Hotel King Ep 8 ~Jae Wan:” I shouldn’t have saved you!”

Joon left Jae Wan’s house. Now Jae Wan and Mo Ne have to go to work.

At the hotel Jae Wan and Yoo Joon Sung are walking through the hotels hallways. Suddenly a new employee passes by them. Yoo Joon Sung said to Jae Wan that he hired the new man because he had a good resume and it gave him a good impression.

When the new employee passed by them, Jae Wan had the impression that he knows that man’s cologne.

Later Jae Wan saw the new employee watching Mo Ne.

After work Jae Wan took Yoo Joon Sung, Hong Joon and Park Do Jin out for drinks. Jae Was has the impression that someone is following them. They pretend to turn for some reason just to go catch the man that follows them. But that that man runs away.

Chasing after the follower, Yoo Joon Sung caught him for a little time. The fought and the man that was following them got away.

When Do Jin, Joon and Jae Wan approached Joon Sung the man that was following them was far away. Joon Sung started to shake off the dust. In the dust that Joon Sung was shaking off, Jae Wan smelt the scent of the new employee’s cologne. He is sure. The new employee followed them.

All of a sudden, Jae Wan received a message. It was a video of Mo Ne. Someone put cameras into Mo Ne’s house.

After seeing that video, Jae Wan rushes home.

Mo Ne was learning the documents that Jae Wan prepared for her. Suddenly she feels like someone is watching her.

When Jae Wan arrived at Mo Ne’s door, he heard a noise. Mo Ne opens the door and Jae Wan rushed in. The noise that he heard from outside was Mo Ne trying to make something to eat. But because she doesn’t know how to make anything, Mo Ne put some eggs into the microwave.

Mo Ne went to wash her hands. Jae Wan is looking around her house. Between Mo Ne’s flowers, Jae Wan found a camera.

Seeing that camera, Mo Ne is scared. She tells Jae Wan that someone tried to kill her in America. Also someone tried to kill her when she got to Korea, at the hotel.

Because she is scared, Mo Ne asks Jae Wan to stay with her for awhile. He is the only person that she trusts at the moment.

Later , when Jae Wan left Mo Ne’s house, Woo Hyun was coming to her. Woo Hyun saw Jae Wan looking back at Mo Ne’s door and Mo NE watching him from her window.

Mo Ne and Jae Wan have started to fall in love…

Next morning, at the hotel, Mo Ne is trying to get close to the employees. So she goes to the cantina and serves the soup.

Jae Wan came to see what is Mo Ne doing and saw the new employee, the man that followed him the other night, watching Mo Ne. He wants to catch that man and runs after him. Unfortunately manger Baek Mi Nyeo stops him.

Jae Wan and Mo Ne need to go to the opening of Chae Kyung’s restaurant. Manager Baek told Jae Wan that she left Mo Ne’s dress in the office.

Jae Wan escorted Mo Ne to her office. When they got to there, the office was devastated.

At the opening party, Mo Ne goes together with Jae Wan. He doesn’t let her get away from him.

Jae Wan receives a phone call from an unknown number. He steps out. In the hallway, the person who was calling him was watching Jae Wan.

He smells the new employee’s cologne again and goes back to the party. Looking at the table where he left Mo Ne, Jae Wa doesn’t see her.

Suddenly, Jae Wan sees Mo Ne walking through the room. The new employee was following her. Jae Wan runs to them, pushes the new employee and hugs Mo Ne. He thought, the new employee was going to hurt her.

Going home that night, Jae Wan sees Lee Joong Goo waiting for him in front of his house.

Lee Joong Goo threatens Jae Wan with telling Mo Ne that he is a murderer and that his name is Jayden. Also Lee Joong Goo threatens Jae Wan with hurting Mo Ne.

Jae Wan:” I shouldn’t have saved you!”

When Lee Joong Goo wants to leave, Jae Wan stops him. That must be their sigh that Jae Wan will obey Lee Joong Goo from now on.

Mo Ne arrives home. She sees Lee Joong Goo hitting Jae Wan with his cane. When Mo Ne sees that scene she remembers Jae Wan’s body fool of scars….

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