Hotel King Ep 7 ~Mo Ne:” Cha Jae Wan, it’s okay!”

Finding out that Jae Wan is the one that saved her, he was the one that took her out from the fire, Mo Ne goes to his house to thank him. She goes in and sees Jae Wan tending his wounds.

Mo Ne is surprised when she sees Jae Wan’s body fool of scars and starts crying.

Seeing her, Jae Wan kicks Mo Ne out.

Jae Wan:” You didn’t come in here. Chairwoman, you didn’t see anything.”

Returned to the hotel, Mo Ne tries to find out everything she can about Cha Jae Wan. But the only things she found was that Jae Wan was adopted in America and his academic results. She believes that Jae Wan’s scars were made by his adoptive parents.

Next morning, Jae Wan goes out in his garden to drink his coffee. Suddenly he hears Mo Ne ‘s voice. She moved into the house next to his.

Mo Ne found that Jae Wan is running at 6 am every morning. So she waits for him in front of his house. When Jae Wan comes out, she pretends that they meet accidently. Mo Ne follows Jae Wan.

When Jae Wan stops and asks Mo Ne what is she doing, Mo Ne answers that she is following him because she wants to learn from him how to do a good job at the hotel.

Jae Wan:” As I told you before, the people you should be following around, it’s not me but the thousands of customers.”

What Mo Ne and Jae Wan don’t know is that Lee Joong Goo saw them together and that made him angry. Jae Wan already started to change and if he gets more close to Mo Ne, Lee Joong Goo won’t be able to use him and get rid of Mo Ne.

After the run, go to the hotel. Because Jae Wan told her that her father used to bow before the employees in sign of respect, Mo Ne is doing the same.

Walking through the hotel, Jae Wan sees Chae Kyung carrying something heavy. He goes and to help her. Mo Ne sees him carrying that object and she decided to carry the object herself. Mo Ne is doing that because knows that Jae Wan is hurt.

In Jae Wan’s office came Yoo Joon Sung. He came to tell Jae Wan how is the person how is buying shares to Ciel Hotel secretly. Jae Wan is surprised to find out that the buyer is director Yoon’s wife. Director Yoon is the executive from hotel Ciel who is pretending to be on Mo Ne’s side.

Leaving the hotel, Jae Wan sees Yoon Jae. The boy, Eun Yoon Jae, after knowing that Jae Wan saved his live decided to reveal the name of the person how gave him money to take the blame for the fire in the hotel’s kitchen.

At the hotel, a painter came. He came to give Mo Ne a painting that was ordered for her by her father.

When Mo Ne sees the painting she realizes that her father ordered it a day before his death. So she decides to talk to the painter.

In front of the hotel, Mo Ne sees the police. The police officers come to arrest director Yoon.

At her house, Mo Ne is watching cartoons and dubbing the characters. This is how she relieves her stress, dubbing cartoon characters and eating sweets.

Sun Woo Hyun brought her cupcakes. They eat the cupcakes, they play and have fun. Also Woo Hyun sings for Mo Ne at his harmonica.

In his house, Jae Wan brought a cake for Mo Ne, but he didn’t have the courage to give it to her.

A new guest came to the hotel, a man and his 6 years old son. The man goes to the hotel sauna and passes out. The employees from the hotel called the ambulance.

While Jae Wan is seeing how the father is, Mo Ne is with the boy.

Because the father is in critical condition Mo Ne decide that they should take care of the boy. So Mo Ne, little Joon and Jae Wan goes to Jae Wan’s house.

At Jae Wan’s house there are a lot of toys. Jae Wan is worried every time Joon gets close to his toys.

Mo Ne brought pizza. She sends Joon to wash his hands. When Mo Ne takes the toy from Jae Wan’s hands and put it on the shelf she wasn’t careful and the toy’s leg where broken.

Seeing his toy broken, Jae Wan is in shock. Funny reaction Jae Wan has…

After dinner, Jae Wan moved the toys to an upper shelf so that Joon can’t touch them. Now Joon wants to ride a horse. Both Joon and Mo Ne are looking at Jae Wan with a puppy’s eyes to convince him.

While Joon is riding on Jae Wan’s back, butler Cha Soo Ahn came. She goes outside with Jae Wan and tells him that Joon’s father died.

Back in the house, Jae Wan sees Joon and Mo Ne sleeping. Jae Wan is taking Joon to the room. He comes back and wants to lie down Mo Ne. But Mo Ne falls and Jae Wan sits down on a couch.

Next morning, when Mo Ne woke up, she was sleeping on Jae Wan’s leg. She looks at Jae Wan and then at his hand. She lies down again on Jae Wan’s leg….

Mo Ne:” Cha Jae Wan, it’s okay!”

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