“Border” ep 4 ~Ishikawa :” Come out! Show yourself!”

A young couple is going to the school, on the field, to watch the stars. Suddenly the girl saw something.

Girl:” Hey, what’s that?”

The boy and the girl get close and saw that it was a dead body.

The police came. They can’t get close to the body because Mika is late.

When Mika arrived, she was going to the field, but a man stumbles on her. She drops her bag. The man just keeps going, without apologizing. Then she saw a patrol officer who she thought is suspicious.

Mika enters the tent to check the body. Ishikawa saw the ghost of the death man. He goes to him.

The dead man’s name is Shigeo Hiroyama. A man promised him to give him some money if he will donate some blood. Shigeo followed that man and got stubbed.

Before stubbing Hiroyama, the man said that he doesn’t have anything personal with Hiroyama, he only needed him as bait.

When Ishikawa heard the work “bait” he realized the meaning on the seal. Ishikawa runs back to his coworker screaming to them to not touch the body.

Ishikawa:” Don’t move the body!”

But Ishikawa was to late. Mika already moved the body. When Mika turned the body an explosion occurred.

Ishikawa and the others police officers that were near the explosion went to get a checkup. They are fine. Ishikawa’s medic insists that he should get an operation to remove the bullet from his head.

Ishikawa went to see how Mika is. On the hallway he meets Tachibana. They are fine and worried. Mika was badly hurt. If the explosion was a little harder, she would be dead now. Mika is alive, but in critical condition.

Another crime occurred, the same way as the first. A young man stopped the victim saying that he is from a medical center and needs help with a medical investigation.

Ishikawa and Tachibana arrived at the scene. This time, the killer didn’t put a bomb under the body.

Since the ghost doesn’t show up, Ishikawa calls for him.

Ishikawa:” Come out! Show yourself!”

The ghost appeared. He told Ishikawa the same story that Hiroyama said. Also he told Ishikawa that the killer had a burned on one of the hands.

Checking the perimeter, Ishikawa and Tachibana hear a phone ringing. Ishikawa answers the phone. It was the killer. He tells Ishikawa that he put the bomb under a car. He should hurry and find it before the explosion.

Ishikawa found it. The bomb was under a police car. Ishikawa stopped the police officers that wanted to leave with that car in time.

Ishikawa went to Akai. He told Akai to release to rumor that the killer is a man that pretends to work for a medical center.

The killer is approaching another victim. The victim heard the rumor and tries to run away. But the killer follows him and kills him.

Looking around the perimeter of the crime scene, Ishikawa got a phone call. It was Mika. She recovered and wanted to tell Ishikawa about a suspicious person she saw at the crime scene when she was hurt.

Ishikawa and Tachibana start looking for a man dressed in a police patrol uniform. The killer has a scar on the hand.

The killer placed the bomb near the body. Nobody suspected him because he was dressed as one of the police officers.

Ishikawa is looking around, but he can’t see the killer. Suddenly Ishikawa saw a patrol officer followed by a ghost. He realized that he was the killer.

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