“Border” ep 3 ~ “Real heroes don’t need to take lives!”

Another crime happened. An young man was found dead.

Ishikawa and his team arrived at the crime scene. They enter the tent were the body is. There the coroner, Higa Mika was already there. She makes them sigh to go out.

The body was found in a park. Ishikawa is looking around. He sees people watching from the windows. But when Ishikawa turned to them, all those people went inside their house.

Suddenly, Ishikawa sees one of the man from his team talking with a resident of that area. Ishikawa goes to that man. That man was the President of the Town Residents Council. He told Ishikawa the he was the one that found the body. After he found the body he called the other members of the residents council to help he protect the area. With the help of the residents council help, he didn’t let anyone get close to the body or touch it. Also that man, offered to talk with the other residents and find if someone saw something.

Going back to the tent, Higa Mika tells Ishikawa and his coworkers what she discovered. The young man was stabbed. He died from losing to much blood and also others internal injuries.

The young man, Yuji Nishimoto was killed somewhere else, his clothes were changed and them he was brought where he was found.

Yuji is looking at his body from behind Mika. Ishikawa realize that his face is different and he asks Mika to check the body’s face. After checking Mika told the detectives that the young man had plastic surgery.

When the police leave, Ishikawa is talking with Yuji. The young man, Yuji Nishimoto, tells Ishikawa who killed him.

Yuji Nishimoto:” Please arrest the man called Yasuo Shimamura. He’s the one who killed me.”

Ishikawa goes to find more about Yasuo Shimamura. He asks the lady that can give him more information about all the residents to help him. When she hears the name “Yasuo Shimamura”, the lady changes her facial mimic.

She tells Ishikawa that Yasuo Shimamura doesn’t leave there anymore. He moved 5 years ago after his wife and son were killed by a high school boy that was leaving next door.

When he was leaving, Ishikawa heard the lady saying something that made him suspicious.

The lady :” I hope that high school student was the one who got killed.”

Back to the police station, Ishikawa is looking on the internet for information about Yuji. Then Yuji appears. He tells Ishikawa that is true that he received the minimal punishment for his crime, but the people punished him more. They used to post on the internet his picture and address. He was receiving death threats. Because of that he got plastic surgery.

Yuji:” If he was the one who killed me then that means he has committed the same crime as me.”

While Ishikawa was talking with Yuji, someone came to announce him that the president of the town residents council brought few men that saw something strange the night that Yuji died.

Strangely, all those men were saying the exact same thing, like they were reciting something that they memorized before.

When the group leaves, Ishikawa calls the president of the residents council back. He tells the president that the victim was the boy that killed Yasuo Shimamura’s son and wife. The president gave Ishikawa the same answer that the lady gave him.

The president of the town residence council:” Now he’s been punished properly, maybe everyone will be able to get on with their lives.”

Ishikawa and Ichikura Takuji went to see Yasuo Shimamura.

Returned to the police station, Ishikawa is talking with Mika. He knows more then the others policemen, but he can’t prove them because he knows those stuff from Yuji.

Seeing him so troubled, Mika gives Ishikawa more information about Yuji. She tells Ishikawa that Yuji was abused when he was little. On his body there were scars left after Yuji was burned with the cigarette and also he had his bones broken.

Mika:” Someone who was hurt ends up hurting another person to relieve that pain.”

The police discovered that Yuji was writing a book. The story in that book was about the crime he committed when he killed Shimamura’s wife and son. Ishikawa and Tachibana Yuma went to see the publisher.

The publisher told them that before was supposed to be published soon. And before that Yuji wanted to send a letter to Shimamura and apologize. Yuji asked the publisher to find Shimamura’s address, but he convinced Yuji to not send the letter.

In front of the elevator, Ishikawa saw Yuji. They went on the roof. Ishikawa asked Yuji if he did send the letter to Shimamura. And Yuji said that he did. All he wanted was forgiveness.

Ishikawa is suspicious on the members of the resident council. He goes to one of the members and tells him that another witness appeared and gave a statement, but that persons statement was different from his and the members. When Ishikawa leaves, that member of the resident council calls someone worried. He and the other members will meet in the night. What they didn’t know was that Ishikawa had a man inside the store of the man he talked too.

Ishikawa’s man bugged the room where the councils members meet. The members are worried that Ishikawa will discover something that they did, but the president calms them down.

When they leave, the president passes besides a bush with red flowers. Then Yuji appears and tells Ishikawa that the night he died he saw red flowers. He just remembered that.

Ishikawa is meeting the president. He asked the president to turn off the light and started spraying luminol on the floor. All that floor become blue. Yuji was killed in that room.

Shimamura’s wife was the president’s niece. The president didn’t wasn’t Yuji to publish that book so he killed him to revenge the death of his niece. When Ishikawa asked him if he had any help, the president said that he did it alone. Then Ishikawa is showing him what he recorded when he members met.

The record:” All of us weren’t forced to participate. We made the decision ourselves.”

The president asked Ishikawa when he start suspecting him. Ishikawa answered that he suspected him from the beginning. The day Yuji’s body was found, the president told Ishikawa “ that hideous sight” revering to Yuji’s body. Then was when Ishikawa started to suspect him, because Yuji’s body was clean. Only the killer knew that he was stabbed in the hea

All the council members were arrested for killing Yuji Nishimoto.

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