“Wonderful Days” ep 22 ~ Dong Ju:” He’s my dad. “

Dong Hui goes to Dong Won and Dong Ju’s school for the father’s day event and runs into Ma Ri.

Dong Ju is proud to say to her friends that Dong Hui is her father.

Dong Won and Dong Ju get upset with Dong Hui.

Dong Won is disappointed with Dong Hui and stops calling him “dad”.

Dong Tak and Hae Ju plan to announce their relationship. Hae Ju goes shopping with Mul.

Episode 22

Finally So Shim approved Dong Seok’s and Hae Won’s marriage. Dong Seok called Hae Won out to give her the news.

Happy, Hae Won tells Dong Seok to wait for her for 10 minutes and leaves. Hae Won went to So Shim. She hugged So Shim and thanked her for approving.

Hae Won:” Can you stop calling me Miss Hae Won?”

So Shim:” Hae Won! If you make Dong Seok unhappy or hurt him, I won’t let you get away with it, got it?”

Meantime, Dong Seok is waiting for Hae Won. While he waits he thinks about what Oh Chi Su said.

Home, Dong Hui hears Young Chun, Dong Tak, Ssang Shik and Ssang Ho talking about what happened. They just found out that So Shim accepted Hae Won as her daughter-in-law.

Dong Tak gets angry and screams at Young Chun. Lately Dong Tak is irritable. He can’t accept Dong Seok and Hae Won’s marriage. If he accepts them Dong Tak will have to give up his love for Hae Ju.

Is it legal for two brothers to marry two sisters?

Hae Won returned to Dong Seok. But she found him drunk. So Hae Won called Dong Hui to come pick Dong Seok up.

On the way home, Dong Seok wakes up. He is surprised to see Dong Hui sending him home. In front of the house, Dong Seok asks Dong Hui is he still hates him. Also Dong Seok wants Dong Hui to hate him for the rest of his live.

Dong Seok:” Do you still hate me? Then keep on hating me. Don’t ever be nice to me. Just keep hating me. If you pity me, understand me or like me, I’ll kill you, okay?”

Dong Hui:” That won’t happen in our life time so don’t you worry about that.”

Dong Hui and Dong Seok enter the house. But Dong Seok doesn’t go to his room. He goes to Dong Ok’s room and wakes her up. Dong Hui tries to stop him.

Dong Hui:” Are you crazy? You’ll wake grandpa up!”

Dong Ok and Dong Ju wake up. Dong Ok wants to go out and talk to Dong Seok but she can’t. She can’t open the door because from outside, Dong Hui was holding it. Dong Hui sends Dong Ok back to sleep because Dong Seok is really drunk.

The noise that Dong Seok made waked up whole family. So Shim comes to Dong Seok to see what it going on.

Dong Seok:” I’m not sorry, Kang Dong Ok!”

Dong Seok wished that it would have been him in Dong Ok’s place, but since he is not he isn’t sorry. Suddenly Dong Seok said that he isn’t sorry for what happened, that is wasn’t his or Hae Won’s fault for his and Dong Ok’s accident.

So Shim and Dong Hui don’t understand why did Dong Seok mentioned Hae Won. They don’t know that the driver who caused the accident was Hae Won’s father.

Dong Hui is sleeping with his mothers. He still refuses to go to his room and sleep with his brother, Dong Seok.

Young Chun is talking about how happy she is with that. As long as Dong Hui sleeps with her and So Shim, she can see his sleeping face.

When Dong Hui was about to get angry at Young Chun, So Shim sends him to make water with honey for Dong Seok.

Dong Hui:” I’m not his wife! No! I won’t do it!”

Even if he refuses, Dong Hui ends up preparing water with honey for Dong Seok. He enters Dong Seok’s room. Dong Seok was sleeping dressed without a pillow and a blanket. Dong Hui gets Dong Seok a pillow and a blanket. Then Dong Hui lie down next to his brother and sleeps there.

