Hotel King Ep 12 ~Mo Ne :” Would you marry me? “

Devastated by the news that Lee Joong Goo is his father, Jae Wan went to Mo Ne. He hugs her and kisses her.

Looking at him, Mo Ne knows that something is wrong. It late now for dinner, so Mo Ne is taking him somewhere.

They get off the car. Jae Wan asks Mo Ne why she is not asking anything. She doesn’t want to pressure him so Mo Ne answers that she doesn’t asks anything because they aren’t at the hotel.

Mo Ne:” Cha Jae Wan, I’m here!”

Jae Wan:” Escape from me.”

Mo Ne:” I’m not going anywhere.”

In the morning, Jae Wan wakes up. Mo Ne isn’t around. He hears a noise and runs to look for Mo Ne.

Jae Wan looked everywhere for Mo Ne. Even in the forest. But she wasn’t anywhere. He thinks Lee Joong Goo did something to her.

Jae Wan returns to the place where they were staying. He sees Mo Ne there. She plans to clean the place.

Cha Jae Wan rushes to her and hugs her tightly.

Mo Ne:” Were you looking for me? I said I wouldn’t go anywhere.”

Jae Wan:” If it would have changed anything…I would have stabbed myself so I could bleed to death. Even though that’s what I wanted…I came running to her alive instead.”

At the hotel there is a sport event. You only can get in with a VIP invitation.

Yoo Joon Sung and Hong Joon are worried. They have the sensation that something bad will happen. Also they worry because none of the hotel staff is allowed to work for this event. And the people that came for this event don’t show up even for their own events.

Go San, Jang Ho Il and No Ah also thing that something is wrong. They want to work for this event so they could know what is going on. For them is suspicious that a sport event is held inside.

Sun Woo Hyun comes to send them to work. He sees someone next to Lee Joong Goo and his facial expression changes.

Mo Ne and Jae Wan painted the house and cleaned the yard. While they were doing that they played happily.

When they finished, the landlord returned from fishing. He looks strange at Jae Wan. Like Jae Wan remembers him of someone.

The landlord goes inside the house, takes a box. He opens the box and gets an old picture from there. He looks at one girl from that picture and says that Jae Wan is looking a lot like her.

Landlord:” He looks a lot like her!”

While the landlord looks at the picture, Jae Wan and Mo Ne sits on a bench and they look towards the sea. Mo Ne proposes to Jae Wan to live there. Not necessarily to live together, they could build a house and each could have a half of it. But to save energy, Mo Ne would like them to live together.

Jae Wan:” I have to build a house…I have to cook…and I have to go fishing too. This isn’t fair to me.”

Mo Ne:” No it isn’t. In return…I’m funny!”

In the night, Mo Ne and Jae Wan are watching an animation. Mo Ne is dubbing the voices.

Suddenly she stands up and asks Jae Wan to move in together.

Mo Ne:” Why don’t we live together?”

He gets up and leaves the room saying that is late and they should go to bed. Mo Ne follows him, even in the bathroom, asking the same question.

Mo Ne keeps fooling around. She tells Jae Wan about the guest from the hotel who keeps repeating the same sentence. Talking about that guest, makes Jae Wan remember that Lee Joong Goo is his father. Mo Ne looks at Jae Wan and pops another question.

Mo Ne :” Would you marry me? I’ll protect you for the rest of your life.”

Jae Wan goes in the room. He finds Mo Ne sleeping on the ground. He takes her into his arms and puts her on the bed. Mo Ne kisses him, but he steps back.

Cha Jae Wan is afraid. He takes his shirt off and asks Mo Ne if she isn’t scared of him after seeing his scars. He tells Mo Ne that he was beaten since he was a child and that he has someone that he hate. And he will hate that person for the rest of his life.

Also Jae Wan want to tell Mo Ne about the man he killed when he was a child, but Mo Ne hugs him and stops him. She will listen to his whole story when Jae Wan will be ready.

Morning has come. Mo Ne and Jae Wan are drinking coffee happily.

Suddenly two police officers came. The arrested Mo Ne.

On his way to Ciel Hotel, Jae Wan calls Lee Joong Goo and asks him to get the police off Mo Ne.

Same time Woo Hyun went to see someone. It the same man that he was surprised to see at the hotel with Lee Joong Goo. It’s Woo Hyun’s father.

Woo Hyun came to ask his father for help.

Also Jae Wan asks for help from Chae Kyung. But she can’t help Mo Ne.

The reason Mo Ne was arrested was planned by Lee Joong Goo.

Sun Woo Hyun requested a meeting with Mo Ne at the station. Mo Ne is worried about Jae Wan and asks Woo Hyun to take care of him until she gets out.

Jae Wan asked him to see Mo Ne and to protect her. But this time it wasn’t a request, it was an order from a superior.

The only thing that Jae Wan can do to save Mo Ne is to return to Lee Joong Goo’s side. He goes to Lee Joong Goo and kneels before him.

Jae Wan give Lee Joong Goo an USB as a proof that he can trust Jae Wan. He said to Lee Joong Goo that the USB was left by Ah Seung Won in the boat. Lee Joong Goo believed him and accepted him back.

But Jae Wan has a condition for going back to Lee Joong Goo. The condition is that in two months, when Lee Joong Goo will be chairman of Ciel Hotel, he wants to become vice-chairman. Lee Joong Goo accepts.

Jae Wan:” Here, today Cha Jae Wan died. I became the murderer Jaden again.’’

Because of that, when he meets Mo Ne again, Jae Wan is cold towards her….

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