“Border” ep 5 ~Ishikawa:” Act like a normal dead person and shut up.”

A teenage girl is running late for school. She comes in a hurry from her room. Her mother asks her to have breakfast, but she is too late. The teenager girl leaves the house.

Suddenly the mother hears her daughter screaming. The mother runs out. Her daughter screamed because there was a death body in front of their door.

Ishikawa, Tachibana and Ichikura came to investigate.

The dead man can’t remember who he is, why he died and who he ended up in front of that house. Because he can’t remember, the death man decided to stick close to Ishikawa.

Mika, the coroner, is checking the dead body. Ishikawa and Tachibana are there. With Ishikawa is the death man.

The death man is exited that Mika is touching him. He is talking to Ishikawa, saying that he is embarrassed and exited that someone as beautiful as Mika is watching him so closely.

Ishikawa:” Act like a normal dead person and shut up.”

Mika finished checking the body.

Mika:”The cause of death is acute cardiac failure brought on by a dissecting aneurysm of the aorta. To put it simply one of the main blood pumping arteries of the heart split causing the blood to stop flowing properly and his heart to stop.”

The body has a bruise on his chest. Probably someone hit him with a baseball bat. Also the dead man seems to had been hit in his head too.

That night, Ishikawa and the dead man are in the park. They are talking. The dead man thinks that Ishikawa is extraordinary since he didn’t lose his mind after being followed like that by death people.

Dead man:” It must be rough to be always followed around by dead people!”

Ishikawa:” It doesn’t happen all the time though. You’re the first one to follow me this much.”

The dead man asks Ishikawa to say girls name’s, maybe if he will hear a familiar name he will remember his wife.

Then Ishikawa gets a phone call. The police saw someone that could be the killer.

Ishikawa and Tachibana, followed by the dead man, went to catch the suspect.

When the suspect saw them, he threw his bike at them and run away. Ishikawa and Tachibana runs after him.

They catch him, but it seems that he isn’t the killer. At the murder time, the suspect they caught, was seen on a surveillance camera from a store.

A patrol officer comes running. The dead man’s office was found. His name is Yoshitake Okabe.

Ishikawa and Tachibana, together with Okabe went to the convenience store where Okabe’s wallet was found. They watch the surveillance camera.

Two boys appear on the camera. They have a baseball bat and one of them throw at the garbage Okabe’s wallet.

The owner tells Ishikawa and Tachibana that those two boys always came around 10 or 11 pm.

They’ve waited and the boy came that night too. The two teenagers told Ishikawa and Tachibana that on their way home, they saw a man who seemed drunk and all they did was stole that man’s wallet.

Okabe and Ishikawa are waiting for Okabe’s wife to came and identify the body.

Okabe:” Ahh…. If she’s ugly I’m going to be depressed!”

Ishikawa:” She looks beautiful to me!”

Well…that’s the first thing that everyone thinks when their wife comes to identify their death body……

The wife recognized the body. It is her husband, Yoshitake Okabe.

Okabe’s wife said that she didn’t announce her husband’s disappearance because Okabe was supposed to go on a business trip in Nagoya. They also have a 7 years old daughter.

Now, after seeing his wife, Okabe remembered all. He takes Ishikawa to an amusement park. There Okabe went on his first date with his wife.

Okabe tells Ishikawa how he met his wife, how his life was and the problems he had during the last year.

Okabe wasn’t going in a business trip when he was murdered. He took three days off to have a brothel tour…

Hearing that Okabe was having a brothel tour, Ishikawa is disappointed. He thought Okabe was a good person.

Ishikawa:” I’m disappointed in you! The story you were telling before is all for nothing now.”

In the end, Okabe didn’t have his tour. He kept seeing his wife’s face. So he walked around the neighborhood.

Getting to the moment he got killed, Okabe stops. He needs Ishikawa to do something for him before telling who he died.

Okabe:” Before I talk I have one request. Can you promise to fulfill it first?”

Ishikawa:” Are you trying to barter with me?”

Okabe:” If you want to solve the incident you’ll have to do what I say.”

Ishikawa:” Fine… I’ll do what I can.”

Tachibana, Ishikawa and Okabe went to the place Okabe wanted. In that building Okabe left something . From Okabe’s luggage, Ishikawa took something. Then Ishikawa and Okabe went to meet Suzuki. Ishikawa gave Suzuki money and told him to falsify something.

Suzuki was supposed to falsify Okabe’s writing and write a note from Okabe for his wife and daughter.

Now that Ishikawa fulfilled his last wish, Okabe is taking him to the place he died.

After getting drunk, Okabe saw two little poles tied by a chain. He remembered that in high school he was in the track and field club and wanted to jump over the chain. Running towards the chain, Okabe tripped and fell with his heard into the poles. This is how he got the bruise on his heart.

When he got up, because the pain was so unbearable he suddenly felt dizzy and hit his head on the lighting pole. This is how he got the hit from his head.

Ishikawa:”This all sounds like a comedy movie.”

The gates from the house where Okabe was found are similar to the ones from his house. Hurt, Okabe wanted to go home. He was thinking of his wife and daughter until the end.

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