“Wonderful Days” ep 15 ~ Dong Hui:” Is it because they are my kids?”

In this episode, Dong Hui starts preparing for GED. He wants to learn and be smarter so that way his children will look at him with respect. Dong Tak helps Dong Hui by showing him how to pick the right answer.

Dong Joo investigates hers and Dong Won’s birth and decide to run away from home.

Dong Seok is talking with Hae Won. She wants to stop the fake dating. In the hospital, Hae Won met Seung Hun and he accepted to date her again.

Dong Seok accept to stop the charade of the fake dating. He wants to date Hae Won for real.

Dong Seok:” I’m going to keep being in love with you, keep looking at you and keep seeing you.”

Kang Dong Seok decided to follow Hae Won the same way she followed him when they were young.

Same time, Dong Hui and his friend, Gook Soo are sticking posters with Kim Ma Ri’s face. They look for her. Dong Hui wants his revenge because she kicked him when he was peeing. When they finished, Gook Soo told Dong Hui that Dong Won failed three of his exams. Dong Won failed Korean, English and mathematics.

Also Gook Soo told Dong Hui to not blame Dong Won for his grades. Children do what the adults show them. And Dong Hui only showed Dong Won how to scream, how to starts fights and how to seduce women.

Because of what Gook Soo said, on his way home, Dong Hui buys books. He wants to start studying to give a good example to Dong Won and Dong Joo.

Arrived home, Dong Hui finds Dong Tak telling him that they shouldn’t have taken into their family. Thinking that Dong Tak is talking about him and his story, Dong Hui start to cry. Dong Tak asks Dong Hui why is he crying. Does his acting is so great? Realizing that Dong Tak was just rehearsing for a role, Dong Hui gets mad and goes into his room.

Dong Tak follows Dong Hui into the room. He tells Dong Hui to not look down on his acting. Dong Tak knows that he isn’t a great actor, but he wants to do thinks the better he can because his son, Mool is watching him.

Hearing that, Dong Hui asks Dong Tak to be his tutor. Dong Tak is looking at the book and said to Dong Hui that he could help him, but the person how can help him the most with studying is Dong Seok.

Dong Seok is following Hae Won. After all he told her that when she will turn around he will be behind her. But Hae Won doesn’t like that. Well, I think she loves the fact that Dong Seok is following her and he like her, but she needs to be in a relationship with Seung Hun to revenge her father’s death.

Hae Won was followed by Dong Seok to her house. She tries to explain him why they can’t be together and to make him stop, Hae Won is telling Dong Seok that she will have dinner that night with Seung Hun’s family to set the wedding date.

While they talk, Hae Won’s mother came. She went crazy when she saw Dong Seok. Myeong Sun crabbed Dong Seok by his collar and started screaming at him that she will destroy him and make him go back to his place.

But…isn’t she, Myeong Sun, the one that doesn’t know her place? And what can she do to destroy Dong Seok? Nothing. After all, Dong Seok is where he is as a result of his hart work. And her ….she has nothing. She doesn’t even have her husband money.

Dong Won is eating chicken. Mool enters and tells him that something strange is happening. The strange thing that is happening is the fact that Dong Hui is studying.

Dong Won offered one piece on chicken to Mool. The only thing that Mool has to do is to bring him a cola.

Mool:” You go get your own cola, Dong Won.”

Hearing Mool calling him by his name, made Dong Won think that Mool found out that he and Dong Joo are adopted. Dong Won and Dong Joo were told by a classmate that the hole town knows that they were picked up from under a bridge.

Because of that, Dong Joo is investigating. She goes to her uncle, Ssang Shik first. Dong Joo asks Ssang Shik when was the last time her father came home . Because Ssang Shik was babbling and avoiding eye contact, Dong Joo knows that he was lying.

Then she goes to her uncle, Ssang Ho and she asks him the same question. Because Ssang Ho had the same reaction as Ssang Shik, Dong Joo knows that they both lied. Dong Joo goes to her room crying.

Meanwhile, Dong Hui is studying. Since he doesn’t know the right answers he just chooses the same answer to all questions. Seeing him, Dong Tak is teaching Dong Hui his system of choosing the right answers. Dong Hui doesn’t like Dong Tak’s system so he sends him to sleep.

When Dong Seok got home, he saw Dong Tak sleeping and Dong Hui learning English. Dong Seok tries to have a conversation with Dong Hui , but Dong Hui doesn’t answer. Also when Dong Seok went to wash up, Dong Hui lied down next to Dong Tak, hugged him and told him to not go anywhere that night. That way Dong Seok will not have space to sleep in that room.

Dong Hui is getting ready to go to school. The same time, Kim Ma Ri is nervous that she is finally meeting Dong Won’s and Dong Joo’s older brother.

The same time, Dong Joo goes to look for Dong Won. Kang Dong Won was singing to her friend, Min Ji. The song that Dong Won is singing is EXO’s “ Growl”.

While Dong Hui is on his way to meet the twins teacher, Dong Won’s friend comes to him. She tells Dong Hui that Dong Joo and Dong Won run away from home.

Desperate, Dong Hui runs to look for Dong Won and Dong Joo. First he goes home.

Home, in the kitchen Dong Tak, Mool ad Dong Tak’s manager, Jo Won, were having a small party because Dong Tak passed an audition.

Then Dong Hui goes to his mother’s room. There he asks So Shim and Young Choon if they know were Dong Won and Dong Joo are.

After that Dong Hui goes to his grandfather’s room to ask Dong Ok if she knows how many clothes Dong Joo has. Because Dong Ok doesn’t know Dong Hui gets mad at her.

Dong Hui:” Is it because they are my kids?”

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