Hotel King Ep 9 ~ Mo Ne:” I’ll…protect you. I love you!”

In episode 9 of Hotel King Mo Ne confesses her feelings to Jae Wan and tells him that she loves him.

Jae Wan and Mo Ne are involved in a big scandal. All the news papers are saying that Mo Ne and Jae Wan are dating…

Episode 9

Jae Wan is home. He things that he made a mistake disobeying Lee Joong Goo. He tried to protect Mo Ne, but he doesn’t believe he can win against Lee Joong Goo.

The same time, Mo Ne is in shock after seeing Lee Joong Goo beating Jae Wan. She realizes that it isn’t the first time and all the scars that Jae Wan has are made by Lee Joong Goo.

Trying to console Jae Wan, Mo Ne goes to his house with dinner. She, for the first time in her life, made fried eggs. Jae Wan taste them.

Mo Ne:” Are you okay?”

When Jae Wan looks at her, Mo Ne change the “ are you okay” with “are the eggs okay”. She doesn’t want Jae Wan to know that she saw everything.

Jae Wan gives Mo Ne a piece so she can see for herself how the eggs are. They were salty and with pieces of shell. Still Jae Wan ate everything and asked Mo Ne to go home.

Suddenly Jae Wan received a massage. Song Chae Kyung is waiting for him in front of his house. He takes her back to the hotel and comes back.

Arrived home, Jae Wan saw Mo Ne waiting for him in from of his house. He things Mo Ne likes him and passes her without saying anything.

Left alone in front of the house, Mo Ne takes out from her pocket some medicine.

Mo Ne:” It must hurt to be moving around like that. There’s nothing I can do for him.”

Next morning at the hotel, the employees are talking about the scandal. Because Jae Wan hugged Mo Ne at the party the night before, the media made a scandal about them dating.

Mo Ne finds from Cha Soo Ahn that the big decisions regarding the hotel are made by vice president Lee Joong Goo. He decides all and makes sure that the staff doesn’t tell Mo Ne.

Lee Joong Goo is doing an interview when Mo Ne intervenes. The journalist asks Mo Ne about her relationship with Jae Wan.

Mo Ne:”I like him and I trust him very much. I won’t let anybody…hurt him.”

After the interview Mo Ne meets Lee Joong Goo. He stopped Mo Ne because Mo Ne looked at him when she said that she will not let anyone hurt Jae Wan. He must want to know if Mo Ne saw something the other night.

Smiling, Mo Ne asks Lee Joong Goo to not make any decisions about the hotel without asking her, since she is the chairwoman. He should just watch her from behind…like a tree.

Mo Ne’s response to the journalist’s question made the scandal bigger. Jae Wan is angry at Mo Ne. Before the article he was a respected hotel manager, now because of what Mo Ne said , Jae Wan became a man who wants to go up using a woman.

A new costumer came to the hotel. His name is Lay Kim. He’s making all sorts of complains because he wants to see Cha Jae Wan.

Seeing Lay Kim, Hong Joon and Yoo Joon Sung went to ask Jae Wan what they should do. Jae Wan goes to see Lay Kim.

Lay Kim followed Jae Wan to Ciel Hotel to harass him. He can’t accept that Jae Wan became general manager before him.

Two years ago, when Jae Wan was working at a hotel in Las Vegas, Lay Kim was his boss.

That time, chairman Ah Sung Won came to the hotel Jae Wan was working at. At Lee Joong Goo’s order, Jae Wan gave chairman Ah food with claims. Chairman Ah was allergic to claims.

Jae Wan gave claims to chairman Ah so he could save his live. Like that chairman Ah would have been indebted to Jae Wan. This is how Jae Wan came to work for Ciel Hotel.

Lay Kim saw Jae Wan paying the cook who was in charge to prepare chairman Ah’s food.

Seeing Mo Ne, Lay Kim approach’s her. He tricks Mo Ne telling her that he is Jae Wan’s friend and that Jae Wan talked a lot about Mo Ne. In fact Jae Wan told him about his feelings for Mo Ne in front of him.

Cha Soo Ahn came in a hurry. She sends Mo Ne away from Lay Kim telling her that she has work to do. Also she reminds Lay Kim that she is trained in martial arts.

So basically Soo Ahn tells Lay Kim that if he approaches Mo Ne trying to use her in destroying Jae Wan she will kick his ass.

Woo Hyun still looks for the painter that brought Mo Ne the painting that her father ordered the day before his death.

The only think he could find until now is that the painter’s name is “painter Kim”.

