Hotel King Ep 6 ~ Mo Ne:” I’m sorry!”

Cha Jae Wan is listening to music at his house. Suddenly he opens his eyes. And in front of his eyes, Jae Wan sees Song Chae Kyung.

Song Chae Kyung is Jae Wan ex girlfriend. She left him for a richer man. Now that that man in dead, she wants Jae Wan back.

While they talk, Jae Wan received a phone call. It was from the hotel. The hotel employees called to announce him that the hotel’s kitchen is on fire. And Ah Mo Ne is inside.

Personally I don’t really like Song Chae Kyung. And I don’t mean her character. I don’t like the actress. Don’t know if she is a good or bad actress. I don’t like her face. She exaggerated with plastic surgery….

Meanwhile, Sun Woo Hyun arrives at the hotel. He sees Jin Jung Hyun and No Ah. They told Sun Woo Hyun about the fire.

Sun Woo Hyun runs to the kitchen. The hotels employees were waiting for the firemen.

Now can someone tell me why all those people were staring at the fire? Couldn’t they get a bucket of water or an extinguisher at try to put the fire down? In whole that 7 stars hotel they don’t have one extinguisher?

Sun Woo Hyun takes a bucket of water, throws it on himself and enters the kitchen. Inside Yoon Jae and Mo Ne are unconscious. He tries to get them out.

Suddenly Jae Wan enters the kitchen with an extinguisher. Finally he finds one….

Because of the fire, the kitchens furniture falls. Jae Wan stops the falling furniture and tells Sun Woo Hyun to take Mo Ne out.

Jae Wan:” Sun Woo Hyun, listen carefully. There is no one in here! You haven’t seen me or this kid in here. Do you understand?”

After Sun Woo Hyun took Mo Ne out, Jae Wan looked at Yoon Jae. Looking at Yoon Jae’s face, Jae Wan sees Ji Won.

Jae Wan asked Woo Hyun to take care of Mo Ne. So for him to be able to stay with Mo Ne all the time, Jae Wan give Woo Hyun few days off.

Sun Woo Hyun is with Mo Ne. because he saved her life she now has to listen to him.

But Woo Hyun is curious why is Jae Wan doing all of this. Why did, Jae Wan saved Mo Ne and asked him to say that he, Sun Woo Hyun, saved her.

The same time, Jae Wan goes to Yoon Jae’s house. He knows that someone paid him to take the blame.

Jae Wan explains to Yoon Jae that the person who gave him the money isn’t the world. But he, Eun Yoon Jae is the world. And even if he worn the hotel’s name tag for a day he still is a hotelier.

Walking on the hospital hallway, Mo Ne sees the news on TV about the fire at the hotel. She realizes that she needs to go at the hotel. And she is right.

At the hotel, the executives were meeting to discuss how they will remove her. Mo Ne enters the meeting room and remembered the executives that her 3 months aren’t over yet.

After the meeting, walking around the hotel, Mo Ne hears 3 employees talking bad about her. Then Mo Ne went to see Chae Kyung. She wanted to see why do her employees respect Chae Kyung so much.

Meantime, Cha Jae Wan found that someone is secretly buying hotel stocks. He suspects that the secret buyer is Lee Joong Goo. So Jae Wan asks Yoon Jun Sung to investigate if they have a spy in the hotel.

Manager Baek insists that Mo Ne asks for Jae Wan’s help. Also one of the executives tell Mo Ne that it was Jae Wan who blocked the news of the fire.

Mo Ne is curious. She looks again at the video with the person that tried to drown her. For the first time, Mo Ne realizes that the man who tried to drown her wasn’t Jae Wan. The shows were different.

She goes to see Eun Yoon Jae. And she asks Sun Woo Hyun to drive her. The other employees think that they go for a date.

When they arrive, Yoon Jae still say that it was hi the one that started the fire. When Yoon Jae pusses Mo Ne, Woo Hyun grabs his arm and tell him that he should be more considerate towards the person who saved his life, General Manager Cha Jae Wan.

Sun Woo Hyun:” I wasn’t the one who saved you guys. If it wasn’t for the General Manager, none of us would still be here.”

Now that she knows the truth, Woo Hyun takes Mo Ne to apologize to Jae Wan. She enters his house and she saw his body full of injures. Some are from the fire and some older ones.

Mo Ne:” I’m sorry!”

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