“Wonderful Days” ep 21 ~Dong Won:” He’s coming. Dong Hui is our dad!”

After the grandfather’s sudden confession, Dong Seok went out. In front of his house, he met Hae Won. Dong Seok took Hae Won in the park near his house and asked her to run away where nobody knows them and get married.

Hae Won refused. She wants to get married after Dong Seok’s family approves them.

Upset, Dong Seok called Oh Chi Soo to give him an answer to his threat.

Home, Dong Ok, falls asleep. Dong Hui goes to his grandfather’s room. He hears his grandfather telling his mother that he saved Dong Seok and abandoned Dong Ok because Dong Seok is a boy and you are supposed to save the boy.

How can a grandfather say that? Aren’t they both his grandchildren? Shouldn’t he save the one that is most hurt? Really can’t understand the people who thing that the important child in a family is the boy. Whatever it is, boy or girl, both are important….

Seems like when So Shim was pregnant with Dong Seok and Dong Ok she had a dream with a dragon jumping into her skirt. The grandfather believes that the dragon that will save their family is Dong Seok, because he is boy and because Mr. Peanut said so.

Hearing something so absurd, Dong Hui enters the room angry. He screams at his grandfather and asks for Mr. Peanut’s address.

Dong Hui:” Who is in whose way? What did Dong Ok ever do?”

In the morning, Ssang Shik is trying to wake up Dong Hui. It’s Dong Hui’s day to take care of grandfather. But Dong Hui doesn’t want to deal with his grandfather so he goes back to sleep.

Ssang Ho and Dong Tak are fighting. Dong Tak is taking Dong Ok’s side. He blames his grandfather for letting her die because she was a girl. Fortunately Dong Ok survived. Ssang Ho is defending his father, just because he is his father.

While they fight, Dong Seok gets out from his room. He heard Dong Tak and Ssang Ho. Then Dong Ok gets out from her room. She doesn’t say anything to them. She is upset. Dong Ok get her shoes on and leaves without a word.

Dong Seok follows Dong Ok out to tie her shoelaces. Then Dong Seok comes back home. Entering he heard again Dong Tak and Ssang ho talking.

Dong Tak:” Did he ever come home to have a meal?”

Ssang Ho believes that Dong Tak’s words cames from his inferiority complex.

Dong Seok:” Dong Tak, I’m tired of sandwiches. I want rice. Would you like to join me for breakfast?”

So Shim, Dong Tak and Ssang Ho are surprised. This is the first time in 15 years that Dong Seok is eating home.

Dong Hui enters Dong Ju’s room. He is looking for Dong Ok. Since Dong Ok isn’t there, Dong Hui asks Dong Ju. At first Dong Ju started to answer him, but she stopped in the middle of the sentence. So Dong Hui had to call Dong Won. Once again Dong Won has to send messages from Dong Hui to Dong Ju and other way around.

Dong Ju doesn’t know where Dong Ok went so she says that Dong Hui should check the tracking service that they installed on Dong Ok’s phone. Leaving Dong Hui tells Dong Won to say one more thing to Dong Ju.

Dong Hui:” Dong Won, tell Dong Ju she looks really pretty today.”

But Dong Won doesn’t tell Dong Ju. He wants to leave the room. Dong Ju stops him.

Dong Ju:” Kang Dong Won! Why aren’t you telling me what he said?”

Dong Ok went to see Woo Jin. She wants to know if Woo Jin can “fix” her so that she could be smart and normal again. In the middle of their conversation, Ma Ri came in. She needs to borrow Woo Jin’s camera.

To stop Ma Ri from telling Dong Ok about the present he got her, Woo Jin takes Ma Ri out. He shows Ma Ri how to use his camera and they take a photo of the two of them.

Suddenly Ma Ri’s facial expression changes. Dong Hui is in front of her and Woo Jin.

Looking at Ma Ri, Dong Hui recognizes her.

Dong Hui:” Look who we have here! Hey, you know me, don’t you?”

Thinking that Ma Ri is Woo Jin’s girlfriend, Dong Hui hits Woo Jin. Ma Ri intervenes, but Dong Hui pushes her down.

Woo Jin:” What if I have feelings for your sister?”

Dong Hui:” If you do, then break up with her and marry my sister.”

Dong Hui hits Woo Jin again. When Woo Jin was on the road and Dong Hui wanted to hit him again, Dong Ok came out. She gets mad at Dong Hui, bites him and runs away.

Dong Ok:” You’re not my brother anymore!”

On her way to school, Ma Ri meets Dong Won and Dong Ju. They wanted to tell their teacher that their father will come to the “Dad’s Lesson” day.

Ma Ri:” But you don’t mean Dong Hui is coming, do you?”

Dong Won:” He’s coming. Dong Hui is our dad!”

Dong Ju :” But he’s not my dad, Miss Kim.”

In Ma Ri’s place I’ll be really confused if Dong Won will tell me that Dong Hui is his father, and Dong Ju will say that Dong Hui isn’t her father. After all they are twins.

Dong Hui went to see Seung Hun. He brought pictures with women from good family’s so that Seung Hun will let Hae Won go.

When they are arguing, Seung Hun’s lawyer calls. Seung Hun’s father and brother’s turned him in to the prosecutor office just to save themselves.

Oh Chi Su threatened Dong Seok with telling the truth about his childhood accident to his family and to tell Hae Won that her father caused it if he will not stop investigating him. Dong Seok’s answer to Oh Chi Su’s threat was to investigate more and to send the authorities to Oh Chi Su’s company and to Seung Hun’s older brother’s company’s.

Oh Chi Su and his older sons blamed all on Seung Hun to get themselves out.

Dong Tak took Mul out. He wants to introduce Mul to Hae Ju. But Hae Ju is late.

While he waits, Mul is reading news about his mother. Then he reads the comments.

On her way to meet Dong Tak, Hae Ju posted some bad comments about Mul’s mother. Mul sees that comments and reply’s. Hae Ju and Mul start arguing through comments.

Mul:” Anyway, where is she? Why is she late? You know how I hate people who are late. She can’t be late to our first meeting. She has 2 minutes, dad.”

Jo Won:” Whoa! Your son is well suited for the role of a nagging mother-in-law.”

Tired of waiting, Mul goes to the bathroom. There he meets Hae Ju and takes her photo. He wants to report Hae Ju for indecent behavior. Without knowing that the lady from the comments is his father’s girlfriend Mul tells what he thinks about the way she is dressed.

Mul:” You look like a cheap gold digger.”

Mul goes back to the table where his father and Jo Won are. Hae Ju calls Dong Tak out. She asks Dong Tak about his opinion on how she is dressed. Dong Tak has the same answer as Mul, that she looks like a gold digger.

Dong Tak tells Hae Ju to go home. They will choose another day for her to meet Mul. Now she will not make a good impression.

When she leaves, Hae Ju sends a message to Mul.

Hae Ju:” Rude boy, thank you. You saved me.”

Dong Hui arrives home. Because Dong Ok didn’t eat the whole day, Dong Hui enters her room. He knows how to make her feel better.

Dong Hui starts eating her food .

Dong Hui:” I’ll eat and get strong. And I’ll make sure you don’t go anywhere. So you can’t meet anyone, ever again. I’ll eat, get strong and protect you.”

Dong Ok:” that’s my dinner.”

Dong Hui:” Who knows if this is yours or mine? Since I’m eating it, it’s mine.”

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