“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 2 ~”You’re too close to me. I’m scared to breathe.”

Finding out that Tian Xing’s company steal the advertising project that they got, Tao Le Si goes to Tian Xing’s room. Crying, she starts hitting Tian Xing.

Her friends followed her and tried to stop her from hurting Tian Xing. She let him go and asks him what does he has to say to defend himself.

Tian Xing answers Tao Zi that he just found out about this too. Also he told Tao Zi that she can’t cry because she is the boss at her company.

Tian Xing:” Even if I used any methods or connections to take the case back, is your only solution to this crying? Since you are the head of this company, everyone else can cry, but you can’t cry.”

Later Tian Xing goes to Tao Zi. He wanted to give Tao Zi her brother’s ball. But he can’t. He hears Tao Zi crying and saying that she is useless. She wants to keep her brother’s dram alive, but she doesn’t know what to do.

In the morning, Tao Zi is leaving the hotel. On the hallway she meets Tian Xing. She moves so he can leave first.

Suddenly Tao Zi sees a wallet on the floor. She picks it up and looks inside to see if there is any name. It was Tian Xing’s wallet.

Back in the city, Tao Zi goes to Tian Xing’s company to return the wallet.

In front of the building she sees a parking space. She wants to park her car there, but another car goes in.

At the elevator Tao Zi meet the woman that got out from the car that went in front of her. Her name is Li Huan Huan. She is a celebrity and came to see Tian Xing.

Li Huan Huna goes straight into Tian Xing’s office.

Tired of waiting permission from Tian Xing’s secretary, Tao Zi takes advantage of a moment of distraction from the secretary and enters into Tian Xing’s office.

Tao Zi:” Even the CEO of a big company also likes to date in the office.”

Tao Zi gives Tian Xing his wallet back and asks him to return the case to her company. But he can’t. While he was gone, his coworker, Lance signed one year contract with that company.

Tao Zi went to the park. She feels like talking with her dead brother.

Xiao Lu comes to her, to make her feel better. When they were talking, Tao Zi’s mother called.

Tao Zi invites Xiao Lu to her house to eat. When Tao Zi’s mother sees Xiao Lu she gets her sword and tries to hit him. Does he just look like Tian Xing or Xiao Lu is Tian Xing?

When Tao Zi’s mother was running after Xiao Lu with the sword, Butler Fu arrives. He tells Tao Zi’s parents that the young man there is not his young master, Tian Xing. Also butler Fu hits Xiao Lu to be more credible.

After the dinner at Tao Zi’s house, Tian Xing and butler Fu go home. Butler Fu gives Tian Xing and idea about how to help Tao Zi to protect Oz. If Oz Advertising lost a case doesn’t mean that they can’t give the same project to another company.

Next day, Xiao Lu is looking for Tao Zi. He finds her dressed in a chicken costume giving flyers. Tao Zi, Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian decided to look for other jobs until they find projects for Oz Advertising.

With Xiao Lu’s help, Tao Zi finishes the flyers earlier.

They go in the park. Since Tao Zi is upset because Oz doesn’t have any projects, Xiao Lu tells her to close her eyes, make a wish and count until seven. Tao Zi has to count until seven because seven is her lucky number.

After Tao Zi made her wish, her phone ringed. Oz Advertising has a project.

Xiao Lu and Tao Zi go back to Oz to tell everyone. The only problem is that Tao Zi want an actress that doesn’t act anymore.

Wanting to help Tao Zi, Tian Xing sends butler Fu to bring her. Does Tian Xing just want to help Tao Zi or besides helping her, he wants to have dinner with her too?

Arrived at the restaurant, Tao Zi sees Tian Xing eating. He tells her to sit and order anything she wants because he will pay.

Tao Zi:” Hey, why do I have to eat with you?’

Because you want to know why auntie Jing doesn’t act anymore, said Tian Xing.

During the conversation, they start arguing and Tao Zi leaves. Tian Xing follows her. He catches her and they start fighting.

In the fight, Tian Xing’s watch clings onto her hair.

Tian Xing:” Don’t move.”

Tian Xing managed to undo the watch. But before taking her hand, Tao Zi pushes him and breaks his watch. At first Tao Zi stood still, but having Tian Xing’s face so close to hers, enough for her to feel him breathing, she got scared and pushed Tian Xing away.

Tian Xing and Tao Zi enter in a watches store to fix Tian Xing’s watch. But she doesn’t have enough money. Tian Xing was a limited edition watch, made from titanium. He makes Tao Zi a discount.

Tao Zi has cu write an IOU (“I owe you”).

Well, Tian Xing can’t leave like this, right? So he forces Tao Zi to give him her watch.

Tian Xing:” Although the watch is slightly old, I can still use it to tell time.”

Tao Zi and Tian Xing went to see Mrs. Jing. She refuses their offer to act again and kicks them out.

Leaving Mrs. Jing house, on the hallway, they see one of Mrs. Jing’s neighbor. Xiao Lu thinks that this is his chance to let Tao Zi know the reason that Mrs. Jing doesn’t act.

They ask the neighbor and that one tells them that Mrs. Jing refuses to act because she feels that her career pushed her away from her son.

The neighbor shows Tao Zi and Xiao Lu the greeting card that Mrs. Jing’s daughter-in-law send her.

Tao Zi makes pictures of that greeting cart so they could find her.

Xiao Lu and Tao Zi went back to Oz and started looking for Mrs. Jing’s daughter-in –law. They found her on Facebook and send her a message.

Later, all the employees from Oz went to Tao Zi’s home. Tao Zi, tear some things apart, the day before. She does that every time something stresses her. And the day before she met Tian Xing at the restaurant and broke his watch.

When Tao Zi’s father asks Leo what is stressing Tao Zi, his wife said that is must be something related to Tian Xing.

Tao Zi’s mother:” It must be that Lu Tian Xing guy who happens to look a lot like you. He is making Tao Zo angry again, right?”

Xiao Lu:” Tao mama, you’re too close to me. I’m scared to breathe.”

Then Tao Zi’s mother tries to give a massage to Xiao Lu. He tries to escape from it, but doesn’t know what to do.

Xiao Lu tries to escape Tao Zi’s mother massage because Tao Zi told him that if her mother touches someone bones ones she will remember always. And Tao Zi’s mother touched Tian Xing the night he came to buy Oz Advertising.

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