“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 1 ~ “You look so cute, now!”


Fall in Love With Me is a Taiwanese romantic comedy series. The main leads are Aaron Yan (from boy band Fahrenheit and Just You drama) and Tia Li ( from Miss Rose).

Lu Tian Xing/ Xiao Lu is an advertising prodigy. Lu Tian Xing is rich, famous and successful, but he doesn’t have the passion he used to have. Because of this he announces during a press conference that he will take a three month break.

Lu Tian Xing changes his hair style, takes a pair of glasses and using the name “Xiao Lu” gets hired at Tao Le Si’s company.

Tao Le Si is a young woman who inherited her brother’s advertising company.

Episode 1

Lu Tian Xing is going to a press conference. The street is crowded so while he waits, Tian Xing opens his car’s sunroof and looks at the sky.

Busy looking at the sky, Tian Xing doesn’t notice that he can move.

Being in a hurry, a young woman can’t wait for him to move so she surpasses Tian Xing. But Tian Xing moved his car the same time. So that they will not crash, Tian Xing pushes the brakes.

The moment Tian Xing pushes his car brakes, he hit lightly the young woman’s car. That moment a pink powder from her car falls on him.

Covered with pink dust from head to toe, Tian Xing goes to the young lady. She gets out from her car and starts laughing. She thinks that Tian Xing is cute covered in pink powder. Annoyed by her answer, Tian Xing pours the remaining powder on the young lady.

Tian Xing and the young lady, enter the hotel. They need to wash themselves. The only problem is that in that whole hotel they only found a room. So they need to share it.

They enter the room and they see that the shower is made by glasses…

The young woman takes some tape and she sticks a curtain on the shower’s glasses.

Tian Xing goes to take a shower. While he washes the tape comes off and the young woman sees Tian Xing naked. They both start screaming.

After the shower, Tian Xing goes to his press conference. There he announces that he will take a break for three months. Then he runs away from his employees.

He arrives in a park where a man mistakenly believes that he is the part time employees that he was waiting for. That man was working for the young woman that Tian Xing met earlier. Tian Xing helps them with the filming and when they finish, he receives the young woman’s business card.

At his home, looking at the young woman’s business card, Tian Xing remembers that he met her when he was little.

When he was young, Tian Xing met a man in the park. That man was the owner of a advertising company. He was also that young woman’s older brother.

That man was the one that inspired Tian Xing to work on advertising.

From his butler, Tian Xing finds out that the company that the young woman own has financial problems because of his agency.

Tao Le Si is working late. She thinks of a plan to save her company, Oz Advertising. Suddenly, her father calls her. He got hurt.

Tao Le Si goes home, but her father is perfectly fine. He just pricked his finger.

While the Tao family is talking, someone rings the bell. Tao Le Si goes to open the door. Once she opens the door she had a surprise. At her door it was Lu Tian Xing.

Lu Tian Xing came to see the Tao family to help them overcome the financial problems that Oz has. The only thing they have to do is sell him the company. He already has 30% of Oz’s stocks.

Since the company was founded by Tao Le Si’s brother who now is dead, her father and mother kicked Tian Xing out. They will not sell their son’s company to anyone.

When Tao Le Si’s brother died, her parents sold 30 % of Oz stocks to Lu Tian Xing’s father.

Since he couldn’t buy Oz Advertising, Tian Xing helps Oz using his next idea. He uses a different look and a different identity and goes to work for Oz Advertising.

At Oz Advertising Tian Xing uses the name Xiao Lu.

Xiao Lu uses colorful cloths and has a cheerful personality. Xiao Lu is completely different from Tian Xing even if they are the same person.

Both Tian Xing’s company and Tao Le Si’s company has to compete against each other for some advertisings. Tian Xing give some ideas to Tao Le Si and her coworkers.

At the competition, thanks to Xiao Lu’s ideas, Oz Advertising are chosen to do the advertising. So Oz Advertising has to celebrate. They called Xiao Lu too.

Everyone is at Oz Advertising. They drink until they get drunk.

While drinking, Tian Xing remembers the day Tao Le Si’s brother died. He died to save Tian Xing’s live. That day Tian Xing met for the first time Tao Le Si. She dropped her brother’s ball so Tian Xing went to get it. Tao Le Si’s brother saw that a car was going towards Tian Xing and run to save him.

Because they drink too much Leo has to send Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian home. He asks Xiao Lu to put Tao Le Si on the couch before leaving. He take Tao Le Si and tries putting her on the couch, but he also drink too much and falls on the couch too. When he fell his glasses fell too.

The next morning, when Leo, Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian came to work they found Xiao Lu and Tao Le Si sleeping in each other’s arms.

The next day Tian Xing goes on holiday. He is alone. He likes his hotel room, the view, he likes everything there. Suddenly he hears noise. Tian Xing goes out and he sees….Tao Le Si and her team. They also came on a holiday in the same hotel as he.

Tao Le Si and her team have been noisy the whole afternoon. Tian Xing goes to their room and asks them to be quit.

Back to his room Tian Xing receives a phone call from his coworker, Lance. He called Tian Xing to tell him that they got back the advertising that Tao Le Si won.

Tao Le Si, crying, came to Tian Xing and started hitting him.

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