Woo Hyun said once that if it wasn’t for chairman Ah he would have been dead now. Could it be that the boy that was with Jae Wan and got beaten up until he died survived and chairman Ah saved him?

Behind the painters, there is the panting with Na Ae Ra ( Lee Min Jung) and Gook Seung Hyun (Seo Kang Joon) from Cunning Single Lady.

In the night, Mo Ne is waiting for Jae Wan to come home. When Jae Wan came, she asked him to stop being mad about the article. And if a lie bothers him so much then they should start dating for real.

Jae Wan, who believes that Mo Ne is his sister, refuses. He tells her that he won’t date her even if she was the only woman in the world. That he hates all about her. He hates her heir, her eyes, her lips, all of her from head to toe.

Mo Ne goes home. She starts seeing Jae Wan everywhere in her house. She calls Jae Wan. When he answered the phone all he heard was a scream. Jae Wan runs to Mo Ne, but she was fine.

Mo Ne:”You took exactly fifty two seconds. Isn’t that a little fast to save a woman you hate from head to toe?”

Jae Wan:” I don’t like Ah Mo Ne as a woman.”

Cha Jae Wan tells Mo Ne that he is trying to help her out of guilt from chairman Ah, and that he doesn’t like Mo Ne as a woman. Left alone Mo Ne is hurt.

Mo Ne:” Then what should I do now? Whenever I see you…my heart hurts. Whenever I see you…I can’t help crying.”

Jae Wan called Sun Woo Hyun. He gave Woo Hyun all the information he needs to serve well Lay Kim. Since this is a favor, Woo Hyun asks for another favor in return. He asks Jae Wan to take care of Mo Ne, to not hurt her. Woo Hyun saw the whole conversation that Mo Ne and Jae Wan had earlier.

Surprised by Woo Hyun’s request, Jae Wan asks him why is he giving up his love for Mo Ne.

Woo Hyun:” She is the chairwoman!”

Jae Wan:” There isn’t a woman you can’t love in this world… unless she’s family.”

Without understanding that Jae Wan is rejecting Mo Ne because he thinks that she is his sister, Woo Hyun tells him that his words apply for him too. Woo Hyun tells Jae Wan that when he saw him saving Mo Ne in the fire, he realized that Jae Wan is in love with Mo Ne.

When he registered to the hotel, Lay Kim gave Yoon Da Jung a pair of expensive earrings. She puts them into the trash can and then she picks them up. Jin Jung Hyun saw her watching the trash can and comes to her.

He asks her what is she hiding. She always blinks thirteen times every five seconds when she is nervous and she also twists her left leg. She shows Jung Hyun the earrings and says that Lay Kim gave her the earrings and asked her questions about Cha Jae Wan.

The same time Woo Hyun is attending Lay Kim. He’s using the information that Jae Wan gave him.

Lay tries to turn Jae Wan’s employees on him.

Lay Kim invited Mo Ne to dinner. She still believes that Lay is Jae Wan’s friend. He talks with Mo Ne about the time when her father met Jae Wan.

While they talk, Chae Kyung calls Jae Wan and tells him that Mo Ne is having dinner with Lay. Jae Wan rushes over, but Mo Ne left already.

Did he tell Mo Ne the truth? Did Lay told Mo Ne that Jae Wan manipulated the things in his favor?

Jae Wan goes to Mo Ne’s house, but he can’t go in.

The next morning, Jae Wan waits for Mo Ne outside her house. She gets out with Cha Soo Ahn.

Lee Joong Goo enters the office. He needs to talk to Jae Wan about the scandal. Inside the office he hears the conversation that he had with Jae Wan the night Jae Wan saved his live.

The same time, Jae Wan was with Mo Ne.

Mo Ne :” Can I…trust you?”

To Mo Ne’s question, Jae Wan nods that yes, she can trust him. When they leave, Jae Wan receives a phone call. It was Lee Joong Goo. He was ordering Jae Wan to come see him.

By the look on Jae Wan’s face, Mo Ne realized that on the phone it was Lee Joong Goo and she asked Jae Wan to not go because he will get hurt.

Mo Ne:” Don’t go. You’ll…get hurt. I hate it when you get hurt…so don’t go to him again. I’ll…protect you. I love you!”

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2 Responses to Hotel King Ep 9 ~ Mo Ne:” I’ll…protect you. I love you!”

  1. princess says:

    the movie is interesting…ah mo ne and hyun woo shld get married…cos d kissing scenes are real,i luv dt!

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