“Wonderful Days” ep 16 ~” The person you call mom isn’t your mother, it’s your grandmother.”

In episode 16 the Kang family gets worried when they found out that the twins run away from home.

Mad because his son, Oh Seung Hun brought Hae Won to a family gathering, Oh Chi Su calls Hae Won and shows her a loan document signed by her father when he was alive. After Oh Chi Su showed her the loan document, Hae Won decided to try harder to seduce Seung Hun.

Episode 16

Dong Hui is looking for Dong Ju and Dong Won. Worried he doesn’t realize the car that is coming towards him.

Kang Dong Hui was hit by that car, but he got up and with blood on his forehead and elbow he keeps looking for his children.

Was that running away from home the reason that Dong Hui needs to tell Dong Won and Dong Joo the truth?

Is it me or Taecyeon’s blood doesn’t look like blood? It looks more like paint….

At the house, Mi Suk, the woman that brings fresh vegetable at the Kang family’s restaurant, is telling everyone what Dong Hui said.

Hearing Mi Suk, So Shim and Young Chun are shocked. Mi Suk told everyone that Dong Hui said that nobody is paying attention to Dong Ju and Dong Won because they are his children. Also Dong Hui said that if he wouldn’t have been tossed like trash by his real mother things would have been different for him.

Suddenly, Dong Tak starts crying. Dong Tak believes that Dong Hui said those words about being thrown away like trash because of what he, Dong Tak , told his younger brother, Dong Hui the night he was rehearsing his lines.

That moment Mool enters with the note that Dong Ju left. On that note, Dong Ju told her mother that she and Dong Won are thankful to So Shim and the family for rising them until now, but they will go now to look for their real mother.

At the house, Young Chun isn’t feeling well. She feels like she can’t breathe. So Shim enters. She can’t see Young Chun. For the first time So Shim tells Young Chun that she knows the truth. So Shim knows that Young Chun is Dong Hui’s real mother.

So Shim:” So why did you leave your baby here?”

So Shim said to Young Chun that she raised Dong Hui same as if he was her real son. But the first week she hated him. For the first week she didn’t take care of him and blamed his parents for having him and not raising him. After that week, Dong Hui became So Shim’s son. With passing time the guilt for not taking care of Dong Hui for that one week chokes So Shim more and more.

Young Chun:” It’s all my fault, So Shim! I should’ve raised him! But I forced him on you! I’m so sorry!”

Dong Hui is about to faint. He is still looking for Dong Won and Dong Ju. Suddenly Dong Hui saw Jeong Ah. He gets close to her.

Dong Hui:” If you were here, this wouldn’t have happened. If you hadn’t left us, if we had told them we’re their mom and dad, this wouldn’t have happened!”

He asks Jeong Ah what they should do now. How should they look for Dong Ju and Dong Won? Then Dong Hui faints on Jeong Ah.

But it wasn’t Jeong Ah. It was Kim Ma Ri, Dong Won and Dong Ju’s teacher…

So now, Kim Ma Ri knows that the man that she hit because he pissed on her posters and Dong Won and Dong Ju’s older brother that she wanted to meet so much are the same person.

Few days ago, Dong Seok went to see in the hospital the man whose accident investigates. When he was in the bathroom, Hae Won came to visit that man, mr. Han. From the bathroom, Dong Seok heard Hae Won saying that she will not anyone get hurt for helping her revenge her father’s death. The she will get revenge on Oh Chi Su on her own. When he heard that, Dong Seok realized that Hae Won wasn’t in love with Seung Hun. She was just using Seung Hun to get revenge on his father.

Now Dong Seok is walking behind Hae Won, just like he said he will do. Suddenly Hae Won gets a phone call. It was Oh Chi Soo. He asked Hae Won to meet him for lunch.

While Hae Won was telling Oh Chi Soo that she wants to be his daughter- in- law, Dong Seok takes her phone. Hae Won gets angry with him and tells Dong Seok to let her breathe. She tells Dong Seok that if he is human and if he is sorry for hurting her when she was young then he should let her alone and disappear from her sight.

Leaving Dong Seok alone in the park, Hae Won went to see Oh Chi Soo. In the restaurant Oh Chi Soo showed Hae Won an document that he said Hae Won’s father signed. That paper was a loan document saying that Hae Won’s father borrowed a million dollars from Oh Chi Soo.

When he showed that loan document to Hae Won, Oh Chi Soo said that if she would have broke up with Seung Hun that document wouldn’t have existed.

From the restaurant, Hae Won goes in the park with a bottle of soju. She gets drunk and falls asleep on a bench. Since he is following her, Dong Seok took Hae Won home carrying her on his back.

When Dong Hui woke up he was in the hospital. Next to him it was his friend, Gook Soo.

The same time, Dong Tak and Dong Ok went to the police station. The family got a phone call from the police saying that they found Dong Won and Dong Joo. The police found Dong Won and Dong Joo because Dong Won went to buy some snacks.

When Dong Tak told the twins that they weren’t found under a bridge, Dong Won said that he didn’t run away from home for that reason.

Dong Won:” Actually, I didn’t run away because of that. I’ve always wanted to run away from home. Then I wouldn’t even have to go to school. “

Knowing from Gook Soo that Dong Won and Dong Joo were found, Dong Hui heads for the police station. But he hides after a car when he sees Dong Tak and Dong Ok coming out with Dong Won and Dong Joo.

Hearing Dong Won and Dong Joo saying that they were found under a bridge makes Dong Hui really upset. Will he tell them that they are his children? How will they react?

Trying to explain to Dong Joo and Dong Won that they weren’t found under a bridge, Dong Tak makes Dong Ok believe that she was found under a bridge.

Sometimes Dong Ok seems normal and then, suddenly, she says something to remember everyone that she isn’t……

Dong Won is going into Dong Tak’s car in a hurry. He needs to go home fast because he needs to poop. Dong Tak takes advantage of this.

Dong Tak:” See? The fact that Dong Won wants to poop, just like grandpa, means that you’re our blood.”

At the house, everyone is happy that Dong Won and Dong Joo returned home safely. Now the family can worry were is Dong Hui.

Dong Joo is still curious about her roots. She tells So Shim that she is a good mother and a good person that is why she can’t lie.

Dong Joo:” Mom, you didn’t give birth to us, right?”

Dong Seok intervenes and tells Dong Joo and Dong Won and So Shim isn’t their mother. He takes the twins into his room and tells them that So Shim isn’t their mother because she is their grandmother.

Dong Joo:” Then who’s out mother?”

Dong Seok:” It could be me or Dong Tak or Dong Ok or it could be Dong Hui.”

Dong Seok gave Dong Won and Dong Joo a vague answer, but a true answer. And that is what they needed. Also Dong Seok asked the twins to give them time so they could tell the twins whole truth.

Next day, Dong Hui goes to school. He looks for Dong Won and Dong Joo. When Dong Hui finds them, the twins are still talking about who their father is.

Dong Hui sits beside Dong Won and Dong Joo. He tells them that he wants to run away from home too. Dong Hee asks Dong Joo and Dong Won if they want to run away with him.

Meanwhile, Dong Ok is still thinking about what Dong Hui said the day Dong Won and Dong Joo disappeared. She is in a store, buying underwear for Dong Won and Dong Joo.

On the road, going home, a man calls Dong Ok. He tells her that he lost his wallet and asked Dong Ok for money for the bus fare and money to get something to eat. Innocently, Dong Ok gave that man whole her money.

All of a sudden, Min Woo Jin appeared. Took the money from that man and returned them to Dong Ok. But when he did that he did a mistake without realizing. Woo Jin called Dong Ok a little slow.

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