The funny two uncles, Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik are together. The night before they had a dream and they agree with telling one another what their dream was about. They count to three and tell each other.

Both of them had the same dream. They both dreamed of kissing someone. Ssang Ho dreamed of kissing Mi Suk, the woman Ssang Shik is dating and Ssang Shik dreamed of kissing Myung Nan, the woman that Ssang Ho likes.

They come back home and saw Myung Nan and Mi Suk on the street. Hearing them Ssang Ho is on Mi Suk’s side and Ssang Shik on Myung Nan’s side. Did they make a mistake when they choose the women that they like? Seems to me that Ssang Shik and Ssang Ho are attracted to each other’s woman, the woman that they said they don’t like.

In the morning, Dong Hui went to school. He will participate at an event at Dong Won and Dong Ju’s school.

Dong Hui sits on a bench and all the little girls from that school liked him.

A little girl goes to Dong Ju and tells her that a celebrity came to school.

Girl:” Dong Ju, a celebrity came to our school!”

Dong Ju goes to see who came. And she saw her friends smiling and excited that Dong Hui is smiling at them.

Dong Hui sees Dong Ju and calls her name. But Dong Ju leaves without saying anything. The girls follow her and ask Dong Ju who that man was and how did he know her name.

Dong Ju:” He’s my dad. You’ll see him at the ”Dad’s Lesson” event.”

Hearing her friends wishing to have a father like she has, makes Dong Ju happy.

Personally, I think that Dong Ju accepted him long ago, but she just pays hard to get to have Dong Hui’s attention.

Dong Hui enters the school. He sees Ma Ri passing by. Ma Ri was talking on the phone with Woo Ji. She was talking with Woo Jin about Dong Hui.

Dong Hui follows Ma Ri and he hears everything she says.

Ma Ri:” I’ll put him in hospital! I’ll do a flying kick, right on his butt!”

While she was describing to Woo Jin how she will kick Dong Hui in the butt, Ma Ri turns around and sees Kang Dong Hui. When Ma Ri sees Dong Hui she loses balance and falls down.

Dong Hui:” The man you’re going to hospitalize…is it me?”

Dong Hui can’t beat her up so he gets down and hits Ma Ri’s forehead. Ma Ri starts crying.

Hearing noise the kids come out from their classroom. Dong Hui realizes that Kim Ma Ri is Dong Won and Dong Ju’s teacher.

Dong Won:” Dad! Miss Kim! What are you doing?”

Dong Ju:” What are you doing to our teacher?”

Dong Ju and Dong Won are scolding Dong Hui. They can’t understand how could he beat their teacher. They are too embarrassed to come to school now.

Dong Ju:” This is why I didn’t want him at school. Why wouldn’t you listen to me?”

Dong Won:” I trusted Mr. Kang Dong Hui.”

Dong Ju is surprised that Dong Won called Dong Hui by his name and didn’t call him “dad” as he was. Dong Won is so upset with Dong Hui now that he is taking back calling Dong Hui “dad”.

The most upset seems to be Dong Won. He can’t accept that he trusted his father and Dong Hui came to school and beat their teacher. He is really disappointed.

Dong Won:” I’m so disappointed in you.”

Dong Ju and Dong Won leave angry with Dong Hui.

Ma Ri saw the whole scene and she feels bad for Dong Hui.

Knowing that Dong Seok and Hae Won where accepted by his mother, Dong Tak meets Hae Ju and tells her that they should go to his house and announce their marriage before Dong Seok and Hae Won’s

Dong Tak goes to get some heard medicine for his mother and Hae Ju went to buy some clothes. On her way to the store, Hae Ju meets Mul. She still doesn’t know that the “ rude boy” is Dong Tak’s son, Mul.

Hae Ju takes Mul with her. She wants Mul’s opinion when she will get the clothes that she will wear when she will meet Dong Tak’s family.

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