

Next morning, manager Baek Mi Nyeo is helping Mo Ne. She gives Mo Ne a file the Mo Ne needs to memorize in 4 hours, that is before the executives meeting. Also manager Baek gave Mo Ne clothes that she needs to wear during a meeting.

Meanwhile, the employees are talking. They want Mo Ne to become the next CEO. They want Mo Ne to be the CEO because Sun Woo Hyun likes her and if they will end up together life will be easier for them, the employees.

While the employees talk, two members of the international division are giving orders to Sun Woo Hyun. Mo Ne comes and told the international division members that she is a guest at Ciel Hotel and she wants Sun Woo Hyun to change everything is her room with Hello Kitty. Because of all those changes Sun Woo Hyun will not have time to do anything else.

In the meeting room, the executives vote for Mo Ne just because Lee Joong Goo voted for her.

Since she wants to help Mo Ne, manager Baek asked Mo Ne how she plans to make Ciel Hotel a better hotel. Mo Ne’s answer made manager Baek tell everyone in the meeting that Mo Ne isn’t ready to be a chairwoman yet. Manager Baek Mi Nyeo proposed that they will give Mo Ne three months to prove that she can be a good chairwoman.

When the executives left, manager Baek Mi Nyeo told Mo Ne that if she wants to be chairwoman even after those three months, she has to use Cha Jae Wan.

Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan. He tells Mo Ne that he isn’t her enemy, but the hotel is. Also Jae Wan told Mo Ne that the only reason that the executives choose her is because they think that they can do anything they want with her.

On her first day of work, as chairwoman, Mo Ne came wearing an unfit dress. She asks Jae Wan to show her around.

From the kitchen, Mo Ne gets lost. She doesn’t know who to get out of the place she is in. Mo Ne sees a boy sweeping. She asks him. Thanks to the boy, Mo Ne got out.

Reunited with Jae Wan, Mo Ne realizes that her bracelet is missing. She goes back to the boy with a broom. The boy runs away. Mo Ne follows and catches him.

Walking around the hotel, Mo Ne saw a woman wearing her bracelet. She checks to see if the bracelet that woman is wearing is hers. It was Mo Ne’s bracelet. Mo Ne tries to talk with the woman to get her bracelet back. The woman refuses. Sun Woo Hyun came with a candy. The woman took the candy and gave back Mo Ne’s bracelet.

Now, Mo Ne enters Jae Wan’s office. She tells him that she found her bracelet and that the boy wasn’t guilty.

From Jae Wan, Mo Ne finds that the boy was fired. Searching for the bracelet, the hotel’s employees found that the boy with the broom lied to them. He was underage, and got a job to Ciel Hotel by using his older brother identity. The boy didn’t use his identity because he murdered someone and was afraid that if the stuff from the hotel will know they will not hire him.

Mo Ne goes to the boy and tells him that he can continue to work at the hotel. But Jae Wan doesn’t agree.

Jae Wan:” You murdered him, even though you may have killed a devil.”

Cha Jae Wan was telling those words to the boy, but actually he was talking to himself. The boy made Jae Wan remember his past. The past that followed him for over 20 years .The boy made him remember the night he, Cha Jae Wan, killed the man that beat to death Ji Won. The night that he, Jayden, became Cha Jae Wan .

Still Mo Ne didn’t fire him.

Now everyone in the hotel knows that the boy, Eun Yoon Jae, killed someone. They avoid him.

At the cafeteria, Yoon Jae is eating alone and everyone is looking strange at him. Mo Ne comes and sits at Yoon Jae’s table. Yoon Jae leave, the same as all the employees. In the cafeteria are left only Mo Ne and Sun Woo Hyun.

When Mo Ne left the cafeteria, she saw Jae Wan and others employees in a hurry. She follows them.

The stuff from the kitchen were hitting Yoon Jae.

Hurt, Yoon Jae goes to the kitchen, in the middle of the night. He throws fuel on the floor. He gets a lighter.

Mo Ne enters the kitchen and sees him. She convinces him to give her the lighter.

Then a man enters the kitchen. He lights the lighter and throws it into the kitchen.

A fire starts. Mo Ne and Yoon Jae are caught in the middle of the fire.

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