Hotel King Ep 10 ~Jae Wan:” I like you! If I can’t love you…I will die.”


Cha Jae Wan confesses his feelings for Mo Ne and discovers that Ah Sung Won isn’t his father.

Also Jae Wan starts training Mo Ne to became chairwoman.

Episode 10

Realizing that Lee Joong Goo called Jae Wan, Mo Ne tries to stop him from going. She tells Jae Wan that she saw Lee Joong Goo beating him. She doesn’t want to let him go…

Mo Ne:” Don’t go. You’ll…get hurt. I hate it when you get hurt…so don’t go to him again. I’ll…protect you. I love you!”

Then…Mo Ne tries to kiss Jae Wan. But, Jae Wan , thinking that they are brother and sister, moved his head.

Jae Wan:” Don’t ever get close to me…You’ll die.”

Back at the hotel, Jae Wan meets on the hallway, Chae Kyung. They go for a glass of wine. When Chae Kyung comes with the wine, Jae Wan kisses her.

Chae Kyung:” Apologize to me! The person you just kissed…wasn’t me.”

Jae Wan: “ It has to be you! The person I’m kissing has to be you. If not… I’m really just trash. It …has to be you.”

Chae Kyung knows that the kiss she received that night it was meant to be for Mo Ne. She just can’t understand why, Jae Wan is refusing to accept his feelings for Mo Ne.

Jae Wan is like a boy lost after his first love…

It must be really hurt to digest and accept that you are in love with your sister… But is Mo Ne really Jae Wan’s sister? Or was just a lie that Lee Joong Goo used?

Running, Jae Wan sees Lee Joong Goo. He is mad because Jae Wan didn’t come to him when he asked. Lee Joong Goo tries to hit Jae Wan with his cane, but Jae Wan doesn’t let him. He starts to fight back.

Jae Wan thinks about Mo Ne. He loves her too, but he knows that she is his sister. He is sure of it.

The first time he came to Korea, Lee Joog Goo gave Jae Wan a DNA test. On that DNA test it was written that Ah Sung Won and Cha Jae Wan are father and son.

Could it be that for that DNA test Lee Joong Goo used his own blood? Could it be that Lee Joong Goo is Jae Wan’s father?

Next morning, Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan’s house. But he doesn’t answer. She thinks that he is still mad at her for last night.

Cha Soo Ahn tells Mo Ne that Jae Wan might not be home. He took some time off.

Jae Wan took some time off and went to see the doctor that Lee Joong Goo paid to give pills to chairman Ah.

Jae Wan is protecting and hiding Dr. Yoon so that Lee Joong Goo can’t find him. Dr. Yoon and Jae Wan are planning to stop Lee Joong Goo.

They think about chairman Ah. How alone must he felt? Chairman Ah was betrayed by his beloved ones…

Woo Hyun is with Lay Kim. They talk about Woo Hyun’s new contract. Lay Kim scouted him and other employees from Ciel Hotel.

Hong Joon enters Lay Kim’s room and finds Woo Hyun there. Manager Hong knows that Lay Kim isn’t a reliable person.

When Hong Joon was screaming at Woo Hyun for accepting Lay’s offer, Mo Ne came.

Mo Ne:” Team Leader Hong, is bullying Sun Woo Hyun part of your job?”

Mo Ne found out that Lay Kim scouted Ciel Hotel’s employees. Hong Joon and Yoo Joon Sung are explaining to the employees that Lay’s words aren’t reliable. Lay Kim doesn’t have a signed contract with a hotel. He made false promises to the employees just to agitate Ciel.

At the meeting Jin Jung Hyun brought Yoon Da Jung. She told Mo Ne that Lay Kim gave her a pair of earrings. Yoon Da Jung was so excited to have a pair of expensive earrings and without realizing she told Lay Kim about the employees dissatisfaction.

Everyone made a play to annoy Lay Kim. Woo Hyun recommended Lay Kim to ride the bike since the weather is nice.

Lay Kim liked the idea of riding the bike. Especially since 3 beautiful women passed him. The 3 beautiful women were Mo Ne, Cha Soo Ahn and Song Jae Kyung.

