“Wonderful Days” ep 19 ~Dong Seok:” I love you, Cha Hae Won!”

In this episode Dong Seok tells Dong Hui that Oh Chi Soo killed Hae Won’s father. Ssang Shik scolds Dong Won and Mool for fighting.

Dong Seok announce his family and Hae Won’s mother that he and Hae Won will get married.

Episode 19

Hae Won is leaving Dong Seok’s office. She is still surprised by his confession. Dong Seok caches her when she is about to fall by the stares.

Being so surprised by the sudden proposal, Hae Won forgot her purse into Dong Seok’s office and that is why he followed her out.

They go to the park near and Dong Seok proposes again to Hae Won.

Dong Seok:” Marry me! Just stop playing around and marry me. I want you to have a good night sleep in my room. So marry me.”

Going home, Hae Won meets Dong Hui. He goes to her and asks Hae Won how can a potential murderer walk free on the streets. Also Dong Hui tells Hae Won that if she tries to kill herself and Oh Chi Soo again he will leash her like a dog.

Hae Won responded to Dong Hui. But he can’t understand what is she talking about. Maybe because Hae Won is still confused about Dong Seok’s sudden confession.

Because Dong Hui can’t understand what she is talking about when she is telling him to stop her if she gets greedy, Hae Won tells Dong Hui to leash her .

Hae Won:” So don’t just threaten me by saying that you’ll leash me. But go ahead and buy a leash.”

Dong Hui is in Dong Seok’s office. He’s also questioned because he works for Oh Chi Soo. But Dong Hui refuses to respond to Dong Seok’s questions before Dong Seok tells him what kind of a relationship does he and Hae Won have and about what revenge were they talking the night Hae Won tried to kill herself and Oh Chi Soo.

Because of Dong Hui attitude, Dong Seok tells Dong Hui that even if he had to it again he will tell again the police that Dong Hui was the one that started the fire. Also Dong Seok tells Dong Hui that he was hurt as much as Dong Hui that time, but he , as an older brother, had to teach his younger brother a lesson. Dong Seok finishes his talk saying that he likes Hae Won.

Dong Seok tells Dong Hui that he liked Hae Won since forever. Since before the time when Dong Hui realized that Dong Seok likes Hae Won.

When Dong Hui left, Dong Seok remembers the time when Dong Hui started the fire.

Dong Hui, when he was little, started a fire at the house where the people that hurt Dong Ok lived.

Trying to teach Dong Hui a lesson, Dong Seok was the only person that didn’t covered for Dong Hui. He wanted Dong Hui to learn from that time. Dong Seok wanted Dong Hui to think about the consequences of his acts.

The settlement money for Dong Hui was paid with the money that Dong Seok gathered for his college tuition.

Mool and Dong Won were fighting at school. Ssang Shik saw then and now he is teaching them a lesson.

The teacher, Jo Young Ran, saw Ssang Shik scolding Mool and Dong Won. She get close and stops him.

Young Ran told Ssang Shik to stop doing thinks that he shouldn’t do. Even the teachers can’t treat the children like they are in the army so how can a man who is paid to repair staff at the school treat them like that.

When Ssang Shik leaves, Dong Won tells Young Ran that Ssang Shik is their great uncle and he was scolding them because they did something wrong.

Dong Seok went to the hospital to visit Hae Won’s mother. He asks Myeong Sun her permission for him to marry Hae Won. Myeong Sun starts getting crazy again and she hits him. Dong Seok kneels before Hae Won’s mother, but she hits him.

So Shim can’t watch her son kneeling down and being mistreated by Hae Won’s mother so she intervenes.

So Shim, tells Myeong Sun that she was humble before Myeong Sun and accepted Myeong Sun to look down on her because she pity her. So Shim pity Myeong Sun after Hae Won’s father died and they lost everything. Also So Shin accepted Myeong Sun to look down on her because Hae Won’s father saved Dong Ok’s live. But only she, So Shim , will do everything that Myeong Sun asks , not her children.

At the supermarket, Woo Jin and Ma Ri are buying food for Woo Jin’s older sister funeral. But he can’t cook. Suddenly he sees Dong Ok and asks her to teach him how to make food for memorial service.

Coming home, Dong Hui and Dong Tak saw Young Chun fighting on the streets with a lady. They separate them and gets Young Chun to the house.

Dong Tak starts scolding Young Chun. She should be an example to Mool, Dong Won and Dong Joo. She shouldn’t fight on the streets like that. Young Chun responds to Dong Tak saying that he doesn’t do a good job on being a good example for Mool either.

When Dong Tak leaves the room, Young Chun says that he can’t do anything to her. It’s not like he can kick her out. Dong Hui heard her.

Dong Hui:” I’ll kick you out.”

Dong Hui gets close to Young Chun and puts a patch on her face. The lady that she was fighting with scratched her face.

Dong Hui:” I was born like this. But you should live nicely.”

Because Dong Hui put a patch on her face, Young Chun is happy. She says that she will not take the patch away until the day she will die.

Going to his room, Dong Hui meets Dong Won and Dong Joo. He needs to talk to them. But Dong Joo doesn’t want to talk to him or listen to what he has to say.

Dong Won has , one more time, be between them. Since Dong Joo refuses to talk to Dong Hui, Dong Won has to repeat everything that Dong Joo says to Dong Hui and everything that Dong Hui says to Dong Joo. Dong Hui stops forcing her .

Dong Hui:” Ok, let’s stop it. My Dong Won will get tired.”

When Dong Hui leaves, Dong Joo puts Dong Won to ask Dong Hui were is their mother’s grave. Dong Hui tells them that their mother doesn’t have a grave, she was incinerated.

Seems like Dong Joo will get more mad at Dong Hui when she will find out that her mother, Jeong Ah is alive. But how can Dong Hui tell Dong Joo and Dong Won that their mother abandoned them?

Hae Won is packing her mother’s clothes. She wants to leave Kyung Ju. Dong Seok calls her. He called to tell Hae Won that it was him the one that like her first. He liked her long before she like him.

Dong Seok:” I love you, Cha Hae Won!”

Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik , Dong Tak and Dong Hui are drinking together. All of a sudden they hear So Shim scolding Young Chunin the kitchen.

Passing by them, So Shim starts scolding them too. So Shim nags Ssang Shik for being dirty and Ssang Ho for being to clean. How can they get married if they are too clean or too dirty…

Then she scolds, Dong Tak and Dong Hui. They are old enough. They should get married and raise themselves their children.

In the middle of the scolding, Dong Seok gets home. Dong Seok is the reason So Shim is recalcitrant. She doesn’t want Dong Seok to get married with Hae Won.

Dong Seok announce his uncles and his brothers that he will get married within a month with Hae Won. Then he goes to his grandfather and tells him too.

Dong Ok finished the memorial service table for Woo Jin’s sister. She is going home. Woo Jin followed her to walk her home. Close to Dong Ok’s house they see Dong Hui. He is not pleased to see Woo Jin with Dong Ok.

Dong Hui asks Woo Jin for his ID. And Dong Hui threatens Woo Jin that if he will hurt Dong Ok he, Dong Hui, will go to that address.

Dong Hui is returning home. In front of his house, there was Hae Won. She wanted to go to the train station, but ended up at the Kang family house. She asks Dong Hui to stop her from entering his house.

But Dong Hui now knows that Oh Chi Soo ruined her family and killed her father. So Dong Hui takes her into the house and calls his brother.

Dong Hui:”Kang Dong Suk, Cha Hae Won is here.”

Hae Won gets on her keens and calls for Dong Seok’s mother.

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