Hotel King Ep 11 ~ Jae Wan and Mo Ne’s first kiss!

Jae Wan runs to save Dr. Yoon, bur on his way he heard that Dr. Yoon died.

After finding out that Lee Joong Goo is his father, Jae Wan goes to Mo Ne , hugs her and kisses her.

Episode 11

Cha Jae Wan knows that chairman Ah Seung Won wasn’t his father. He knows that Lee Joong Goo lied to him. He’s driving angry, furious. Suddenly he stops the car. He sees the coffee cup from which Mo Ne drank. Something comes to his mind.

Lee Joong Goo’s wife has a book released a poetry book. The character from her book, Dong Gu was inspired by her husband.

Cha Jae Wan goes to the premiere. Da Bae, Lee Joong Goo’s daughter, is happy to see him. She goes to him and asks Jae Wan to help her keep a secret from her father.

When Lee Joong Goo sees Da Bae with Jae Wan he gets upset and goes to them. Left alone, Lee Joong Goo forbids Jae Wan to get close to Da Bae.

They say blood is thicker than water, so maybe Da Bae deep inside feels that Jae Wan is her older brother and that is why she is so happy every time she sees him.

At the press conference, Jae Wan asks Lee Joong Goo’s wife something. That question makes Lee Joong Goo upset.

Jae Wan:” Dong Gu always smiles in your story. When would Dong Gu cry?”

The poet answer that Dong Gu will cry if something will happen to his family . Then Jae Wan tells another story about Lee Joong Goo to the press. He announces that it was Lee Joong Goo the one that sponsored all his studies, since he is on orphan. Nobody knew that and Lee Joong Goo didn’t want the people to know that he and Jae Wan are close.

Jae Wan arrives home. He brings a cake. In front of his house Jae Wan sees Mo Ne. She was waiting for him.

They enter Jae Wan’s house. Mo Ne read an interview of Jae Wan’s and now she is acting like Jae Wan said in the interview that his ideal woman is. Mo Ne is talking using formal language and she is eating like a lady.

To let Mo Ne eat peacefully, Jae Wan goes to change his clothes. When he comes back, Mo Ne was watching one of his movies, a Charlie Chaplin movie. She is trying to show Jae Wan her bright smile.

While they watch the movie, Mo Ne surprises Jae Wan looking at her secretly. She turns around to him, takes his face into her hands and tells him to watch her as much as he wants.

Mo Ne:”You can look straight at me…like this. Look at me as much as you want. I did so much to look pretty for you.”

Jae Wan:” You’re pretty!”

Mo Ne and Jae Wan are going for morning jogging. They meet Song Chae Kyung. Mo Ne makes sure that Chae Kyung isn’t next to Jae Wan. She makes sure to put herself in between Jae Wan and Chae Kyung.

Arriving in front of their houses, Jae Wan goes to his house.

Mo Ne:”Where are you going? Why aren’t you going to my house?”

Jae Wan:” I’ll call you.”

At the hotel, Mo Ne saw the interview in which Jae Wan is saying that Lee Joong Goo supported him in school. Then she remembers Jae Wan’s scars and decides that she will not let Lee Joong Goo get close to Jae Wan.

Cha Soo Ahn comes to Mo Ne’s office. From Soo Ahn, Mo Ne finds that Lee Joong Goo is signing a contract. Mo Ne goes there and Lee Joong Goo fooled her in signing the contract.

Meanwhile Jae Wan is at an adoption agency. He wants to know who he is. When he leaves, Mo Ne calls him.

Back at the hotel, Jae Wan is giving Mo Ne a test. If she gets at least 80 points he will fulfill her one wish.

Mo Ne got over 80 points. They walk home together. Mo Ne’s wish is that Jae Wan will take her out for dinner the next day. She wants that because the next day is her birthday.

Before going into the house, Mo Ne kisses Jae Wan on his cheek. Then she runs happy into the house.

Happy too, Jae Wan doesn’t go to his house. He enters his garage. Cha Jae Wan is working on something in his garage.

In the morning, Mo Ne wakes up when someone rings at her door. She goes out. But there was nobody.

Mo Ne turns around and she sees a swing. On that swing was one of Jae Wan’s toys holding a note for Mo Ne.

Jae Wan made the swing for her.

Jae Wan:” Happy birthday!”

They are happy because they are together.

But…if that is Jae Wan’s face when he is happy who will his upset face look like….

Sun Woo Hyun came to Mo Ne. he is singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

When he left, Woo Hyun got a phone call. He found the painter that gave Mo Ne the painting that her father requested a day before he died.

Woo Hyun met the painter and that one gave him a photo. It was a photo with a bridge. That bridge is at the hotel. Woo Hyun goes there to check. While he was checking Jae Wan came.

When Woo Hyun wanted to tell him what he discovered, Jae Wan said to Woo Hyun that he should stop wasting his time and left. When he was leaving Jae Wan send a message to Woo Hyun to come in the parking lot. He was cautious.

In the car, Woo Hyun told Jae Wan what he discovered. The painter said that the night chairman Ah went to him , he look fine, as a normal person. So he wanted to send the painting to Mo Ne with a message.

Jae Wan is looking at the painting. He realizes that in the original painting there was no boat. He runs to the boat. On the hallway he sees Woo Hyun trying to convince a quest to show him a ribbon. Then Jae Wan remembered that Woo Hyun told him that the painting that Mo Ne received had a ribbon. He knows what it was written on the ribbon.

Jae Wan goes to the bridge. He checks the boat and finds a recorder.

Woo Hyun came too. But he was a little late. Jae Wan took the recorder and told Woo Hyun that it was nothing on that boat.

Jae Wan goes to his car to listen what is on that recorder.

Suddenly Dr. Yoon called him. Lee Joong Goo put Dr. Yoon in a psychiatric hospital. He found a way out, but Jae Wan has to come and get him at 5o’clock.

Jae Wan leaves in a hurry. On the highway there was an accident. At the radio they were saying that in that accident Dr. Yoon Jang Ho died.

Shocked by the news on Dr. Yoon’s death, Jae Wan receives another shocking news. The lady from the adopting agency send him a message. The person who put Cha Jae Wan for adoption was Lee Joong Goo.

He calls Lee Joong Goo to ask him what has he done.

Jae Wan:” Who the hell are you?”

Lee Joong Goo:” I’m your master.”

After the phone conversation, Jae Wan listens to the recorder that chairman Ah left. Chairman Ah recorded himself saying that Lee Joong Goo is trying to kill him. And if Mo Ne is listening to the recorder that means that he is already dead. She should be careful, because Lee Joong Goo will want to kill her too. In the end Ah Seung Won was saying that Jae Wan is Lee Joong Goo’s son.

Ah Seung Won:” The General Manager Cha Jae Wan…is Lee Joong Goo’s son.”

Shocked Jae Wan goes home. He sees his young self crying. He is angry, furious after finding out that Lee Joong Goo is his father.

Meantime Mo Ne is waiting for him. Jae Wan arrives late at the place where he was supposed to meet Mo Ne.

Jae Wan grabs Mo Ne and hugs her. Then he kisses her…

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