“Wonderful Days” ep 17 ~Dong Hui:” I…am your father!”

Kang Dong Hui takes Dong Joo and Dong Won to the beach and tells them that he is their father.

When Dong Joo asks about her mother, Dong Hui says that she died.

Dong Hui is with Dong Won and Dong Joo. He promised the twins that he will tell them who their real father is. But he can’t find the right courage to say it.

Dong Won forgot that the next day is Saturday and there is no school. Now he is sorry that he came and wants to ask Dong Hui to stay there until Monday.

Dong Joo just wants to know who her father is and go home.

Dong Joo seems to trust Dong Hui more than Dong Won.

When Dong Hui is helping 2 girls to set their tent, the twins talk about Dong Hui. They are vexed. Who can Dong Hui flirt with those girls at that time.

Dong Joo:” Does he think he’s like a sexy idol?”

Returned to his tend, Dong Hui is grilling some meat for Dong Won and Dong Joo. He needs to courage to tell them the truth. But Dong Joo refuses to eat. She just wants to know.

Since Dong Joo refuses to eat, Dong Hui proposes a walk on the beach.

Cha Hae Won is thinking about what happened when she met Oh Chi Soo. He took her house and he humiliated her mother. Dong Seok assistant, Shin Young came to meet Hae Won.

Mad, because Hae Won isn’t living her live in order to revenge her father’s death, Shin Young gave all the documents that Hae Won collected against Oh Chi Soo to Dong Seok.

Meanwhile Dong Seok is looking through those documents. Seeing a picture of a man that works for Oh Chi Soo , Dong Seok realize that the man in the picture is the same person that followed him and Hae Won to the beach. Dong Seok goes to Oh Chi Soo’s house.

When they were talking, Hae Won arrived. She called Oh Chi Soo out. And before he came she called Seung Hoon. Hae Won wanted Seung Hoon to listen to her conversation with his father.

Because Oh Chi Soo was late, Dong Seok leaves. When he arrives outside, Dong Seok sees Hae Won wet. Oh Chi Soo had thrown a bucket of water on her. Embarrassed, Hae Won leaves. Dong Seok follows her and brings her to his house.

When they entered the house, Dong Tak saw them. Then Dong Tak called the whole family out. Dong Tak:” Come out everyone! Dong Seok brought a woman!”

After calling the uncles, Ssang Shik and Ssang Ho, Dong Tak goes to wake his mother and Young Chun.

All the family is out. They think that Hae Won came because she doesn’t have where to stay because she and her family were kicked out of their house.

Dong Seok asks his family to watch Hae Won when he isn’t at home because she tried to end her life.

ThenDong Seok takes Hae Won’s phone and gives her clothes to wear for the night.

The same time, Dong Tak went to the hospital to see how Hae Won’s mother is feeling. At the hospital Dong Tak hugs Hae Joo and tells her to lean on him and ask him when she needs something.

Back to the tent, Dong Won and Dong Joo keep asking who their father is. Dong Hui tells them the truth.

Dong Hui:” I…am your father!”

Hearing that, Dong Won and Dong Joo start crying.

After putting the twins to bed, Dong Hui can’t sleep. He gets something to drink. Then Dong Won comes out.

Dong Won:” I want some drinks too.”

They are having a talk between men. Dong Won asks Dong Hui why did he lie and told them that he was their older brother. Dong Hui answers that when they were born he was young and immature and his mother believed that is for the best to register Dong Joo and Dong Won as her children.

Dong Won:” You’re still immature.”

Dong Hui:” That is….true.”

Because he hates complicated things, Dong Won says that if Dong Hui will ask for forgiveness he will forgive him.

But Dong Joo is still hurt. She can’t forgive Dong Hui for lying to his children that they were his siblings just because he was afraid that he will not get married.

Next morning, Dong Won is trying to convince Dong Joo to forgive Dong Hui. But she still doesn’t want to and leaves.

Dong Won goes to Dong Hui and tells him to go home.

Dong Won:” Dad, Dong Joo said let’s go home.”

Dong Won saying the word “dad” makes both Dong Hui and Dong Won happy.

In the car, Dong Joo is surprised that Dong Won called Dong Hui “dad”. She wants Dong Won to be on her side because they are twins. So Dong Won answers that if they need to be on the same side because they are twins, then she needs to get F’s in school too or at least to show him the answers.

When Dong Hui gets in the car, Dong Joo tell Dong Won to ask Dong Hui were is their mother. Dong Hui doesn’t want to hurt the twins more and he tells them that their mother died.

Back in town, Dong Hui goes to get medicine. He got a cold because Dong Joo didn’t let him sleep in the tent. When he got out from the pharmacy he saw Dong Ok talking with Woo Jin.

Dong Hui goes to them and hits Woo Jin. He thought that Woo Jin did something to Dong Ok.

Arriving home, Dong Ok enters with Dong Joo and carrying Dong Won on her back. Home So Shim and Young Chun were waiting for Dong Hui.

Dong Hui didn’t enter the house. He is embarrassed to go home after screaming to his family.

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