On the bike track, Mo Ne, Soo Ahn and Jae Kyung started to push Lay’s bike until he fell.

Jae Wan is leaving the place where the doctor is hiding. In a week their plan will be complete. If everything goes according to their plan, in a week Lee Joong Goo will be arrested and Dr. will be a witness.

When Jae Wan was leaving, Dr. Yoon said that he has something to tell Jae Wan. In a week he will tell Jae Wan something that it will shock him.

Dr. Yoon:” There’s… something you don’t know. It will shock you to hear it.”

The secret that Dr. Yoon is talking about could it be that Jae Wan isn’t chairman Ah’s son?

Lay Kim is leaving the hotel. Mo Ne and Woo Hyun are there to see him leave.

Mo Ne:” Don’t ever harass my general manager again. If you do that again, I’ll put you in hell instead of a ditch.”

From Woo Hyun, Mo Ne finds that it was Jae Wan’s idea for him to get close to Lay Kim and find out what he wants. So Woo Hyun didn’t actually wanted to go, he was just finding out what Lay wants.

On his way out, Lay is stopped by Jae Wan. He tries to threaten Jae Wan, but he ends up beaten.

Jae Wan:” That’s the difference between us. I can make people believe lies are the truth…but people don’t believe you even when you swear the truth is the truth.”

In the morning, Mo Ne is sleeping. She gets a phone call. It was Jae Wan. He called to ask her to come out.

They both went for a run.

Since is possible that he will go to jail with Lee Joong Goo, Jae Wan will train Mo Ne for a week. He will train her so that the executives won’t be able to take the hotel away from her.

But he has 3 conditions for Mo Ne. During the training, she can’t give up, she can’t lose focus or touch him.

While they begin their training, Mo Ne starts playing with everything that is around her.

On their way to the lesson, Mo Ne and Jae Wan saw Lay Kim breaking something. He came towards them. Mo Ne came between Lay and Jae Wan so that Jae Wan won’t be hurt.

The employees came out and stop Lay from hitting Jae Wan and Mo Ne. Jae Wan gets up and starts hitting Lay. Everyone is surprised. They never saw Jae Wan like that.

Mo Ne:” Stop! You’ll kill him!”

Jae Wan stops from hitting Lay and goes to Mo Ne. Seeing that she is hurt, he takes Mo Ne away.

Jae Wan took Mo Ne to his house. He is angry that she is hurt. When he’s applying medicine on her wound, Mo Ne tells Jae Wan that he should use some too, he is hurt too…

Mo Ne wants to know why she can’t love him. Does he really hate all about her…eyes…nose..lips…even voice.

Jae Wan can’t hide his feelings anymore and confess to Mo Ne

Jae Wan:” I like you! Your hair…eyes…nose…lips. All of you. If I can’t love you…I will die.”

In the morning, Jae Wan is getting ready to leave. Suddenly he receives a phone call. Dr.Yoon called to tell him something important, but he couldn’t.

On the phone, Jae Wan heard glasses braking and runs out. He knows that Lee Joong Goo found Dr. Yoon and has to go and save Dr. Yoon’s life.

Mo Ne came because Jae Wan asked her to take the day off, but he wasn’t there.

Jae Wan arrived late at the house where Dr. Yoon was. Out of anger he throws his phone.

Cha Jae Wan’s phone fell on a broken flower pot. There Jae Wan sees a paper. He opens that envelop. Inside that envelop it was his real DNA test.

Cha Jae Wan isn’t Ah Sung Won’s son! Cha Jae Wan is not Ah Mo Ne’s brother.

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8 Responses to Hotel King Ep 10 ~Jae Wan:” I like you! If I can’t love you…I will die.”

  1. thank you for your recap 🙂

  2. cherrysmacked says:

    Finally!, Thank you for your recap!!! 🙂

  3. elena says:

    thank you soooooo freaking much you save my life lol do you now how much i suferd to nw tat cha jae wan was’nt her brother

  4. kamilabes says:

    The recap was daebaak ♥♥ thanks , finally i can watch the drama without discuss the brother and the sister relationship . I am relieved now. Komata

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