“Border” ep 6 ~Ishikawa:” Please come out. Tell me why you died.”

A young man is at the door. He came to check on his sister. But she doesn’t answer so he goes in.

The young man enters his sister’s house, then her room. She is nowhere. Suddenly he hears something passing by the window and bumping into something. He gets close to the window and looks down. His sister was lying on the street.

Mika Higa arrives at the crime scene. The police tell her to go home because it was a suicide. But Mika approaches the body. Looking at the girl’s hand, Mika things that something is strange. She takes a picture of the dead girl’s hand.

Then Mika goes on the roof. Fingerprints were found on the roof’s railing. Even do the fingerprints show that the girl killed herself, Mika believes that someone throw her.

The patrol officer that was checking the roof, tells Mika that the girl’s shoes were lined up neatly close to the place she had thrown herself. Next to the shoes there was a branch. Both ends of the branch were cut neatly. Mika is suspicious. The girl must have been killed.

Mika enters the dead girl’s house. She meets the girl’s brother. He was blaming himself for his sister’s death.

The brother tells Mika that his sister entered university a year ago, but she was adapted to university life. Six months earlier the girl tried to take her life, but she was rushed to the hospital.

Ichikura meets Ishikawa and sends him to babysit Mika. At the dead girl’s house, Mika convinced her brother to accept an autopsy.

Ishikawa goes to wake Tachibana. He puts Tachibana’s blanket on his face and waits for Tachibana to wake up. Being unable to breath under the blanket, Tachibana wakes up.

Tachibana and Ishikawa enter Mika’s office. The autopsy was canceled.

Mika tells Ishikawa and Tachibana what she found at the murder scene and why she doesn’t believe that it was a suicide. She shows them the pictures she taken and explained to them what is the meaning of the dead girl’s hand.

When they leave, Ishikawa tells Mika that she should call him first next time. He will be able to help her more if he will be with her at the crime scene.

Ishikawa:” I can see things that other people can’t. So I can pretty much solve any incident.”

Mika:” I’m glad I can rely on you.”

Mika receives a phone call. It was the dead girl’s brother. He got some chocolate that his sister ordered before she died. The brother doesn’t thing that his sister would have ordered chocolates if she was going to commit suicide.

When the brother leaves, Mika ask Ishikawa if he can now understand how the brother must feel.

Ishikawa:” I’ve understood for a long time.”

Another suicide occurred. Mika arrives at the scene. Again, the same detective from the first suicide is there. He tells Mika that this too is a suicide. And if she doesn’t believe him, she should look at the victim’s wrist.

It seems to me that this detective is trying to convince Mika that all this deaths are suicide. He is so sure of it and he tries to make Mika think the same. Is he the killer? Or is he trying to hide something?

Mika goes to the roof. She found another branch. The same shape as the one from the first suicide case.

Well…when more suicide occurs the same way isn’t that called a pattern? So there must be a serial killer…(or maybe I’ve seen too much CSI :p )

Mika calls Ishikawa. She shows him the pictures with the two branches. He doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence.

They realizes that the killer must have read Dante’s “ La Divina Commedia”. In “ La Divina Commedia” people how tried to kill themselves go to hell and they are punished for hurting themselves. They are turned into warped barren trees and bent.

Ishikawa asks to see the body. He needs to meet the spirit of the dead girl.

Ishikawa sends Mika away so he can talk with the dead girl. She said that she didn’t commit suicide. Someone killed her.

She tried to commit suicide before, but she was saved. The only ones the new about her trying to commit suicide were her parents and her psychologist.

The psychologist invited her to dinner a couple of time and they developed an intimate relationship. But he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship with the girl.

Second dead girl:” Please catch the person who killed me.”

Ishikawa:” Okay, I promise I will!”

So the killer isn’t that detective, it’s the psychologist!

Ishikawa went to speak with the psychologist. Both death girls were going to the same psychologist. And both stopped going after 2 months. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

When he was leaving Ishikawa looked around the office. On the bookshelf he saw a book that caught his attentions. It was Dante’s “ La Divina Commedia”!

Ishikawa knows that the doctor is the killer, but he doesn’t know the motive yet. He went to see the hackers. They found that the dead girl wanted to go to Okinawa. She even made reservation. They hacked into the doctors mails and found out that the doctor was sending her messages, but she wasn’t replying.

Also Ishikawa tells the hackers his story. He had an older brother. His older brother committed suicide. The last words that Ishikawa heard from his brother were” good luck with school”.

Ishikawa went to Mika. The doctor who he visited had an alibi for the days that the girls were murdered.

Suddenly Mika realizes that the doctor wasn’t the only connection between the two girls. They were living close to each other.

Ishikawa went back to the hospital. He asked who was the doctor that attended the two dead girls . He was another doctor. That doctor resigned 2 months ago.

Another girl is about to be killed. The killed runs towards her. Tachibana and Ishikawa stopped him.

Scared, the girl dropped her keys. The killed take advantage of it and runs. He goes on the roof. When Ishikawa and Tachibana arrived, the killer put a branch on his feet and throws himself over the roof.

Ishikawa went down. The killer’s spirit came to him. He said that he was killing the girls because he thought he was helping them.

The killer’s sister died in front of him when he was in middle school. Because of it he became a doctor, to save them. He thought that since the girls didn’t succeeded in the first try , he should help them.

After the talk with the killer, Ishikawa went to the graveyard. He wanted to see his brother and ask him why did he killed himself.

Ishikawa:” Please come out. Tell me why you died.”

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